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BB Codes - 9

Questions about 9´s BB Codes and the BB Code API
8 posts | Last Activity on 16-03-2020 16:45 by afoster
afoster 16-03-2020 16:45, 5 months ago
Re: How to use MP3 BBCode in ver9? Looks great, nice work.
Grimloch 16-03-2020 15:43, 5 months ago
Re: How to use MP3 BBCode in ver9? Yeah I see what you mean. I researched audio tag attributes and settings and bgcolor is not an option. Not a problem; as I use Firefox I simply enclosed the player in a table cell w/bgcolor. Take a look if you'd like.
Harlekin 15-03-2020 21:14, 5 months ago
Re: How to use MP3 BBCode in ver9? I haven't dealt with that yet. This is probably browser dependent. Take a look at the player with Firefox, Edge, Opera or Chrome, it looks different.
Grimloch 15-03-2020 15:55, 5 months ago
Re: How to use MP3 BBCode in ver9? @Harlekin
Hey man thanks this works great for me as well as shown in this image.
... but I have a question. Is there a way to change the bgcolor of the player background?
Harlekin 15-03-2020 10:24, 5 months ago
Re: How to use MP3 BBCode in ver9? The mp3 bbcode from V7 works with flash and flash need a manual activation in the browser to play. The Flash Player will be discontinued this year and the browser plugin will no longer be run in the future.

The solution would be an mp3 bbcode with the audio tag.

Open mp3_bbcode_include.php and replace:
$text = preg_replace('#\[mp3\](.*?)\[/mp3\]#si', ''.$lang['bb_mp3'].' ', $text);

$text = preg_replace('#\[mp3\](.*?)\[/mp3\]#si', ''.$lang['bb_mp3'].'
', $text);

It works well for me
Grimloch 15-03-2020 07:46, 5 months ago
Re: How to use MP3 BBCode in ver9? I understand how to include BBCodes in a page and can actually set a url to an MP3. But at page display time I only get the code line itself as in:

... and that's all. The file doesn't play. What is the coding to display/play the mp3 file? I know that for a form html you would use:
".display_html("userform", "content", true, false, true, true)."

and for the BBCodes you would use:
".display_bbcodes("100px;", "content", "userform", "mp3")."

(the mp3 entry being the only thing I want to use in the edit form); but then on the display page how do you show/display/play the mp3?

Nevermind guys: Sorry I forgot about parseubb - Works fine.
ikandi 18-10-2018 22:52, 2 years ago
Re: YouTube videos in BBCode I'm not really a fan of BBCode in PHP Fusion.
It doesn't follow the same coding logic as the majority of the site, and IMHO, needs to be entirely overhauled or thrown out.
From what I can see, Bootstrap is not currently supported for BBCode within PHP Fusion 9. which makes it difficult to use Responsive div/class types within things like the forum and comments.

On other pages such as articles and news, I can use code for images and videos and make them responsive by using code such as:



Are there any plans to bring Bootstrap functionality into BBCode Land?

ikandi 14-08-2018 00:35, 2 years ago
Re: Image Resizing (BBCode, Forums) Hello all,

One of the things I am hoping to achieve on PHP9's Forums is the ability to resize images using the [IMG] BBcode/tag.
I used to run a Dokuwiki site (with Bootstrap 3 framework), and users were able to easily change the dimensions of image display using code such as this:


The ?300 being interchangeable to whatever pixel dimension.

Now my users are asking for the same thing in PHP9.

On some other PHPBB websites, the image resizing function is available, say by using code like this:

[img width=300 height=300]image url[/img]

I know there's a few pages on phpbb.com about this, but unsure how it would be applied to PHP Fusion.

If anyone is able to chip in with a solution, that would be great.

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