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Posted by Tilly Last replied by Tilly 1 month ago

Change from HTTP to HTTPS locks account registration !??

Admin - Settings - Main - Change from HTTP to HTTPS, locks account registration!?

With http web site setting under MAin seting and Admin has to verify new accounts registration works fine

With https web stie setting New User is registered in DB but will not show upp as new user at website after change from http to https under Main settings. Now https autoamatic change Website setting to e-mail verification On and sends e-mal to the new member with link what not work!?

I use PHP-Fusion 7.02.07

How works the http vs https funktion under Main settings and why affect this registration of new user accounts??
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Posted by Grimloch Last replied by Grimloch 5 months ago

ColorBox Stops Working

My whisperwillow site is hosted with A2 Hosting. Since they now offer the ( Let's Encrypt ) secure/https solution for free I have done that on my site. After doing so I found out that the colorbox image zoom function no longer works. Any ideas why and how to fix?
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Posted by maoriorgnz Last replied by Falk 11 months ago

How to Lock a Forum


How can I lock a forum so that only the topics and threads are availablive, but no one can post to the forum or reply to topics?

Thank you for your time.
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Posted by marcolino Last replied by marcolino 11 months ago


How can I defuse an addon?
Thanks for any help
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Posted by douwe_yntema Last replied by douwe_yntema 1 year ago

Multi site

I know how multi sites work with php-fusion.
But now the question is: is it possible to have multiple websites (on the same host) which share all php files and some of the data base tables? I was thinking of give each site an own index.php (in its own folder for that site) and set there the root path to the shared php files. The section which determine the root path in maincore.php should be byassed.
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Posted by Kot Last replied by dimki 1 year ago

Any replacement for bbcode youtube video?

For some time when I put a youtube video post in forum, I get film picture with text: "Watch on youtube. Flash-embedded videos are no longer supported, but you can still watch this video on youtube." Any suggestions how to make it work as it was before, just click and watch?
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Posted by FreedomIOPList Last replied by FreedomIOPList 1 year ago

Image BBCode Not Working?

I tried using the Image BBCode on my site and here and it does not seem to be working. Anyone know why it is not working? Is there an update for it so it will work? It's sort of an important BBCode for my site and most other sites as well.
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Posted by FreedomIOPList Last replied by FreedomIOPList 1 year ago

Easier BBCode Sorting

You can call me OCD if you'd like but I cannot stand it when BBCodes are out of place and I would like to enable many different BBCodes on my site for me and my members to use. I like the codes that go together grouped together. Right now, you have to move them up and down one slot at a time using the little arrows and that is a pain if you have a bunch enabled and need to get one BBCode in position. It is taking forever just to get them grouped together where they belong.

I am wondering if anything has ever been created to allow easier sorting of the BBCodes? Something to just drag and drop them where they belong or edit their position number manually? If not, does anyone have any idea how this could be accomplished? Is there any easier way to sort the BBCodes?
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Posted by Cupid Last replied by Kvido 1 year ago

Users log out after 1 click

After a user signs in on my page and click on a different part of the site it makes them log in again.

For example, if you log in, then try to go to the forum, it asks you to log in again. They won't stay logged in.

here is my site

EDIT: I removed the Test account since it is not needed at this time.
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Posted by jubo Last replied by dimki 2 years ago

How to change favicon

can somone help me pls i want to change my favicon.ico from the website but its doesn't work...

help pls with exactly what i have to do

echo "WoW.ico' type='image/x-icon' />\n";

i change this in maintenance.php from favicon.ico to wow.ico

i have no idea how i make it right pls help me

Mod: clarified subject
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Posted by Kind_Aj Last replied by Chan 2 years ago

After login, Admin panel links, to Admin panel, member list, etc, Stopped working.

After i have successfully logged in to my site, (Web forum template), the administration links to my site are no longer working! The links worked correctly a couple days ago, each link taking me to correct admin panels. Now those links are not working!
When i click links now, either link directs me back to current hompage, (where i am currently clicking links) keeping me logged in, Or, If i try to open the links in another window, still opens current homepage in new window wanting me to login.

I get the same results from both accessing site online via homepage, and/or accessing through cpanel.

Any ideas would help,
Thank you
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Posted by austin Last replied by austin 2 years ago

Tryinig to add banners, keep getting prompted that "Did not enter admin password or entered it

I am at a loss. I have triple checked my admin password, changed it three times, and it still continues to tell me this message and will not allow me to add banners.

I have even tried updating the admin password from Installatron on my VPS.

And please forgive my ignorance, I am definitely a rookie in the development/design world. I am an SEO and marketing pro by trade, but my (possibly stupid) decision to dive into entrepreneurship and educate myself in these areas along the way has me asking these types of questions. I apologize in advance for my ignorance.
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Posted by chrome511 Last replied by Chan 2 years ago

dbqueary question

i have found the following code

   $result = dbquery(
      "SELECT tn.news_subject, tn.news_news, tn.news_extended, tn.news_breaks, tn.news_datestamp, tn.news_visibility,
      tu.user_id, tu.user_name, tu.user_status
      FROM ".DB_NEWS." tn
      LEFT JOIN ".DB_USERS." tu ON tn.news_name=tu.user_id
      WHERE news_id='".$_GET['item_id']."' AND news_draft='0'"


$result = dbquery(
      "SELECT fp.post_message, fp.post_datestamp, fp.post_edittime, fp.post_author, fp.post_edituser,
      fu.user_name AS user_name, fu.user_status AS user_status, fe.user_name AS edit_name, fe.user_status AS edit_status,
      ft.thread_subject, ff.forum_access
      FROM ".DB_THREADS." ft
      INNER JOIN ".DB_POSTS." fp ON ft.thread_id = fp.thread_id
      INNER JOIN ".DB_FORUMS." ff ON ff.forum_id = ft.forum_id
      INNER JOIN ".DB_USERS." fu ON fu.user_id = fp.post_author
      LEFT JOIN ".DB_USERS." fe ON fe.user_id = fp.post_edituser
      WHERE ft.thread_id=".$_GET['thread']."
      ORDER BY fp.post_datestamp
      LIMIT ".$_GET['rowstart'].",$posts_per_page"

what does the tu. oder fp. says or mean in the dbquery?
there are many of these
for example:
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Posted by ImproperUsername Last replied by ImproperUsername 2 years ago

Adapting ColorBox for ajax or iframe

I would like to use ColorBox to open content other than just photos, as ajax or iframe.

ColorBox in version 7 is like this:

                  width:'80%', height:'80%', photo:true


I am a javascript newbie, so everything I've tried so far hasn't worked, and I need a push in the right direction.

Merged on Aug 21 2016 at 21:08:15:
This is what I tried most recently, and the modal window opens and the loading spinning is shown, but my content doesn't appear in it.


                  width:'80%', height:'80%', photo:true
                  width:'80%', height:'80%', photo:true

                  width:'80%', height:'80%', photo:true
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Posted by elite viper Last replied by elite viper 2 years ago

public_html/register.php error

hi all i have started to get this error when new users reg can anyone help please ?
preg_replace(): The /e modifier is deprecated, use preg_replace_callback instead Line: 43

pik attached of the error wink
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Posted by zizub Last replied by zizub 2 years ago

How to change the size of all the news_image_t1 (t2)?

How to change the size of all the photos at once in the news? In the admin panel on the site I changed the size but it only works for new news but I need to increase the size of the old ones. Maybe there is a special SQL query?
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Posted by captainx Last replied by captainx 2 years ago

Unable To Login At All To Fusion 7.02

Hello Folks,

I am desperate. I have re-installled fresh copy of 7.0.2

1. I am unable to save my admin or user password when I enter it. The site never keeps the password I enter each time I reset it. I suspect this is a .htaccess issue, but I don't know how to solve it. Any help here would be awesome! cool

I have to keep resetting my password every time I log out.

Thank you,

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Posted by HopeyS Last replied by HopeyS 3 years ago

Maintenance Mode+Forgot Main password

So at some point i thought i would change my main password for my site. And forgot where i wrote it down.
And then i put my site in maintenance mode!

I have narrowed it down to the lostpassword.php not working, since it is not sending me an email.

I can access my phpmyadmin and change the status of maintenance there.

But the changing my password is tricky as i seem to not be able to figure out how. I do see it in phpmyadmin, but it looks encrypted, so i guess?? that if i change it there it would be all weird? or is that just me?

My question is:
How do i get access to my site again?

I have tried to upload a new version of lostpassword.php. Even from different versions.
I have tried changing the main email - just to see if that was bugged (in phpmyadmin)

It is NOT a admin password for the admin. It is the MAIN password for the site (that i happen to be the admin of) Just to explain that.

I also have searched searched and searched for answers and tried out a few, before asking this question.
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Posted by TonnyG95 Last replied by TonnyG95 3 years ago

Need help with soundcloud bb code

Hi guys
I need help i install soundclound bb code on my php fusion 7 site and i don't know why bbcode not working properly
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Posted by HardTrancid Last replied by Falk 3 years ago

No Admin Functions / Panel

Ok first off, I'd like to say I love how easy this CMS is to install.

After a fresh install, I can login as the main user I created.(During the initial installation) But, once I click the Admin Login, it simply goes back to the Default News page and seems to logout the original user as well. I've tried Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. Below I will post some technical information regarding my installation. Thanks in advance for any assistance, I am looking forward to getting away from PHP Nuke finally!

PHP Fusion Version - 7.02.07
OS Version - CentOS Linux

Linux basslinecartel.com 2.6.32-042stab108.8 #1 SMP Wed Jul 22 17:23:23 MSK 2015 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

Installation Path: /var/www/html/phpfusion/files
** Edited /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf to reflect path --> DocumentRoot "/var/www/html/phpfusion/files"

MySQL - 5.1.73
Site / PHP Fusion - www.basslinecartel.com

To test the server, I also requested my password to be reset to be and the link was incorrect.

Not Found
The requested URL /phpfusion/files/lostpassword.php was not found on this server
Apache/2.2.15(CentOS) Server at www.basslinecartel.com Port 80

Hrmmm what the heck am I missing....

Thanks again!
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