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Posted by iceman50 Last replied by ikandi 6 days ago

How to activate new member?

I am running a site on version 9, and have member registration settings to have an administrator to approve new members.

But I can not find out how to activate a new member
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Posted by jjwichter Last replied by jjwichter 3 months ago

Move user accounts from 7 to 9

I have two PHP fusion sites 1st one is 7.02 and the other 9.0. Is there a way to move the user accounts from 7 to 9?

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Posted by terrylzh Last replied by terrylzh 3 months ago

unable to change admin passwords

hi I am having problems in changing admin password for all administrators.

all admin accounts is unable to change their admin passwords.

there is no error messages when keying in new admin password in edit profile but the new admin password that was entered is simply not being updated.

any advice please
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Posted by jjwichter Last replied by jjwichter 1 year ago

Blog v9 categories errors

When you make categories for the blog system. They do not show up when you make a blog in the drop down box to the left. The only thing that shows up is uncategorized and not the others. I also had errors in the Error Console I do not know if that is part of it.
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Posted by tonev Last replied by Chan 1 year ago

Change avatar size in profile.php

For months i have been trying to figure out how to change the avatar size in php fusion v9 . I know i have to edit the file in themes\templates\global\profile.php but no luck. I know it has to do something with

but still i tried searching all the files for variables or something but no luck. And i tried other ways of showing the avatar from previous php fusion builds but still no luck.
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Posted by MMOs Last replied by Falk 1 year ago


After trying to resolve my settings dilema (see other post) it seems as if I can't log out now.... Of Admin or normal site. Any ideas?
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Posted by sadamyne Last replied by sadamyne 1 year ago

Admin Password


Shame on me... after my vacations i tryed to enter my phpfusion but it seems i cant get the admin password.
Is there any way that i can recover the password. From the DB for example?

Thanks in advance
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Posted by daimonbok1 Last replied by Falk 1 year ago

Registration System

I've had 1 user not activate, 1 user did activate, so I decided to try it myself. I signed up using one of my e-mail address and no e-mail to activate. I also did not find my signup in the users area, but if I try to signup again, it tells me that I did that already. Any one else having this occur????
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Posted by helmuth Last replied by helmuth 2 years ago

user group icon - how to

when making a new user group you can give the group an icon

if you don't write anything in the field (suggested with fa fa-user) then the group doesn't get any icon
if you write fa fa-user in the field you get an icon but also the text

1. how to get rid of the text without loosing the icon
2. are there more icons somewhere hidden in the many-many php-fusion folders, if so, how to use them
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Posted by afoster Last replied by Falk 2 years ago

Admin Password Issue

I have installed a brand new RC-4 version of Version 9 and installation went well but when I try to enter admin password when trying to make changes, I keep getting an error that an error has occurred. I can log into the admin module OK. I am certain that I am entering the admin password correctly. I am using php 5.6.

I thought I read somewhere on the forum here that RC-4 might be the cause and have been looking for version 9.02 to install but have not found the download link for that version. Github only has complete RC-4 but if the complete version of 9.02 is there I can't find it.
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Posted by Kvido Last replied by Falk 2 years ago

Registration-user, Unactivated

Member registration.
Everything takes place when a member logging authentication via e-mail OK.
However, when "approve the administration" is stored as a member Unactivated.
Looking for where a member of the administration to activate ....
[28.67kB / 51 Downloads]
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Posted by janmol Last replied by Falk 2 years ago

Problem with design - members administration

The members admin page can't show the full username ... and that's a problem.
Might be a theme problem ...
See attached.
[137.99kB / 28 Downloads]
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Posted by elbasy Last replied by Falk 2 years ago

How to Stop Spammers?

How to Stop Spammers
Spammers create memos 10,000 per day in the forum
How to limit the creation of posts of up to 1 per day?


ADS 2505 posts
Total Members: 3,258
191,010 unique visits12/02/2017

The site is not elastic. Many spammers who create one message 200 times
Deletes all messages through a database, but it does not solve the problem.
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Posted by TwistedSoldier86 Last replied by Falk 2 years ago

Login Issues

i currently just php up a website using php fusion... I having login issues... i can login but when i move to a different page on the site it logs me out.. i can access the admin panel nothing...
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Posted by djdandi Last replied by Chan 2 years ago

Search user groups.

Search does not work when you add users to the group.
There is a corresponding user.
[30.68kB / 52 Downloads]
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Posted by Catzenjaeger Last replied by karrak 2 years ago

Ability to delete user account itself (important for germans!)

Because of the new privacy policy etc. for example in germany, german need the opportunity that users from a site can unsubscribe and delete himself. Is there a way in Version 9? This is very important and will be prosecuted in Germany.

there is a hack but only version for 7 no longer works
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Posted by karrak Last replied by karrak 2 years ago

administrators.php error

If you create a new admin, not add
admin rights DC, NC, WC
You do not have the admin table.
It works only on the primary than the main admin
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Posted by jaroS Last replied by jaroS 2 years ago

User name

how to enable special symbols in the username
@ ! # $ % & -_+ .
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