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21 posts | Last Activity on 16-05-2019 17:05 by jackspr1289
jackspr1289 16-05-2019 17:05, 1 year ago
Re: reCAPTCHA v3 This addon also does not work on php-fusion.us/register.php - There are good settings on my site.

Yes I know, I will have to update my site to PHP-FUSION 8.

Thank you for your response.
Falk 16-05-2019 16:29, 1 year ago
Re: reCAPTCHA v3 It is native in PHP-Fusion 8 and 9, upgrade your system. Also make sure that you have the Display validation code? set to yes in Registration settings.
jackspr1289 16-05-2019 15:50, 1 year ago
Re: reCAPTCHA v3 This addon is not working properly. Recaptcha is not displayed.

"This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google
Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply".

I used the keys for v3.

How to fix it?
Harlekin 06-01-2019 08:47, 2 years ago
Re: reCAPTCHA v3 I have found it. grecaptcha-badge that is the way to set the position. For example putt the code in the recaptcha_panel.php:
echo "
.grecaptcha-badge {
 bottom: 300px !important;

And the position of the recaptcha will change
NetriX 05-01-2019 18:47, 2 years ago
Re: reCAPTCHA v3

helmuth wrote:

- Does this work on v9?

Here it says v7.02.xx ... http://www.php-fusion.us/forum/viewthread.php?thread_id=651&pid=4025#post_4025

Not currently, it will be planned for v9.

Harlekin wrote:

- Nice. But it is display on the right bottom side. I use an other plugin, who display on the same position (Freichat). Where can i change the display of the recaptcha to top right side or to the middle right side of the website?

Due to the nature of Google's TOS the badge must be visible, or text must be in place. But, you can hide the badge with the following code:

.grecaptcha-badge {
 display: none !important;

Harlekin 29-12-2018 10:35, 2 years ago
Re: reCAPTCHA v3 Nice. But it is display on the right bottom side. I use an other plugin, who display on the same position (Freichat). Where can i change the display of the recaptcha to top right side or to the middle right side of the website?
helmuth 24-12-2018 08:10, 2 years ago
Re: reCAPTCHA v3 Does this work on v9?

Here it says v7.02.xx ... http://www.php-fusion.us/forum/viewth...#post_4025
NetriX 24-12-2018 07:56, 2 years ago
Re: reCAPTCHA v3

reCAPTCHA v3 helps you detect abusive traffic on your website without any user friction. It returns a score based on the interactions with your website and provides you more flexibility to take appropriate actions.

reCAPTCHA v3 will never interrupt your users, so you can run it whenever you like without affecting conversion. reCAPTCHA works best when it has the most context about interactions with your site, which comes from seeing both legitimate and abusive behavior.

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NetriX 25-07-2017 07:27, 3 years ago
Re: Fusion CK This addon is now FREE!
Rolly8-HL 12-08-2016 10:02, 4 years ago
Re: R8HL Gif Resizer v.1.0.0

As some have already noticed it is under the P-fusion v7. 2.7 only conditionally possible animated GIF to download, as main images 1:1 be adopted but in the size of the thumbnail t1 and t2 as animated GIF are stored.
To change this, I have adapted the PHP-gif Resizer to the P-fusion.

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NetriX 14-10-2015 02:26, 5 years ago
Re: Fusion CK This infusion is developed using CKEditor, a basic understanding in using the web text editor can go a long way.

To include and use this addon on any page, include it with the header.


Add the replacement code to the footer.


CKEDITOR.replace( 'body', {
    filebrowserUploadUrl: '".INCLUDES."ck_upload.php'


Match the name with the replacement id.


The textarea should then replace with CKEditor allowing you to use it fully.

You can find all addons at the CKEditor website here, this includes a YouTube button along with other features.

I suggest you follow the installation instructions provided by their website.

Regardless, this addon will be free for all PHP-Fusion 9 users and support should generally increase along with features.
Falk 13-10-2015 18:54, 5 years ago
Re: Fusion CK PHP-Fusion is a software that are free. The support for PHP-Fusion and any issues with it´s stability are also free.
This thread is about an addon, please do not mix these two very differant things.

While we do encourage authors to provide free support (and so to generate better sales for themselves), the reality is that authors are not required to provide support and it is their choice.

What we try and do is give the buyer as much information as possible regarding each item prior to purchasing and test the file thoroughly before we approve it for sale.

There can also be some members who are willing to give people a hand.

The question you are putting forward is about modifications on a commercial product, naturally not that many are able to help since not to many use it atm.
You will either need to learn the product at hand or try to write an message to the author with any questions, as far as I can tell. The product works as intended and described in the description.
asdsupportcenter 10-10-2015 18:57, 5 years ago
Re: Fusion CK Hello, I have been helping sort out issues that are sef inflicted wink

Plug in works well and its very powerful, nice work.

Couple of questions.

Is this feature only availible from the admin news panel?

And can we update the editor and add extra options, embedded video etc?

My name is Wilson and I will be setting up their fusion.

The issue was with cute ftp not changing permissions for the images folder....
NetriX 08-10-2015 09:29, 5 years ago
Re: Fusion CK Ensure the /images directory has a CHMOD value of 777, it that doesn't help try another browser. Also, check your error logs for any problems you believe to be related.
asdsupportcenter 08-10-2015 09:21, 5 years ago
Re: Fusion CK Yes drag and drop is working fine but the upload isnt. Thanks for the help.
NetriX 08-10-2015 07:41, 5 years ago
Re: Fusion CK Ensure the folder you're uploading to has the correct permissions.

Or are you stating that the drag and drop works properly and uploads the file successfully, but you're just missing the toolbar to do it manually?

Regardless, I'm installing v7 on a private server now and will re-install this addon for support purposes.


Update 1: I've uploaded the files to my server with a default PHP-Fusion 7 installation. Everything works as described, no extra measures were taken. The problem appears to be on your end, now as to what that may be.

Proof of Concept @ v7.phpfusionmods.org

Error logs?
asdsupportcenter 06-10-2015 09:59, 5 years ago
Re: Fusion CK thanks for your reply and offer of help. Sorry i took so long to get back our son has been struggling so we havent had time for anything else, hes autistic.

yes i have tried the tool bar but nothing to upload.

Im not using fusion 9 yet and am on 7.2

i have also emailed the developer but no response yet...
NetriX 04-10-2015 11:26, 5 years ago
Re: Fusion CK Did you try using the image icon in the top right toolbar of the input field?

Currently it's not compatible with Fusion 9 so it's not installed on my private server to test. If that doesn't work, I'll set it up and provide a solution.

Kind Regards,
Brandon (NetriX)
Chan 04-10-2015 01:06, 5 years ago
Re: Fusion CK Hi, because I have not seen the code myself, I cannot assist in this matter.

Tthe fastest way to get the support from the author is directly send him a private message. By sending a PM, your message will be converted to send an email to him. Please attach in the message subject as "Purchased Fusion CK, How to Fix No Upload Option".
asdsupportcenter 03-10-2015 22:00, 5 years ago
Re: Fusion CK I have installed fusion ck and everything is ok, I can drag and drop, copy and paste but no upload option.

anyone know how to fix the issue?
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