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Locales Forum - 9

Anything related to 9´s locales, including error reports, requests and submission of new locale packs
218 posts | Last Activity on 20-12-2019 17:06 by RobiNN
RobiNN 20-12-2019 17:06, 1 month ago
Re: Arabic We have Crowdin https://translate.php-fusion.co.uk/ please here upload your translations
PHPar 20-12-2019 16:40, 1 month ago
Re: Arabic Iam working on Arabic lang

I olmost finished admin panel


if i finished it i will attached all files
RobiNN 22-10-2019 22:04, 3 months ago
Re: classes/PHPFusion/Locale.inc Fixed https://github.com/php-fusion/locales/commit/10e952a9b237ab235a429da238f6a7511e282919

As i said / and | is not the same character.
J_K_NIELSEN 22-10-2019 21:06, 3 months ago
Re: classes/PHPFusion/Locale.inc hi just tried what you wrote but it gives the same error

what am i doing wrong since it keeps coming and going

RobiNN 22-10-2019 20:02, 3 months ago
Re: classes/PHPFusion/Locale.inc https://github.com/php-fusion/locales...ls.php#L87


Translation issue

/ and | is not the same....
J_K_NIELSEN 22-10-2019 19:37, 3 months ago
Re: classes/PHPFusion/Locale.inc hey i get a bug it is one that can be fixed
and what is needed

/php/administration/panels.php?aid=b4941fbe5df5425e **
Linje: 132
lige nu

Vigtighed : Der blev genereret advarsler af Run-time
Undefined offset: 1

122 }
124 // Format the result
125 switch ($options['language']) {
126 case 'English':
127 case 'Danish':
128 case 'German':
129 case 'Romanian':
130 $form = $count == 1 ? 0 : 1;
131 $words_array = explode("|", $words);
132 $result = $words_array[$form];

Line 132 -- 2 minutter siden

Undefined offset: 1

133 break;
134 case 'Czech':
135 case 'Slovak':
136 case 'Russian':
137 case 'Ukranian':
138 $fcount = $count % 100;
139 $a = $fcount % 10;
140 $b = floor($fcount / 10);
141 $form = 2;

RobiNN 02-10-2019 10:57, 4 months ago
Re: Help Translate PHP-Fusion Translations are prepared by the community. If you want, you can start translating https://translate.php-fusion.co.uk/pr...les/invite.
JesterRace 02-10-2019 09:16, 4 months ago
Re: Help Translate PHP-Fusion Any plans for a Portuguese translation?
Re: A Complete PHP-Fusion 9.0 Translation for Dutch by Douwe Yntema is available Okay, thanks.
I was using a translation from June. I see it is now much better.
I will add some suggestions when I run into things.
Re: A Complete PHP-Fusion 9.0 Translation for Dutch by Douwe Yntema is available We have this tool https://translate.php-fusion.co.uk/. Translate your language here.

BTW: Dutch already is fully translated
Re: A Complete PHP-Fusion 9.0 Translation for Dutch by Douwe Yntema is available Hi Douwe,
Just this week I updated an old forum from v7 to v9, and I am very willing to contribute to the Dutch translation. What is the best way to send updates?
And I see that a file like administration/security_settings.php is not part of the translation yet. Is there a preferred way to add files?
I am familiar with po-files, also with pull requests on github. If crowdin is the preferred way, I am happy to use that as well.

What would you prefer for communication? Just this forum thread?

I can imagine that a glossary and maybe a readme would be good additions to the git repo. A glossary would contain lines like:
thread = onderwerp
for instance. This way we can build up consistency.

This week I will be busy with some loose ends on my update, but I can install a clean site with clean translations from git and work from there.
Happy to work along with you and contribute to a v9 translation.
Chan 18-07-2019 01:17, 6 months ago
Re: Help Translate PHP-Fusion Thank you for the participation @WuChEn
! If you need any help, I'm always on the PHPFusion Discord channel.
WuChEn 07-07-2019 12:49, 6 months ago
Re: Help Translate PHP-Fusion I had join the Project on Crowdin.
Working on German Translation.

Greatz WuChEn
RobiNN 04-06-2019 09:46, 7 months ago
Re: Help Translate PHP-Fusion If you're already using GitHub, you don't have to do it on Crowdin.
Danish is already fully translated.

But OK, later I'll upload locales for Infusions
helmuth 04-06-2019 09:34, 7 months ago
Re: Help Translate PHP-Fusion Is there future plans to include the translation of Infusions into Crowdin?

Or how do we handle these translations?
Chan 03-06-2019 00:00, 8 months ago
Re: Help Translate PHP-Fusion Translators we have now working on the project:

Arabic: Iriatum
Danish : Helmuth
Dutch: Douwe
Chinese: Chan
helmuth 01-06-2019 05:38, 8 months ago
Re: Help Translate PHP-Fusion Sign me up for Danish ;-)

Crowdin username: helmuthm
Chan 01-06-2019 04:57, 8 months ago
Re: Help Translate PHP-Fusion This is request is open to all public community of PHP-Fusion.

Open Request for translations for Translations of PHP-Fusion 9

Are you interested or need PHP-Fusion in your own native language? Do you want to work with others on specific language translations for PHP-Fusion?

If the answers are true in any case, we have now set up a project repository at https://crowdin.com/project/php-fusion-locales

And this is where the development team needs your help to let us help you to make PHP-Fusion available in your language.

What version are we translating?
Translation of PHP-Fusion Core 9.03+ (Andromeda up)

What Language to Translate?
We have enabled all languages. You can check the status on the Crowdin project site. If you do not see one, please request it to be enabled.

What about Github Locale Repository?
The language packages in Github will be in sync with the one in Crowdin. As we increment, we will increase project versions and translation differences so everyone translators can contribute to the translations.

We have set up a Crowdin platform on Crowdin at https://crowdin.com/project/php-fusio...on-locales, and our special thanks to the Crowdin team, we are thankfully being sponsored by them to allow online translations possible.

How to join?
If you wish to contribute, these are what you need to do to get started.

Firstly, you need to register with Crowdin, they do accept social media or oauth logins.

Then, you need to tell me your email address (PM, or Chat to me on Discord) for an invitation link or if your profile has your email, you can tell me or please reply to this thread.

I will personally set up an invitation over to your email address to join our the translator community so you can start to translate on your favorite language.

Invitation Link
Click on this link to get invited to the translation team: https://translate.php-fusion.co.uk/pr...les/invite

How does the project collaboration like?
By default, we open the language repository to each and everyone to participate. Each language will need to nominated or to be select a chief editor for approval role of proof reading. (I am doing that role as of today) but sooner I will need to delegate the task to a trustworthy translator community who understands in the language.

We assume the administrators of NSSes step up to join us in this task or set up a small group in favor of translating PHP-Fusion 9.

Our core developers have been translating in Github directly, so that is fine too for convenience sake, and I will still do a manual port over to Crowdin to up-keep the consistency between the files. If there are discrepancies between files in the future, we will rely on the Crowdin version instead of the Github one.

What do I get?
You will get credits for all the hardwork when we package it on Github. And no, I do not plan just to leave your name and email address in a small txt file inside the package.

Do we have a timeline for completion ?
No, while we do not have a timeline for completion, we do hope that the languages can be set up and finished up so the community can use it.

I will update this thread as we follow up.
unknown 18-04-2019 04:27, 9 months ago
Re: Arabic I am interesting & Yes I already started
but first I need to translate at least 50%, to make sure that everything work perfectly good...
give me couple of days to complete this task!
I'll update you once I finish.
Chan 18-04-2019 00:58, 9 months ago
Re: Arabic We have started project translation with crowdin, poedit, still under testing phase. We got unlimited license from their sponsorship.
I don’t have time to fiddle with them yet, until my current coding work is done at least.

If you have started to translate I will make you main translator and give u main credit for all Arabic on the front page.

To submit, there are several ways. You can pass the files to me, to falk or directly on GitHub. And later possibly crowdin or poedit (we need to see which one is better for our use purpose)

You can see me and talk to me on Discord. I’m always online with my mobile phone 24/7/365.

Let me know if you decide to start. I’ll set you up for submissions.
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