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Posted by Oskman Last replied by Falk 3 months ago

Turning off php fusion error logging

My question is as the topic says. Is there a way to disable the error logging that goes into the errors table in SQL database?

Thank you in advance for any help on this!
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Posted by Last replied by zizub 4 months ago

How can I reduce the Waiting (TTFB) time in PHP-Fusion 9.xx

I have installed PHP-Fusion 9.0.3 Andromeda with github. I know that this version is intended for development only. However, I decided to ask: How can I reduce the Waiting (TTFcool time in this version of cms PHP-Fusion 9.03? Maybe there is some special and quick solution to this problem? Or need to analyze and to do everything in the complex, correcting various files and requests?
I have only the video plug-in is installed on the site. The cat_id = 1 page loads for a very long time. I think that the problem is not in the plugin but somewhere in the SMS kernel it is necessary to search. The site can be viewed at: lightxx.ru
Maybe I'm wrong about something. Any advice how to speed up the loading of the page, maybe someone has solved this problem for themselves.
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Posted by ikandi Last replied by Chan 4 months ago

Search.php - error searching for Articles

Currently, there is an error when using search.php to generates searches by Articles.
It's only the Articles section which is incorrect. Forums and News seem to be ok.
The issue seems to be two slashes are created in the URL, when the search results are generated from PHP Fusion's native Search box.

[BASE URL]/infusions//articles/articles.php?article_id=111111&sref=search

To fix it, go to to:


Go to Row/Line 97

'{%item_url%}' => INFUSIONS."/articles/articles.php?article_id=".$dat

Remove the Slash before first articles string:

'{%item_url%}' => INFUSIONS."articles/articles.php?article_id=".$dat

Should work fine after that.
If Developers could change this in the source code please.

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Posted by ikandi Last replied by ikandi 5 months ago

Systems Tag Panel (for v9.0)

Glad to see PHP9 is coming together well. It still seems though that the uptake from v7.02 is still slow. Hopefully that will change in time.

This time I have a query about the use of Tags within PHP Fusion.

Like many, I deployed the use of the Tags System Panel infusion, as created by user/developer Hobbyman. A great infusion, where tags could be integrated onto your site without the modification of core files.

On my previous 7.02 system, it worked like a charm, and I would like to add it into the 9.0 system, but alas, using the same code it doesn't quite work.

Unfortunately, it would seem that Hobbyman is no longer involved in coding anymore, according to his website. He stopped around February this year.

Is anyone familiar with the Systems Tag Panel that he wrote?

I'm very keen to re-establish it for my site. I would even pay someone to work on the code, which doesn't appear to be too onerous - but beyond me I'm afraid.. lol


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Posted by ikandi Last replied by ikandi 5 months ago

Cannot enter weblinks

This may be a known issue or not, but why are the entering of URLs' refused on user's Profile pages, and also in Content /Web Links section?
I have to bypass it and enter them directly into the mySQL database, which is time consuming and not ideal.

What is the latest situation?

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Posted by ikandi Last replied by RobiNN 5 months ago

Articles: Comments and Ratings (Math is not quite right)

I use the Articles table quite a bit. In fact, my site has close to 7000 articles all told; which are all music/album reviews.

Within it, we use the Comments and Rating system. In fact, I have modified my Rating selections, as the default was too frugal for choices. Mine operates on scores between 100% and 10%, with increments of 5%. This means there are 19 options in there now, compared to the original 5. Changes are made in the includes/ratings_include.php file.

Anyway, my issue is this. At the tail of each article, there is the grey block which shows the Authors username, date, number of comments and ratings. Refer to the attachment.

However, the maths for the ratings don't seem to be right. Here's how the total of Comments and Ratings works out:

If there are zero comments and zero ratings, then the block displays correctly: 0 and 0.
If there are zero comments and one rating, then the block displays correctly: 0 and 1.
If there are two comments and zero ratings, then the block displays correctly: 2 and 0.


If there are two comments and one rating, then the block displays incorrectly: 2 and 2. (2x1)
If there are four comments and three ratings, then the block displays incorrectly: 12 and 12. (4x3)

I know the code uses @Count for Comments and @Sum for Ratings. So I'm not sure if this is correct, but I've had users say to me that the numbers don't add up correctly for ratings. Referring to the mySQL database, the numbers are definitely correct in there, and anyway, on the Article page, you can clearly see the actual comments and the actual ratings.

Any assistance would be appreciated.


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Posted by ikandi Last replied by ikandi 5 months ago

Using Smileys - Forum Posts and Comments

Hi there everyone,

My first post here as a PHP 9.0 user.

I need some assistance with some functionality issues with my recently migrated PHP 9.0 Site.
It's looking good btw guys, a lot of work has gone into PHP9, so well done.

My site is using the Bootstrap theme by default. I preferred this to the other two, as I was recently using the Bootstrap 3 theme in DokuWiki, which looked quite beautiful.
There are a number of teething issues I've identified; I'll create separate threads for these as I go.

The first one is to do with Smileys. I have loaded up quite a few additional smileys on my site, well over the number of originals which shipped with the PHP9 download.

When creating forum posts, or replying to Comments, if you use Smileys, the Smileys Pop Up Box from the Editor disappears behind the forum post and/or comment window/screen. You can't get access to them. Sometimes, they will overflow underneath the post/comment window/screen, which remains in the foreground.
I notice it's the same for this site too.

Sometimes the Footer script on the page also interferes with smileys too. You try to click on a smiley, but a link like the GNU Affero GPL Link gets in the way.

This makes it frustrating for users to be unable to access smileys visually/physically. The way around it is to memorize the shortcodes of the smileys and put it in a 'cheat-sheet', but that defeats the purpose of having smileys in the Forum/Comments Editor.

I'm just wondering if someone could look at this when there is an opportunity.
I've added an attachment to describe/ visualize the issue.


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Posted by aurnay Last replied by aurnay 9 months ago

Can't move Panels & Site Links up or down

Hi. I have just installed today a fresh download of the core files version 7.02.07, got my website up, everything ok ... but now I can't move the panels and the site links. Can't move up or down. I've been using this same version for many years now, this is the first time its happening. In fact, the other site using this same version is working just fine. Pls help.
Failed to fetch the attachment
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Posted by aurnay Last replied by aurnay 9 months ago

preg_replace() ERROR

I have this "preg_replace()" error ...
preg_replace(): The /e modifier is deprecated, use preg_replace_callback instead


How do I rewrite this code to include "preg_replace_callback"?
$text = preg_replace('#\[url\]([\r\n]*)(http://|ftp://|https://|ftps://)([^\s\'\"]*?)([\r\n]*)\[/url\]#sie', "'
    target=\'_blank\' class=\'websnapr\' title=\'\\2\\3\'>'.trimlink('\\2\\3', 20).(strlen('\\2\\3')>30?substr('\\2\\3', strlen('\\2\\3')-10,
'", $text);

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Posted by aurnay Last replied by aurnay 10 months ago

Removing extra line in Theme's SubHeader (on Fusion 9)

How do I remove the extra line below the Theme's SubHeader?

It looks like its repeating the subheader. I'm guessing its something to do with the command line 12 'showsublinks' in theme.php but can't figure out what's missing. I'm using Fusion 7's GameManiacs Theme on Fusion 9). Everything else seems ok except for this little eyesore smile. Can anyone help? Thanx in advance.


Website : https://smktm.000webhostapp.com
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Posted by aurnay Last replied by Falk 11 months ago

Fatal error executing db_backup.php in Fusion 9

Fatal error when trying to backup database in Fusion 9 (db_backup.php). Can anyone help, please?


Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined method mysqli_result::columnCount() in /storage/ssd5/595/4233595/public_html/administration/db_backup.php:61 Stack trace: #0 /storage/ssd5/595/4233595/public_html/administration/db_backup.php(134): db_backup->execute_backup() #1 /storage/ssd5/595/4233595/public_html/administration/db_backup.php(503): db_backup->__display() #2 {main} thrown in /storage/ssd5/595/4233595/public_html/administration/db_backup.php on line 61
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Posted by sitename101 Last replied by sitename101 1 year ago

Prevent Sign In Left Panel from auto Collapse in Mobile View

How would I prevent the sign in panel from auto collapse in mobile view? Users are forced to scroll past user info on each page click.
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Posted by jjwichter Last replied by jjwichter 1 year ago

Septenary Theme error

File in question is : themes/Septenary/includes/components.php

Have a look at this line of code:
if ($settings['opening_page'] == $file_path) {


This is a condition that when your site is only at Opening Page, we show you 1 variation output.

Then: https://github.com/php-fusion/PHP-Fusion/blob/9.03/themes/Septenary/includes/components.php#L367-L378

This is the second variation output.

You can remove this whole thing. and just put a static one instead without the if/else conditions.
Failed to fetch the attachment
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Posted by jjwichter Last replied by jjwichter 1 year ago

Theme template: Logo off center

I am using Septenary and the logo in is not in the center. It is to the right. Just need to know where to fix it. Is it in the backend of the site or the code in the theme.

[339.61kB / 54 Downloads]
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Posted by daimonbok1 Last replied by daimonbok1 1 year ago

Missing link on Content Admin Menu

Downloads is missing from the content menu under the admin function. I've got downloads under the main menu, I have it in the Site Menu admin functions, but cannot preform admin functions. Any type of fix, short of un-infusing and re-infusing?

Running Fusion 9.0

10/4/2017 I couldn't wait any longer, defused then re-infused downloads, link reappeared on admin panel
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Posted by djdandi Last replied by djdandi 1 year ago

The problem with adding links on a page in the main menu.

Something is wrong with adding links on a page in the main menu. How do I add the name of the category drop-down menu that appears also in developed and it should not. There is also the address of the link in the development of why this is happening?
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Posted by daimonbok1 Last replied by Falk 1 year ago

Backup Error???

Backup was working fine until today. Didn't change any files in 9.0 at all, database is up to 11.43 megs, Starts working then goes to white screen. Anyone know where to look for the cause?

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Posted by MMOs Last replied by MMOs 1 year ago

Theme Manager

I'm sure I'm just missing something but here we go - I created a new theme preset in the Theme Manager > FusionTheme > Manage Theme, adjusting font style as well as colours. However, it seems that the font faces, etc changes took effect but not the colour changes. Any possible explanation that I'm overlooking for reasons unknown?
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Posted by visoft Last replied by visoft 1 year ago

Creating new panels

Trying to create a new panel = all details entered but when I go to save I get the following error:

Not Implemented

GET to /administration/panels.php not supported.

Additionally, a 501 Not Implemented error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.
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Posted by daimonbok1 Last replied by daimonbok1 2 years ago

How to black list IP that gives loads of hits?

Checked the IP address of the last 80 hits which caused errors, all found to come from either RIPE Network or Yandex. Anyone experiencing the same? Don't know if I should ban these two IPs at the server level....
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