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Posted by Last replied by songiuno 20 hours ago

PHP-Fusion 9 Alpha or Beta, anyone?

I can´t seem to find any previous Alpha´s or Betas anywhere ( RC´s are there ).
Does anyone have a copy of Alpha or Betas laying around?
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Posted by ikandi Last replied by ikandi 17 days ago

Monetization Strategy

Hi all,

Is there anybody using PHP Fusion for monetization purposes? I'm looking to develop a monetization strategy using the Fusion platform, rather than other avenues such as PrestaShop, Shopify etc.

Especially if PHP-Fusion has an E-Shop infusion that can be used, and (also) back-ended into an existing Fusion site thereby taking advantage of the existing infrastructure, especially the existing user base.

I have some ideas but it would be nice to see what other people are doing relative to their business and use of PHP-Fusion.

Some ideas include:

selling stuff (whatever that may be)
a subscription model to get access to locked areas of a PHP site (downloadables)
a donation model (like Patreon), or a Paypal click)


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Posted by Oskman Last replied by RobiNN 1 month ago

Question about variables in PHP Fusion 9

While coding PHP in custom pages in PHP Fusion 7 I used $userdata['user_name']; to get the current user. In PHP Fusion 9 this seems not to be around. So my question is how to get the logged in username now adays.

Thank you in advance!
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Posted by duongtn34 Last replied by Chan 1 month ago

Infuse data from own infusion


i want to be able to include data from my own infusion into the php-fusion search engine.
i'd like to define the table and the cols where should be searched and the page that should be loaded if clicked on the search result.
how is this possible?
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Posted by Chan Last replied by Chan 2 months ago

Open Thread for PHP-Fusion 9.03 Development Status

Hello all, I have been contacted by our avid follower for the status quo of the Andromeda release.

Instead of replying privately, I would take this opportunity to inform everyone of the status quo and the plans for que for the next public release of 9.0.xx from the project code: Andromeda branch on Github.

Andromeda is lacking a few inspections at this moment:

1. Setup/Upgrade Installer.

There have been people who failed to update their site from version 7 to version 9 and cases have been reported.
One major setback was showed to me personally from the failure of upgrading to PHP-Fusion 9.0 by the USA NSS website.

I do not know why because as there are no reports given to me as of date.

Core Infusions upgrade specifically to the forum have been deemed problematic. There are 2 aspects that needs in-depth checking.

a. User Rights, and User Level
b. From Non-Multi language to Multi language

Solution: We might need a new installer patching / rework / approach / modelling.

That being said, this problem does not affect those who are running version 9 and above. It only affects people with version 7. Andromeda will need to fix this permanently because all future releases will inherit the same installer.

2. Enable Toggling of Error Logging in Administration. (File/SQL) base.

3. Official Andromeda Theme by RobiNN (Magazine) Tweaks have been released. (Checking status)

4. Dropping of Atom-X framework from Core (Removal of Theme Engine) in favour of adopting to multi frameworks.

As of now, we all know PHP-Fusion 9 must run Bootstrap 3 version. We are tied to it. Andromeda will need to release the grip, and be flexible enough to adapt more popular frameworks. To name a few:
a. Semantic UI - https://semantic-ui.com/
b. Foundation - https://foundation.zurb.com/
c. Materialize - https://materializecss.com/
d. Bootstrap 4 - https://getbootstrap.com/
e. UI Kit - https://getuikit.com/

These all carry different HTML markups. And the Core Components of Theme_Includes (Modal, Accordion Toggle, Dropdown, and Navigation Tabs) & Comments, Ratings, Sitelinks API all tied up to Bootstrap 3.xx, we need to rework all these components so that they can be fluid enough to generate the same components under multiple framework.

How do we achieve this? Through PHP-Fusion Template Engine. By going through an adapter that is now released in Andromeda, we will do boilerplates that the Template engine can read and decipher and output the correct elements.

The direct advantage we gain when we do this:
1. Site Speed. Noticeable 10x faster than ordinary inline echo, because it is raw HTML output parsing.
2. From raw HTML file, theme designer can work on just pure HTML, with no PHP knowledge required.

An example of HTML file that PHP-Fusion Template engine uses now (at this site even):

The above code is what makes up the Sitelinks in Andromeda forward. By modding the code above, you can see direct changes. Since the above is a Stock, I am also pleased to tell you that I have built a bypass so that you can override the HTML to your own custom file.

The API is this:

In your theme.php, add this line:



Now, the sitelinks will read into your own html file. So you can do A LOT of fancy like mega dropdown menus, etc on your theme level.

The method is here, the engine is also published. It's very simple, and lightning fast that re-optimize the entire PHP-Fusion core and transforms it into something else.

Since I can publish the codes here, means work have been done, and partially completed.

5. General Error Checking - Core Infusion.
We'll be using Andromeda extensively for next 60 days and fix all errors in Core Infusions.

6. Infusions Version NOT EQUALS Core Version.

We have seperated it out in Andromeda forward. Core Infusions will lead the development requirements and when API is insufficient, then you need to upgrade the PHP-Fusion Core. Otherwise, just keep your follows at the progress on PHP-Fusion CMS Official Supported Infusions ("known as CI from here onwards").

For this instance, let me put up an example.

You have CI Forum 1.0, which was released in PHP-Fusion 9.02. Now, CI Forum 1.2 has been released. You just update Forum itself only. No need to update the whole of PHP-Fusion.

Some day later, CI Forum 2.0 has been released, but it requires you to have PHP-Fusion CMS 9.03, then you need to upgrade PHP-Fusion CMS 9.03 to use that CI Forum 2.0. Through the installer, you need to run a special "installer" or "upgrade", and that is where your tables will need to be modified.

This is also where we are having problems now in Andromeda. (Fallback to Issue No.1), which we need to inspect to ensure that our new approach will need to work correctly.

Release Plan for PHP-Fusion Andromeda - The plan to finish up may be due end of 2018 or early 2019.

We will also need to compile the change logs.
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Posted by aznetcowboy Last replied by RyanCombs 2 months ago

captcha for user registration

I was wondering if there is any way to incorporate captcha coding into the user registration? I have been getting hit by so many spammers, hackers and phishers lately that it is becoming almost a full time job blacklisting or deleting them. I don't know how much help captcha will do, but it sure can't hurt.
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Posted by Last replied by Homdax 2 months ago

Janmol has passed away - RIP

Last friday janmol had an heart attack which he didn't survive.

It is a great loss to the PHP-Fusion community, especially the Danish one.

We will miss him a lot.

janmol will be buried on saturday in his hometown Aarhus.

RIP - dear friend !
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Posted by Nathan Last replied by Nathan 2 months ago

Prosthetics Theme

Hi All

Its been a long while since I have been here and used PHP FUSION - I was very good friends with Digitanium (Nick) as he was one of my neighbours and got myself hooked on website making.

Anyway, fast-forward 10+ years and I now work as a Prosthetic Limb Technician, making/maintaining/repairs prosthetic limbs. I have been tasked with the job of updating/creating our centres website you bring it upto date with modern lift.

I was wondering if any of you kind souls out there would mind helping create a theme for the new website please. I have an idea in mind put basically need it converting into an actual theme.

sample can be found here: http://wrexhamalas.epizy.com/sample.png

Many Thanks
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Posted by Jamesarthur26 Last replied by Jamesarthur26 2 months ago

Help: Moving my page

Hi all,

Since like a week I'm thinking about moving my page to php-fusion.
My page is an SQL tutorial, wiec videos ect. I'm on a wordpress right now. Would you recommend on moving to php-fusion? I'm a newbie and WordPress is really easy, will I be fine on php-fusion? All comments welcome.

Oh and btw. How much would cost a transfer? I mean to pay someone who will be able to do it.
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Posted by matsta1 Last replied by Chan 3 months ago

Assistance with Dynamic Menu

Has anyone or is anyone using the Dynamic Menu by arced in the add-on market place? I am having troubles getting it to work.
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Posted by Last replied by Falk 3 months ago

Lý giải tên Call Vincity Ocean Park

Vincity Ocean Park là một trong những dự án mang hãng nhà Tại đại chúng do tập đoàn Vingroup khởi công vào hai 2017. Nhà đầu tư đặc biệt quan tâm đến tên Gọi dành riêng cho mỗi dự án những cái tên đặc biệt, khác nhau mang các ý nghĩa nhất định của dự án. Vậy hãy thử lý giải tên call Vincity Ocean Park xem nó mang ý nghĩa gì.

Xem thêm : Vincity Ocean Park
Cái tên đặc biệt Vincity Ocean Park
chẳng hề ngẫu nhiên chủ đầu tư lại đặt tên cho dự án Tại Trung tâm Gia Lâm là: Vincity Ocean Park, bởi nó đã nói lên được khái quát đặc trung cửa dự án trọng Điểm này. Ocean nghĩa là biển and Park tức là công viên, tóm lại nó tức là khu đại đô thị vừa có biển hồ vừa có mạng lưới công viên lớn rộng lớn lớn. Vincity Ocean Park đc đặc biệt cài đặt có biển hồ nước mặn tầm 6,1ha, chiếm khoảng 11% tổng diện tích mặt nước của khu đô thị, rất ít những dự án chung cư thiết kế được Điểm này, nhất là đối với khu chung cư giá rẻ. Đây là biển hồ nước mặn ban đầu Ở TP Hà Nội, đc thiết kế bãi cát tự nhiên, men theo dọc bờ biển là những dòng sản phẩm cây cảnh phổ của vùng biển, tạo tạo cư dân cảm giác đang đc sống chuẩn giữa miền biển thơ mộng.
Hồ lớn Cửa hàng của khu đô thị có diện tích 24,5ha với các bãi cát Trắng ven hồ. cùng diện tích lớn rộng lớn lớn, hồ Trung tâm sẽ góp phần điều hòa không khí, đem lại cảm hứng yên bình. Bên cạnh đó, Vincity Ocean Park còn có hệ thống công viên & cây blue lên tới 62ha. Điểm này không những tạo ra sự lãng mạn tạo khu đô thị mà nó còn hỗ trợ điều hòa khí hậu, cân bằng sinh thái và chứa chất tư duy phong thuỷ.
Biển hồ nước mặn, công cục xanh, mật độ xây dựng thấp, khu thể thao giải trí ngoài trời đc xen kẽ giữa các khu dân cư, đc quy hoạch xuyên suốt, cho tính liên kết ấn tượng, đặc sắc cho Vincity Ocean Park, khiến khu đô thị này trở thành Singapo thu nhỏ giữa lòng TP Hà Nội.
Xem thêm => Những thông tin cần biết về Vincity và dự án Vincity Ocean Park Gia Lâm
Tiện ích của Vincity Ocean Park

những tiện ích đc xây dựng chung cho mạng lưới chung cư Vincity đó là: hệ thống y tế, hệ thống trường học, Shop thương mại, siêu thị… Vincity Ocean Park còn có hơn 100 sân thể thao đa dạng: tenis, cầu lông, sân tập bóng rổ. mạng lưới bể bơi trong nhà & ngoài trời hơn 300 –1000m2; mạng lưới sân chơi tạo trẻ em, sân chơi vận động, thảm cỏ dưỡng sinh thỏa mãn nhu cầu vui chơi and rèn luyện sức khoẻ…
Thì Ngoài ra, Vincity Ocean Park còn có những Điểm lưu ý chỉ có riêng sau đây đó là có Trường Đại học VinUni, được cài đặt theo tiêu chí quốc tế, tích hợp các tinh hoa của giáo dục đại học toàn cầu. cá biệt, Vincity Ocean Park có mạng lưới an ninh 5 lớp vô cùng tiên tiến and đẳng cấp, bảo đảm an toàn tuyệt đối cho cư dân.
Khu đô thị có không ít công viên BBQ cùng khoảng 100 điểm nướng and dã ngoại cho những gia đình. Sẽ không cần thiết phải đi đâu xa, vào những ngày cuối tuần, cư dân của khu đô thị có thể thỏa thích đi dã ngoại, thư giãn, vui đùa phía gia đình ngay trong khu đô thị. Vincity còn có hệ thống công cục ngoài trời phong phú & đa dạng. trong đó phải nói tới công cục chiếc điện thoại Gym ngoài trời. Cư dân có thể vừa rèn luyện sức khỏe, vừa đc đắm chìm trong không khí trong lành của thiên nhiên.
Lý giải tên Hotline Vincity Ocean Park chỉ hỗ trợ các bạn hiểu được mặt quý khách hàng quan cửa dự án. Tiện ích và thiết kế thực tế của dự án mới là điều thực sự thu hút người tiêu dùng vào Vincity Ocean Park.
Xem thêm : vincityoceanpark.weebly.com
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Posted by matsta1 Last replied by matsta1 4 months ago

Dynamic Menu addon

Hi All,
I running version 7.2.xx and recently downloaded and infused the Dynamic Menu addon https://www.php-fusion.co.uk/infusions/addondb/index.php?addon_id=99
I have had a message appear in the Dynamic Menu panel on the left "Table 'cfawdor1_web.fusion88p76_ny_dm' doesn't exist

Any ideas how I fix this?
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Posted by Wanabo Last replied by Rudios 4 months ago

What version is .co.uk running now?

Noticed that php-fusion.co.uk was in maintenance mode for a couple of days.

Does this mean this site is now running on v9?

Anyway I like the new look. Starting a new thread gives an option "Forum Tags", but this does nothing.
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Posted by Last replied by Chan 4 months ago

Site Update/Maintenance: User Feedback & Support

How do you like the progress on the site updates and features? If you have any comments, or feedback, or questions, kindly drop us a holler.

Thank you.

Management Team.
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Posted by ikandi Last replied by Falk 5 months ago

This site has a security issue (SSL/HTTPS)

The site is reading an error with SSL and HTTPS. Please fix.
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Posted by Jamesarthur26 Last replied by Jamesarthur26 6 months ago

Photogallery sub albums

Is there a way to make sub albums for photogallery? Not the image ones but with text and so they will show up in the same page
Image Image image
Image image image

^ So it would display like this? No images just text
|| I know theres a mod but its with images and i cant really edit it to make it likes this :( so help me please?
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Posted by afoster Last replied by afoster 6 months ago

Question about version 7.02.07

I am running 7.02.07 on a shared webhost and lately (at least the last month), there has been an inordinate amount of hits to the website that I don't know where they are coming from. I wish it was users going to the site but it is a site about american football and there has been nothing happening since early February. Can someone point me in some direction to possibly find out what is causing this? As far as I can tell, there doesn't seem to be any damage to the site, no new registrations and nothing appears in any log the webhost has. Really stymied by this and any assistance would be much appreciated.
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Posted by Falk Last replied by Falk 7 months ago

Fusion Gateway Alpha 0.1 is online in the registration page

We know bots is getting better and better. Even with Tokens & Googles latest captcha some fancy ones seems to bypass it.
The Fusion Gateway is for me a new approach, I have not seen anything similar to it before anyway.
We want to make it not worthwhile for the bots to try and register on your site.
The goal is to ensure that the bots just can´t get the first pass right nor fill or not fill the fields we display and end up getting banned brute forcing it.
Naturally it will not affect the random manual spamers we see. But getting rid of the bots while it is easy to increment on the system if needed is something I really want to achieve here.

So far in the system :
Uses a file based security ban system that will add a temp ban on excessive reloads.
Uses encryption with client-side JavaScript output for questions.
Uses randomized numbers mixed with words both in encrypted answers and questions.
Uses dynamic honeypots with randomized output bogus fields.
Uses server side sessions to store and verify data.
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Posted by dimki Last replied by dimki 7 months ago

theme Question

http://www.hellasplus.com/9/home.php every theme it gets data from which is not in theme all css is a mess in footer in search normally it is not so confuse with other codes http://www.hellasplus.com/news.php original the files normally must all be in theme not in includes /bootstrap left, right only in theme that code is for it theme thanks

( Google translator )
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Posted by FreedomIOPList Last replied by Falk 8 months ago

Are PHP-Fusion V7.02.07 Add-Ons Compatible With V9?

I am sure this is probably a stupid question but are PHP-Fusion version 7.02.07 Add-Ons compatiable with PHP-Fusion version 9 or something? All I see in the Add-Ons Database still is V7 Add-Ons.
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