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Help demonstrate PHP-Fusion 6,7 & 9, post your site URL here!
6,521 posts | Last Activity on 04-08-2019 02:01 by iceman50
iceman50 04-08-2019 02:01, 4 months ago
Re: WWW.Fo2graf-kbh.dk My site is in the work stage, but still operational
Rudios 03-02-2019 10:05, 10 months ago
Re: https://glorydazemusic.com The height of your logo is IMHO too much. But ask a 100 people and you will get a 100 answers, luckily. Anyway, great website you created.
Rudios 27-01-2019 20:04, 10 months ago
Re: https://glorydazemusic.com Great site and great content. I can not wait to go for v9x when I see your site. Only thing: would make the top logo smaller (248px!).
helmuth 24-10-2018 04:39, 1 year ago
Re: https://glorydazemusic.com Yes, looks great ...

One thing though: clicking Articles & Contact in the top menu opens in new tabs, which is a little disturbing ...
Falk 24-10-2018 03:23, 1 year ago
Re: https://glorydazemusic.com Great looking site!
23-10-2018 21:08, 1 year ago
Re: https://glorydazemusic.com
outlaw16151 10-07-2018 18:00, 1 year ago
Re: OutlawsGameroom i sent it, im checking out your site now, maybe find some useful mods or infusions
Grimloch 10-07-2018 17:55, 1 year ago
Re: OutlawsGameroom Hey thanks. Just zip it and send it to: webmaster@whisperwillow.com
outlaw16151 10-07-2018 17:50, 1 year ago
Re: OutlawsGameroom i cant figure out how to attatch it, so ill have to email it, or download it where i got it
outlaw16151 10-07-2018 17:22, 1 year ago
Re: OutlawsGameroom whats your email. ill send it
Grimloch 10-07-2018 12:21, 1 year ago
Re: OutlawsGameroom It's pretty simple really. Go to Admin/System Admin/Panels and click Add New Panel on where want it to be i.e. Left, Upper Center, Lower Center or Right. After doing so you get a new screen that looks like this:
echo "Content";

If you want change that to openside and closeside. Give it a name i.e. openside("My Links");
then put whatever you want where it says Content. It can be html, php or whatever. Just remember any code that you use there will need to use single quotes NOT double quotes. I'll show you a simple example:
openside("Favorite Links");
echo "
Some Links
echo "";
echo "";
echo "";
echo "";
echo "
Link 1
Link 2

That's about the simplest way to do it. BTW while I have you on the horn, I sure would love to get a copy of the theme that you are using on your game site by 'gfxPixel'.

Forgot to say that you must enter your Admin Password after creating your panel before you submit it and then you have to Enable it for it to show up on the site.
Cheers !
outlaw16151 10-07-2018 07:09, 1 year ago
Re: OutlawsGameroom i am looking to make a panel, this only for text links though? side panel, but i dont remember how to do this, can anyone point me in the direction
outlaw16151 02-07-2018 01:59, 1 year ago
Re: NextArcade Game concept site V32 games wont save high score
Re: PHP-Fusion Project Portal - Free & Paid PHP-Fusion Projects
PHP-Fusion Project Portal is my newest site and we are in need of members desperately. It is a site that allows members to get help with their PHP-Fusion (and other CMS and scripts) projects like add-ons, themes and etc. It also offers a lot of paid PHP-Fusion Jobs. Members can post jobs they need help with, there's both free and paid job forums and also those looking for work can advertise their skills in the forums also.

I have also been testing and uploading some VERY OLD Infusions from years ago for download and for use on the site. Many of the Infusions are not available anywhere else. There's also lots of other content as well as Premium Memberships available which are optional. The site is heavily modified with Add-Ons, most of which are available for download in the Downloads section.

Currently, I have about 50 different PAID Projects I need those with PHP-Fusion skills to work on. If you have skills in PHP-Fusion and are interested in earning extra cash, please join the site or if you need help with any PHP-Fusion or other projects, please join us.

Currently, we have a free generic domain but I will be purchasing a domain for the site very soon. You can find and register on the site at http://www.phpfusionprojectportal.tk. If you have any trouble registering, let me know. Most site content is not available until after you register.
chrome511 16-05-2018 15:34, 2 years ago
Re: Chrome-Fusion Chrome-Fusion v2.00.02 and v2.00.02 update are online

This update contains some bugfixes.

The language of this site is GERMAN.
LINK: http://chrome-fusion.de
FreedomIOPList 16-05-2018 09:23, 2 years ago
Re: Talk Fever - Chat Site Using PHP-Fusion 7
I've always been partial to PCPIN Chat and a Bridge does exist for PCPIN and PHP-Fusion created by douwe_yntema. I ran Hot Chat Live and may still have a copy of the site. I would gladly help you with your site if you need help since I do have experience with chat sites.
jjwichter 15-05-2018 20:06, 2 years ago
Re: Talk Fever - Chat Site Using PHP-Fusion 7 freichat is what I am using and the installer works with CMS like PHP Fusion also PHP FSUION 9 as well
douwe_yntema 15-05-2018 16:32, 2 years ago
Re: Talk Fever - Chat Site Using PHP-Fusion 7 We had one, but Talkfever does not exist anymore.
Maybe there is someone who will make a chat site with PF
jhonfesters 14-05-2018 21:50, 2 years ago
Re: Talk Fever - Chat Site Using PHP-Fusion 7 The site does not work I would like to have seen it since I am about to develop a webcam site with free chat sad. I would like to know if there is someone who already has a chat room with PHP-Fusion
chrome511 04-05-2018 11:39, 2 years ago
Re: Chrome-Fusion Was it a new installation of chrome-fusion or an update?
The current version of chrome-fusion is v2.00.01

Not all infusions from the original php-fusion v7.02.07 work correctly in chrome-fusion.
Some infusion needed to be modified for chrome-fusion that they works correctly and some works without problems.

you can take a look in the infusions.php. If there
   ) TYPE = MYISAM;";

change it to

because TYPE keyword is depreciated (since 5.0) and not supported in MySQL5.5.
Or you can send me the infusion by email at ML="/e's>xxxxhoi4ua1&d@l :f0.2#r-69=c;n5tm7";MI="5;A6H1CL2R;8@Q7B=GKKN=GxxxxD9N=Gxxxxxxxx9N=GxxxxxxxxxxxxN=GxxxxDKN=GxxxxDxxxxN=GJ9N=GKKN=GxxxxD9N=Gxxxxxxxx9N=GxxxxxxxxxxxxN=GxxxxDKN=GxxxxDxxxxN=G9PN=GxxxxDFN=GxxxxxxxxSN=GxxxxxxxxPN=GxxxxDPN=GxxxxxxxxxxxxN=GxxxxxxxxDN=G9JN=GxxxxDDN=GxxxxDxxxxN24M6H7R1?M6H7R1IC:387OE>150;4";ML=ML.replace(/xxxx/g, '<');MI=MI.replace(/xxxx/g, '<');OT="";for(j=0;j < MI.length;j++){OT+=ML.charAt(MI.charCodeAt(j)-48);}document.write(OT);. I will look on it, make it compatible and then post it on chrome-fusion to download it.
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