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Posted by afoster Last replied by FreedomIOPList 6 months ago

Exporting Members's Emails

Is there a way to export the username and email addresses of my members? If so, how do I do it?
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Posted by Cupid Last replied by Falk 6 months ago

Can't change password!

Hi, So when I reset my login password on my php 7 website, it gives me a bunch of random letters to login and change my password. But when I try to do that, it says :profile updated" but then I can't log in with the new password. I have to used the generic one.

I'm having the same issue with my admin password. I can't remember it and I don't know how to change it.
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Posted by chrome511 Last replied by Falk 7 months ago

administrators can edit themthelves

is it right that administrators are able to edit themselves?
what must i change that admins are not able to edit themthelves?

Merged on 04/28/2018:
i have solved the problem.

you must edit administrators.php and replace

      if ($data['user_level'] == "103" && $userdata['user_id'] == "1") { $can_edit = true;
      } elseif ($data['user_level'] != "103") { $can_edit = true;
      } else { $can_edit = false; }
 if ($can_edit == true && $data['user_id'] != "1") {
          echo "".$locale['426']." |\n";
          echo ">".$locale['427']."\n";

with this

      if ($data['user_level'] == "103" && $userdata['user_id'] == "1") { $can_edit = true;
      } elseif ($data['user_level'] != "103") { $can_edit = true;
      } else { $can_edit = false; }
      if ($data['user_level'] != "103" && $userdata['user_id'] != $data['user_id']) {
 if ($can_edit == true && $data['user_id'] != "1") {
          echo "".$locale['426']." |\n";
          echo ">".$locale['427']."\n";

now administrator can edit other admins but not themselves.
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Posted by Rudios Last replied by Rudios 7 months ago

Deleting users in bulk/all

Would it be possible to delete registered user in bulk or maybe all users and how would I do this?
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Posted by Cupid Last replied by douwe_yntema 8 months ago

Deactivate user doesn't work

When I go into the admin panel under members and try to deactivate a user, it doesn't work. They're still under the members section and completely normal

Any idea why it isn't working?

I use the scroll down menu, select deactivate and it goes back to the screen showing the member with the rest of the members.
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Posted by Neoman Last replied by afoster 9 months ago

admin password recovery

how can i do that ??
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Posted by Grimloch Last replied by douwe_yntema 10 months ago

Script Malfunction: administration/members.php in 7.02.07

Hey guys I have a problem that I never noticed before now. When I select 'user admin/members' in admin system it only displays 8 users out of 39. And if I click a letter in the alphabet for a known user it doesn't display that user. If I click Show All it still shows only the first 8 users. If I search on a user name it won't work either, same result except it says there is no such user. I can't believe I never noticed this before. Any clues?
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Posted by Grimloch Last replied by karrak 1 year ago

User Field Dilema

First I realize that there are hundreds of posts in this forum dealing with user fields; I have read them ALL as well as most posts on PF 7.02.0x threads. I cannot find an answer to my problem. User fields that add a column to the users table are pretty straight forward and easy to configure. Fields that contain only a-tags/links to pull up another page/infusion are a little trickier but I don't have a problem with them anymore. However; I have been trying for days to fix a custom user field that accesses and INSERTS a record or DELETES a record in this foreign table, depending on the SAVED value of the user field which is a zero or a one. I'm currently at work and do not have access to any of my files so I cannot at the moment show the coding. The main problem seems to be WHERE in the user field to add this foreign table access coding? If someone can understand this just from my description, any tips/help would be appreciated.
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Posted by Alex L Last replied by Alex L 1 year ago

How can I increase the Number of Characters in the Forum Signature

Hello Community and Admins,

I just wonder how I can increase the number of characters in the forum signature at PF 7.02.07. I would like to have a more detailed signature in its own PF-Portal and find in the backend this signature option unfortunately not yet.

Can someone help me?

Thanks in Advance.
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Posted by mawe4585 Last replied by daimonbok1 1 year ago

Registration - verify email


I have a problem with php-fusion 7.02.05 (besides that it is still that version).
A user tries to register and accidentally entered a wrong email-address.
So now he never gets the registration email and i can't activate him because i don't see him in admin-panel(unactivated-users).
He however is in the new_users-table. Is it somehow possible to change the mail-address and resend the registration-email?

It also would be nice to view this new_users-table somewhere in the admin-panel.
Is there an infusion that could do all this?

it would also be great for the future to check the email, by double-enter it
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Posted by mysweet Last replied by Rudios 2 years ago

Can't Log In my Website

My website: http://mysweetctstevia.com/news.php

I can't log in by using my username and password. What should I do? I'm using: by PHP-Fusion copyright © 2002 - 2017 by Nick Jones. 3.0
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Posted by Costa1337 Last replied by Costa1337 2 years ago

Register.php Structure?

Is there a way to change the register structure in php-fusion V7?


It's so strange that we request the password before the username so is there an option so I can change it like this:

User Name*
Login password*
Confirm password*
Validation code*

So I just want to change the order of the forms, please anyone knows what file I should open and what I should change? Thanks!
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Posted by Fusion Last replied by Chan 2 years ago

New user field system HOW TO

As you in v6 it is difficult to add new user fields. Thanks to the new modular system in v7 it's now quite simple. No mdifications are required, but in order to add fields you have to create include files, these are stored in the folder includes/user_fields. There is a format to the construct of the filenames:

user_FIELD_include_var.php - carries the database field name & info
user_FIELD_include.php - controls input, display and data validation

If you want to have locale support you can create a file called user_FIELD.php and place it in the folder locale/langauge/user_fieds.

* replace the word field with the name of your field, e.g. user_skype_include_var.php

Lets suppose we're adding a skype field.

1. Create a locale file called user_skype.php which contains the following code:

// Field Name (appears in edit/profile and user field admin)
$locale['uf_skype'] = "Skype:";
// Description (appears in user field admin)
$locale['uf_skype_desc'] = "Skype Voice Communicator";

2. Create a file called user_skype_include_var.php which contains the following code

if (!defined("IN_FUSION")) { die("Access Denied"); }

// Field display name
$user_field_name = $locale['uf_skype'];
// Field Description
$user_field_desc = $locale['uf_skype_desc'];
// The name of the database field used to ADD or DROP
$user_field_dbname = "user_skype";
// The group the field appears under; 1 = Contact, 2 = Information, 3 = Options and 4 = Statistics
$user_field_group = 1;
// The database properties used when ADDing the above field
$user_field_dbinfo = "VARCHAR(50) NOT NULL DEFAULT ''";

3. With the admin side of things taken care of, now we need to handle input, display and data validation. Create a file called user_skype_include.php with the following code:

if (!defined("IN_FUSION")) { die("Access Denied"); }

if ($profile_method == "input") {
// Create the input field for registration and edit profile
echo "\n";
echo "".$locale['uf_skype'].":\n";
echo "\n";
echo "\n";
} elseif ($profile_method == "display") {
// Create the display for the user profile
if ($user_data['user_skype']) {
echo "\n";
echo "".$locale['uf_skype']."\n";
echo "".$user_data['user_skype']."\n";
echo "\n";
} elseif ($profile_method == "validate_insert") {
// Validate the insert data field & value for our field
$db_fields .= ", user_skype";
$db_values .= ", '".(isset($_POST['user_skype']) ? stripinput(trim($_POST['user_skype'])) : "")."'";
} elseif ($profile_method == "validate_update") {
// Validate the update data value for our field
$db_values .= ", user_skype='".(isset($_POST['user_skype']) ? stripinput(trim($_POST['user_skype'])) : "")."'";

Important points
#1 All user_field files must start with same name i.e. user_skype.
#2 The data field and input name must be the same as point #1.
#3 The locale files go in locale/English/user_fields (or whichever language you use).
#4 The 2 include files go in includes/user_fields.

Once you have completed all of the above you should be able to see and enable your new field under Admin => User Fields.

Any questions, please reply to this thread.
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Posted by K7EK Last replied by Falk 2 years ago

How to globally delete fake users and shouts?

My PHP Fusion web page has been deluged with bots that have somehow managed to register thousands of fake users. Is there an easy way to remove all of the fake users without having to repeatedly point and click with the mouse? I had turned off automatic registration but somehow the bots seem to have turned it back on. Also, now that I've been overrun by fake users, there are thousands of nonsensical shouts on the system with various links. Has anyone else encountered these problems? If so, how did you resolve them? Thanks..

Best regards,

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Posted by marcolino Last replied by Grimloch 2 years ago

users' password

Is it possible to retrieve the password of users?
Few users ask that, since forgetting their and not willing to set a new one.
Thanks for any help.
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Posted by janco1983 Last replied by douwe_yntema 2 years ago

Disabled infusions panel

Hi there,
My Infusions panel stays disabled as shown below.

The infusions are uploaded on FTP server and installed in Admin Panel (as shown below)

Why Infusions panel is disabled? Please advise

Thanks in advance!
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Posted by mode12 Last replied by dimki 2 years ago

Not able to access admin panel, redirecting to news.php

Not sure if this was asked before but I seem to be having a problem with the admin panel. Each time I try to access the admin panel it redirect me back to the news.php for some reason. Any ideas? Thank You.
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Posted by grimmcartel Last replied by grimmcartel 2 years ago

New users cannot register

Hi folks - first timer here, but I am familiar with PHP portals (been using PHP Nuke and similar platforms since about 2001

I just set up a new installation of Fusion 7 ( the download on the front page of this site), and although I can log in as the site admin, nobody else seems to be able to register. They get the confirmation on screen from the site, but no email and I don't get any indication that someone has registered, nor can I see any evidence of it in the SQL tables. I have even tried disabling everything except captcha on the registration page, but I get the same result.

The site is running on a Windows 2008 server, withy MySQL and Abyss web server. If anyone has an idea on what might be wrong I'd be grateful for your guidance!
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Posted by marcolino Last replied by marcolino 3 years ago

cancel a member

From time to time I get a new member which I have to approve or cancel.
Which is the correct sequence to cancel a member still not active?
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Posted by SkeeredOfMyMind Last replied by Falk 3 years ago

Reserving Certain Words For Admin Usernames???

Is there a way to prevent users from creating usernames with certain words or characters? I want to be able to reserve TRB_ for admin use only.
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