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Posted by ikandi Last replied by ikandi 2 months ago



Just a few notes about this site:

I have 'borrowed' RobiNN's Czechia theme (credit in the footer), and customised the CSS to suit.

Mainly because of my banner which uses #171717 background color, so I made the theme background the same to get a seamless look.

Mostly, the Bootstrap framework looks quite nice, and our readers like the dark theme look instead of the original off -white which was very hard on the eyes.

We use bootstrap code on the front page, links to articles are wrapped in several objects such as: container-fluid, card-deck and card. If anyone is interested in the code that is used drop a line to this thread.

We also use responsive code for embedded videos and large images within our articles (we have over 7000 in the system), which are auto-sized whether on desktop or on a phone. Works great.

For search, we use both the native PHP9 search function, but we also use the bolt-on Google internal search engine which appears at the top of every page, which is slightly better in my opinion.

We also use a Tag Cloud function, which is a carry-over from PHP 7.02. It was a pain to get working, but we've got it going to about two/thirds functionality. The original developer is no longer coding anymore, and I really would like to tidy this up.

In our articles, we have changed the Ratings system to suit our purposes.

One of the things I really like about PHP9 is the FAQ Module. it uses a function that folds text (hide/unhide upon click), like you would find on a Knowledge Base. It's also similar to the Folded and Outliner plugin's you can find in the DokuWiki eco-system, and those work and look great in that environment. It would be great if the code used on FAQ could be used similarly in News, Articles or even Custom Pages. The ability to fold/unfold sections within an article or news block would be fantastic!

However, one area I always bemoan on PHP is BBCode. Having two environments which aren't harmonious at a content writing level isn't good. I'd prefer it if we just use HTML instead of BBCode. But that's me.. lol

I'd love it also if we can use Bootstrap code for responsive elements in BBcode, but this isn't supported. I'm sure there's a Bootstrap Editor that's available for BBCode, but the whole thing would probably need a revamp, and I know the Devs here are busy enough as it is.

The site looks good on a mobile too, though I would love it if some of the right sidebar options were only visible/selectable for a desktop (set page width dimension), rather than a phone, because on a phone, these show up underneath each other and can go on for ages as you scroll down.

Anyway, that's it for now.
Interested punters feel free to drop some feedback.
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Posted by outlaw16151 Last replied by outlaw16151 5 months ago


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Posted by Falk Last replied by outlaw16151 5 months ago

NextArcade Game concept site

Just to let people know that i still do and produce things, altho ive been bound with projects and manageing.

I did some playing before X-Max with a new theme and a improved VArcade system.
It has some fancy 3D effects when scoreing new High-Scores and All Time High-Scores you can check it out here NextArcade

Here is a Swedish version with some theme GFX Max made for me years ago : Epla

Alot of the features will be a part of the new VArcade version aswell.

I typed a fast changelog here VArcade stuff

Integreation on Fusion site with more content : Venue Gamepage

You can expect me releasing a eShop and a Classifieds system pretty soon aswell.
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Posted by FreedomIOPList Last replied by FreedomIOPList 7 months ago

PHP-Fusion Project Portal - Free & Paid PHP-Fusion Projects

PHP-Fusion Project Portal is my newest site and we are in need of members desperately. It is a site that allows members to get help with their PHP-Fusion (and other CMS and scripts) projects like add-ons, themes and etc. It also offers a lot of paid PHP-Fusion Jobs. Members can post jobs they need help with, there's both free and paid job forums and also those looking for work can advertise their skills in the forums also.

I have also been testing and uploading some VERY OLD Infusions from years ago for download and for use on the site. Many of the Infusions are not available anywhere else. There's also lots of other content as well as Premium Memberships available which are optional. The site is heavily modified with Add-Ons, most of which are available for download in the Downloads section.

Currently, I have about 50 different PAID Projects I need those with PHP-Fusion skills to work on. If you have skills in PHP-Fusion and are interested in earning extra cash, please join the site or if you need help with any PHP-Fusion or other projects, please join us.

Currently, we have a free generic domain but I will be purchasing a domain for the site very soon. You can find and register on the site at http://www.phpfusionprojectportal.tk. If you have any trouble registering, let me know. Most site content is not available until after you register.
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Posted by chrome511 Last replied by chrome511 7 months ago


I have modified PHP-Fusion v7.02.07 and called it Chrome-Fusion.
For all those who want to have more ranks in this system beside the usual admin and site admin, in Chrome-Fusion it is possible to appoint moderators and super-moderators in addition to those.
Other modifications are:
- ssl encoding for smtp
- site admin email and system email are differentiated: the site admin email is shown in the contact form as before
- more functions are being planned...

The language of this site is GERMAN.

LINK: http://chrome-fusion.de

P.S.: This site is under construction.
Infusions still need to be modified and will come in the near future.
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Posted by TalkFever Last replied by FreedomIOPList 7 months ago

Talk Fever - Chat Site Using PHP-Fusion 7

Talk Fever is a chat based website using PHP-Fusion and PCPIN Chat. Check it out and let me know what you think. I am also interested in exchanging links with other PHP-Fusion based websites.


I also opened the chats up to the public. You can chat as a guest on the site without registering.
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Posted by FreedomIOPList Last replied by FreedomIOPList 9 months ago

Freedom IOP List

I would like to receive feedback on my site Freedom IOP List. It's a site with a list of legit and valid International Pharmacies for people that prefer to purchase their medications online. Constructive criticism is welcome. You can login and look around with the following information:
Username: Site_Reviewer
Password: SR567-FIP.6348
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Posted by pitikot Last replied by pitikot 9 months ago


If you want to listen to online radio stations, go to http://www.radiouri.net now.
Here you will find many radio stations broadcasting on the internet.
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Posted by faga Last replied by FreedomIOPList 1 year ago


Hello hello,

So my site is back online after a long downtime. At the moment I have only some of my old themes that work only with the last versions of PHP-Fusion.

I will upload some new themes next week. grin

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Posted by rlm850 Last replied by rlm850 1 year ago

SteamCMD & Steam Games

WIP: https://steamcmd.info

Site has been under thorough development and content design. Currently up, running and active, SteamCMD is a support website for the SteamCMD server tool and generally related Steam Game topics.

Currently utilized in the core PHP-Fusion installation are the Articles, Forums, News and custom PHP pages.

Site is open for membership! Would love to hear your feedback and suggestions. This is my first complete with content PHP-Fusion website that I have ever created. Within the almost 3 months it has been online it has surpassed 8,000 hits through simple SEO and organic traffic, but is not optimized for mobile yet. It will be soon!

More changes and updates will be made.
This is PHP-Fusion 7.

If PHP-Fusion 9 is as easy to use as 7 and prior, it will be the next CMS I use for a website that will do even better than SteamCMD.

SteamCMD & Steam Games
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Posted by Harlekin Last replied by Rudios 2 years ago


I have modified PHP-Fusion v7.02.07 to work on PHP 7.1.5 and my site HarlekinPower work on PHP 7.1.5.

My site is only a amateur site for PHP Fusion and i have made a lot of little things on my site (Username can baned on Blacklist, downloads area can closed, bb-codes rights for usergrups and more)

Theme is a modified Servige Beta. Modified with automatic Easter, Halloween, Xmas Mode an other membercard, sideslider etc.

Site language is german.
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Posted by elbasy Last replied by Falk 2 years ago


http://ovas.club/ - Rapid construction of houses using VELOX technologies in Almaty
The site is needed for the demonstration of services
Site theme: Septenary
PHP-Fusion 9.03
I tried Drupal, Joomla, E -107. They are very difficult for me.
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Posted by Kvido Last replied by Falk 2 years ago

Czech support

PHP-Fusion Stable 9.0 - on Off-Topic Support Czech Republic (Czech).
Implementation of modules and translations into CZ began.
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Posted by Smolenkov_BN Last replied by Falk 2 years ago

Another PHP-Fusion site?

Another PHP-Fusion site:
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Posted by NetriX Last replied by Rudios 2 years ago

PHP-Fusion.Website - Fusion 9 Test Site

Feel free to explore PHP-Fusion 9 in its latest form.

Username: Admin
Password: password
Admin Pass: password

Have fun!

DEMO: PHP-Fusion.website
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Posted by Rudios Last replied by Rudios 2 years ago


Website: http://www.thainit.com/
News, links & videos.

Fusion v7.02.07
Theme: Ddraig 1.02
Active addons:
Youtube Videogallery v1.2
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Posted by Homdax Last replied by Homdax 2 years ago

Information - http://www.phpfusionmods.co.uk/ Fangree Productions

The site is currently down. shock
We moved to a new host November 28.

Craig has to redirect his domains and move the site/s. Since he is either too busy or too lazy, this has yet to be done.

I am stalking him about this. Fell free to contribute to the stalking by whichever means you see fit. grin

(Yes, I could of course put up the sites, but I have no access to pointing the domains right)
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Posted by Chan Last replied by Chan 2 years ago

Interview Here - help Case Studies for PHP-Fusion

Hello everyone, I'm trying to consolidate our websites studies to find our strength and flaws.

If you currently are using live site please help me with my interview questions. You must have a live demo site for me to look at.

I would prefer to showcase on main site a list of sites (for your traffic as well - we host about 1-1.5 million page views per month) that runs on PHP-Fusion CMS. I will also showcase any sites that runs on PHP-Fusion 9.

Questions of Interview for you and my real life answer for your reference are as follows:

1. Tell me your website name and your real name. (My name is Chan, and I mantain PHP-Fusion at https://www.php-fusion.co.uk)
2. What is your website about? (Support Website for PHP-Fusion CMS)
3. What is your website requirements? (Requirement to host documentation, project management, publishing news and 3rd party modules download)
4. What makes you use PHP-Fusion CMS for your website? (PHP-Fusion CMS offers the necessary right tools for me)
5. Is PHP-Fusion CMS your first choice or was it a switched over from other CMS ? (it's my first choice)
6. Where and when did you find out about PHP-Fusion ? (An online article in the year of 1999).

Please help and show me your answer. You can also directly cut and paste and modify the answer.

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Posted by razin Last replied by razin 2 years ago

LGMobile.pl - Mobilne Centrum LG


PHP-Fusion: V7.02.07
Theme: DDriag V1.02
Addons: None

Support for Mobile Devices LG Electronics.

Share with me your opinion.

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Posted by jimboppin Last replied by jimboppin 2 years ago

[zonepimps] 24/7 multigaming public

feedback would be great smile

Not a PHP-Fusion site, thread locked.
Please only post to Fusion based sites here.
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