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Posted by michealgrzz Last replied by michealgrzz 4 months ago

Got Registration Error

I have been using phpfusion for about 2 months now without any problems. However today I had members recieving the following error

Warning: fsockopen() [function.fsockopen]: php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: Name or service not known in /home/australi/public_html/includes/smtp_include.php on line 106

Warning: fsockopen() [function.fsockopen]: unable to connect to australianonlinepokerleague.com:25 in /home/australi/public_html/includes/smtp_include.php on line 106

I have not changed any settings.
The only thing I can see is that my webhost changed servers a few days ago. I have seen posts about this problem and have tried what is mentioned but no luck.
I have emailed the webhost but am still waiting for a reply to see if the port has changed.
Is there anything elseI can do at this stage?
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Posted by Angelo Kracht Last replied by Falk 7 months ago

PHP Fusion lässt sich nicht herunterladen


PHP is not available to download. The link from your homepage links to the start page and not to the downloadpage

Thank you for Help and sorry for my bad englisch
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Posted by Druid Last replied by Druid 8 years ago

Error Message

One of my users get this message when trying to logon to my PHP Website, this only happens in Internet Explorer all other Browsers are fine, he has tried resetting IE and running it without add ons also his current version is IE8.

home/fhlinux176/c/caernarfon8ball.co.uk/user/htdocs/maincore.php on line 239
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Posted by QRob001 Last replied by KarnEvans 8 years ago

Email verification Error

I am running v6.01.6 and everything works fine except the email verification. When someone registers it will send a email with a link to verify the email and complete the registration. But when you click the link it says "Error 404: NOT FOUND!
Your browser cannot find the document corresponding to the URL you typed in."

Any ideas why its doing this or what I need to do to fix it?
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Posted by kavir1363 Last replied by Arda 9 years ago

Entry problem

Hello.in Some computers when |I enter my username and password , the login screen appears, but I arrived home again, and my username is not entered. Whether Someone has been able to solve this problem?
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Posted by smokeman Last replied by starefossen 9 years ago


To all of you v6-users:

Delete immediately the map member_poll_panel from your FTP-Server !!!

I have fixed 4 sites right now the last approximately 5 hours.

They all running under v6. From v6.01.15 to v6.01.18 I discovered. But I'm nut sure if the go for older versions too.

If your site is hacked:

1. If you have a Poll running - disable it from: Admin Panel->System Admin->Panels.

2. Open up the file: /themes/YOUR_THEME/theme.php - & delete the long text near to the top of the file. You can't miss it.

3. Delete the map: /infusions/member_poll_panel

4. Open up phpMyAdmin.

5. Click on the left side on "fusion_panels".

6. Delete panel_name: System / panel_filename: ../../images/panel.php

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Posted by aitmelloul Last replied by HobbyMan 9 years ago

Help please

My website was working just perfect untill yesterday evening !! it can't display the index page and gives those errors messages :

Warning: include(locale//global.php) [function.include]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /var/www/vhosts/aitmelloul.com/httpdocs/maincore.php on line 173

Warning: include(locale//global.php) [function.include]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /var/www/vhosts/aitmelloul.com/httpdocs/maincore.php on line 173

Warning: include() [function.include]: Failed opening 'locale//global.php' for inclusion (include_path='.:') in /var/www/vhosts/aitmelloul.com/httpdocs/maincore.php on line 173

can anyone tell me what's wrong??

thank you in advance !!
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Posted by imanzand Last replied by HobbyMan 9 years ago

intruduce the php-fusion website in other country

please help me to find specefic web page to find a list of :
iran or turkish or england or ..... phpfusion website helper web.

thank you so much.....
more more than you think.....

(i love you open source !)[gg]
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Posted by athar Last replied by timewarp 9 years ago


hello, bbcodes are not working on my website, whenever i click on any bbcode button the website refreshes and no code appears help me plz
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Posted by snertos Last replied by kneekoo 9 years ago

Unable to change password


We are running a site with version 6.01.11 and have had some unauthorised logins and panels created in the past on the site.

I managed to restore the site from an old backup, and all has been OK until today I noticed a login on the Super Admin account, from a Russian IP address.

Now I have tried to change the passwords but it will not let me. It says it has changed but it keeps the original.

Some of the other users on the site have problems when trying to update avatars as well.

Any feedback appreciated.
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Posted by shearer Last replied by wantp 9 years ago

cant get lostpassword.php to work


i have the newest patch and fusion version. butt still i cant get my lost password to work.

When a user enters a email adresse, the user get the mail, that says

if you want to changes you password. press this link ...

when the user press the link, the users just get send to my start page. and do not recive a mail with a new password.

what can be wrong ?
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Posted by soerenpc Last replied by zlatan24 9 years ago

zip file corrupted


The last weeks we have problems when customers are downloading zip files. They get a message saying the zip file is corrupted.
I have search the net and found various reasons but none I know how to implement. (don't know about php and can't access the IIS where our site is hosted)

So do any one know how to fix this ?

Søren PC
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Posted by dakta Last replied by HunorR 9 years ago

downloads do not work?

Just an interesting thing I noted from my php-fusion 6 website, if I click on a download link in my download pages, a new window opens as expected, but suddenly instead of the download being launched, the new window points me straight back to my websites index?

I've verified the links to the files in question, and it might not even be the fault of php-fusion, but i'm totally insure where to go from here.

any ideas? (see the problem for yourself at http://www.krismason.org)
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Posted by pberghs Last replied by Craig 9 years ago

Newsletters & sendmail

I installed the infusion Newsletters 4.01.
PF version v7.00.05

After a while practicing everthing works fine, except the sending.
Ik get the following message:

Could not execute: /usr/sbin/sendmail

A simple mail command in php works fie.
the path is also correct
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Posted by saperitosan Last replied by HobbyMan 9 years ago

Can not log in to my site

Can not log in to my site (php-Fusion v6.01.6).
Rest users can log in normally, but I dont
I dont know what goin on
Does any1 can help me?

Nie mogę się zalogować na stronkę php-Fusion v6.01.6
nic nie zmieniełaem na kompie - nawet próbowałem od sąsiada i dalej się nie da - a inni użytkownicy normalnie się loguję - tyle że ja jestem adminem sad
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Posted by haboR_ Last replied by haboR_ 9 years ago

Help, my site is blocked

Good morning, I Habor, a Spanish computer, gave me a website to play here, then my problem is that this blocked because it changes the subject on the web. Pliss, if you can help me write a post.

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Posted by VonB Last replied by VonB 9 years ago


Hello there

I have a problem with my to PHP Fusion sites, both runing lastest version of 6.
Both sites gives you a trojan i you viset them, both sites are disabled at the moment by me.
I seems as the hacker puts in a script in all index.php - htm - html files and also in login.php.

I can't figure out how to show you script here without getting a warning about trojan.

Anyone for help plz

Thanks, VonB
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Posted by oldmember Last replied by zaga 9 years ago

Photogallery down


After updating too version 6.0.18 and latest 6.0.19 photogallery stope working
It works when opening photogallery, then when chosing a gellary all pic become
"no icon", opening the oic just gives the file name no pic !

Any help on this ???

ISP Hotel=One.com

All the best
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Posted by windoes Last replied by FredKenneth 9 years ago

What is it ? Help

Hi, my site is stopped, in config.cfg and more files i found this code :


Can anyone help me ?
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Posted by Laris Last replied by Super 9 years ago

Please help

Hi, I have this they will. Upload to your web site theme. Then I will harness it to be a website and then does not hold me to connect to a Web page, year, a eror Warning: require_once (themes / cs / theme.php) [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in / usr / home / www / ftp / Interested / subheader.php on line 14

Fatal error: require_once () [function.require]: Failed opening required 'themes / cs / theme.php' (include_path ='.:/ usr / local / share / pear ') in / usr / home / www / ftp / ences / subheader.php on-line 14th maybe you know what to do? Help a requestwink
Apologized for having poor English language: D
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