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Posted by helmuth Last replied by helmuth 2 months ago

print doesn't work

I use this code in an custom page - the page is populated with the data it's supposed to show, but the print button does not function?

any ideas why?

 function printDiv(divName) {
 var printContents = document.getElementById(divName).innerHTML;
 var originalContents = document.body.innerHTML;
 document.body.innerHTML = printContents;
 document.body.innerHTML = originalContents;
$result = dbquery(
 "SELECT user_id as user_id, user_name, user_email, user_phone_mobile, user_phone_home, user_geo
 FROM ************_users // altered the correct name with *
 WHERE user_status = 0 ORDER BY user_name ASC"
 echo "
 if (dbrows($result)) {
while ($data = dbarray($result)) {

if (!empty($data['user_geo'])) {
$a = explode("|", $data['user_geo']); // it becomes array and it will break into 6 parts
$street1 = $a[0];
$street2 = $a[1];
$country = $a[3];
$region = $a[4];
$city = $a[5];
$zip = $a[6];
$data['user_geo'] = "$street1, $street2, $city, $region, $country, $zip";
echo "
Navn: ".$data['user_name']."
echo "
Mail: ".$data['user_email']."
echo "
Mobil: ".$data['user_phone_mobile']."
echo "
Tlf.: ".$data['user_phone_home']."
echo "
Adresse: ".$data['user_geo']."
echo "

 } else {
 echo "No data in table.";
echo ">
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Posted by Last replied by Grimloch 2 months ago

My Event Calendar/Birthday Infusion

I am hoping that my new birthday/event calendar infusion will be of use to members that are struggling to understand Fusion9.0... I don't wish to take away from all the hard work that the Fusion developers have put into ver9 but I know a lot of people are just average webmasters and cannot grasp the complications of ver9 yet; myself included. I have been using Wibix' aw_ecal_panel for a lot of years now and like it very much. However I discovered that it will not function under PHPver7. I took some ideas from his calendar, added my own and created a basic event calendar with birthdays. It includes my birthday PM to users feature from my Site Statistics Panel and of course my image slideshow(Credit: Dynamic Drive Scripts), for the calendar which I have had in aw_ecal_panel for a number of years. Any feedback from anyone will be greatly appreciated.
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Posted by terrylzh Last replied by Falk 3 months ago

error with eshop infusion

hi I am having this error message at the infusion settings when at the payment settings page in admin panel with the eshop infusion https://www.php-fusion.co.uk/infusions/addondb/?addon_id=613

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare getcolorname() (previously declared in /home/migroup2/public_html/infusions/eshop/functions.php:879) in /home/migroup2/public_html/includes/html_buttons_include.php on line 35

please advice.

the other setting links are working.

Merged on 08/30/2018:
also when I try to add a new product category I will get a denied error
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Posted by djdandi Last replied by Chan 6 months ago

Cookie_Control v9

Is there somewhere cookie_control available for the PHP-Fusion v9 version ?
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Posted by Grimloch Last replied by Grimloch 6 months ago

Bizzare Infusion Problem on 7.02.07

I will try to explain my very strange problem with my Classified Ads infusion. Ever since I finally upgraded my main site whisperwillow.com to 7.02.07 I have been slowly re-doing all my infusions to get everything error free in this cms version. I have been debugging and recoding my Classified Ads for about 2 weeks now. I had everything totally error free and working great. When I went to bed last night at about 1am everything was working flawlessly. When I got up this morning to resume it won't work anymore. When I click on my link for classified_ads.php (or change the address bar to point to any other page in the infusion), all I get is a blank white page. View page source shows only the header info from the theme and it ends with . I have scrutinized every single script and have changed the server php version to lower versions from 5.5 and NOTHING I have done has helped. I am at a total loss as to what to do here. I have never encountered such a bizarre thing in my coding lifetime except once when I had omitted a semi-colon on a locale entry. I have no other info to tell or show; there are no server errors, no system errors nothing!! Maybe this has happened to someone else before. All I can do is hope.
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Posted by tws Last replied by tws 6 months ago

reCAPTCHA v2 API Settings - Token was not posted.


Just installed PHP-Fusion-9.0 on Debian-8.10 i686
Whilst infusing reCAPTCHA v2 I am seeing following messages.

Firstly, on top of the window on broad red strip
"Settings saved successfully", then after split second another
message overlaps the first one:
"Token was not posted
There was an error while processing your request"

Next, at the bottom of the window on black strip:
"WARNING: An error occurred while parsing the page.
Please see PHP-Fusion's Error Log for more details.L: 4 N: 0"

I do not see anything helpful in apache2 log files.
Exactly the same behaviour I observed on Debian-9.4 amd64.

I will be grateful for any help and/or suggestions.

Best regards - Tom.
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Posted by dimki Last replied by Falk 6 months ago

istall probleme


Notice: Undefined variable: settings in /wsc/3/home/ftp13138687-95932/www/data/9/infusions/user_control/infusion.php on line 22

Notice: Undefined variable: userdata in /wsc/3/home/ftp13138687-95932/www/data/9/infusions/user_control/infusion.php on line 51

Notice: Undefined variable: userdata in /wsc/3/home/ftp13138687-95932/www/data/9/infusions/user_control/infusion.php on line 51

Notice: Undefined variable: settings in /wsc/3/home/ftp13138687-95932/www/data/9/infusions/security_system/infusion.php on line 20

Notice: Undefined variable: settings in /wsc/3/home/ftp13138687-95932/www/data/9/infusions/security_system/locale/German.php on line 103

Notice: Undefined variable: settings in /wsc/3/home/ftp13138687-95932/www/data/9/infusions/show_userinfo_forum_panel/infusion.php on line 24

Notice: Undefined variable: settings in /wsc/3/home/ftp13138687-95932/www/data/9/infusions/rss_parser_panel/infusion.php on line 27

Notice: Undefined variable: settings in /wsc/3/home/ftp13138687-95932/www/data/9/infusions/grecaptcha/infusion.php on line 26

Notice: Undefined variable: settings in /wsc/3/home/ftp13138687-95932/www/data/9/infusions/grecaptcha/infusion.php on line 43

Notice: Undefined variable: settings in /wsc/3/home/ftp13138687-95932/www/data/9/infusions/grecaptcha/infusion.php on line 44

ok I think it is from the old infusions and panels
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Posted by nightlord Last replied by Chan 6 months ago

Facebook 3.0.0

Hi. I have one issue. When Im trying to unlink facebook I get redirected to:
mywebsite.com/http://mywebsite...p/news.php where is the issue I cant find it? maybe somebody knows?
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Posted by DosSpiele Last replied by Falk 11 months ago

Paypal Donation Manager (Treasury)

Hi, i would like to use that on my site, but its not working under ver 9.RC3
Anyone knows what to do here?

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Posted by Ernst74 Last replied by matze45 12 months ago

img bbcode with colorbox problem

Hi, i will use the img bbcode with the colorbox. My problem is, if i use the url bbcode with the img bbcode the link do not work. Only the colorbox enlarge the image. How can I do that the link will work there and not the colorbox?

My code for the img_bbcode_include.php is:
if (!function_exists("img_bbcode_callback")) {
   function img_bbcode_callback($matches) {
      if (substr($matches[3], -1, 1) != "/") {
         if ((isset($_GET['type']) && $_GET['type'] == "F")) {
            return "".$matches[3].$matches[4]."";
         } else {
               /*                jQuery(document).ready(function(){
               maxWidth:'90%', maxHeight:'90%'
               /* ]]>*/\n
            return "".$matches[3].$matches[4]."";
      } else {
         return "[img]$matches[1]$matches[3]$matches[4][/img] is not a valid Image.";

$text = preg_replace_callback("#\[img\]((http|ftp|https|ftps)://)(.*?)(\.(jpg|jpeg|gif|png|JPG|JPEG|GIF|PNG))\[/img\]#si", "img_bbcode_callback", $text);
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Posted by Filajz Last replied by Chan 1 year ago

PM Control

Hi, I downloaded pm control infusion and when I go through admin section, it's ok, i can get there, but when I want to add this into user_info_panel it just doesn't work, because there is some aidlink and I don't know how to add it to user_info_panel with this.
Failed to fetch the attachment
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Posted by zNigel- Last replied by Grimloch 1 year ago

Birthday panel


This one http://www.php-fusion.co.uk/infusions/addondb/view.php?addon_id=435
doesnt seem to work.

It shows up fine in the infusion list, but I cannot infuse it. Nothing happens.

What might be wrong?

Error log shows an error in line 96 @ public_html/administration/infusions.php

this is line 96:
           $inf_admin_image = ($inf_adminpanel[$i]['image'] ? $inf_adminpanel[$i]['image'] : "infusion_panel.gif");

Failed to fetch the attachment
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Posted by val Last replied by FreedomIOPList 1 year ago

share all panel

Hi everyone

well i have made a new center-panel called share_all_panel which includes facebook like, twitter, google+, linkedin etc etc shown at your frontpage. Feedback is very welcome and ill answer as soon as i got time for it wink

craig can you approve it and publish it here ( if its approved of course lol ) .

regards val
[51.35kB / 393 Downloads]
[48.29kB / 22 Downloads]
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Posted by PolarFox Last replied by FreedomIOPList 1 year ago

Ajax shoutbox-mod - for v 7.02.x


FOR v 7.02.x and above!

My new announce here will be shout-box.

So, the mod is fully compatible, ajax improved and restyled shoutbox + archive.
Only panel have ajax mode, but that is all people need, I thought smile

Version: something like release smile

And features:
  • You can use CTRL+ENTER to send your shout
  • You can change bbcodes for shoutbox and online time.
  • Admin/guest picture
  • No locales needed (hardcoded a bit)
  • Full AJAX + No-script shoutbox (using jQuery)
  • New images
  • Ajax update, ajax button "MORE!"
  • Text counter
  • Nick reference (near the nick)
  • Online/offline icon
  • Avatars (if user have, if not - seems like a standard SB )
  • Admin/guest picture
  • Ajax only for users not for guests
  • ...and maybe(?) more smile

Installation - just replace original files. Done.

New settings - check your SB-admin panel

Also this will be a support thread of the mod.

Download (NO registration needed!) :
[The link to file]
The main support topic - if DL-link broken
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Posted by Sladdaren Last replied by Sladdaren 1 year ago

Facebook Connect v2.3.7

I got this infusion a year ago and it worked pretty ok. The thing that didn´t work was the user avatar, it doesnt show. But it worked great and new user used it a lot to register.
For a couple of weeks now this stoped working. The funktion is just reloading and nothing happens when you try to register. Do anyone got a simple fix for this or is the best thing to unistall the Facebook Connect ?. This is for version 7 php fusion..

I notice that this reloading error is if you using google chrome. With firefox its still working. Is there any quick fix to get it to work with chrome?.
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Posted by Filajz Last replied by Kvido 1 year ago

Youtube videogallery

Hello, I'm using youtube videogallery from here: https://www.php-fusion.co.uk/infusion...don_id=504 and I'd like to have fullscreen here allowed.
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Posted by douwe_yntema Last replied by Gaboe 1 year ago

PCPIN 6 & PHP-Fusion 7 Bridge

Hello all,
I wanted to let everyone that is interested know there is now a bridge for PHP-Fusion 7 and PCPIN 6. You can download the bridge from http://www.douwe.schoonheidssalonanne...nanneke.nl. The bridge even offers the ability to combine user profile fields and avatars. You can check out how it works or download it at www.talkfever.com

Merged on Jul 26 2013 at 17:39:18:
First release of Desktop messenger for PCPIN is ready.
Download at: http://www.douwe.schoonheidssalonann...anneke.nl.
This is the first release, it's a basic chat system.

Please report any problems or feature requests.
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Posted by Filajz Last replied by Filajz 1 year ago

Member Poll

Hello, I want to ask if you can help me with doing from this archive: https://ctrlv.cz/jSww something like this: https://ctrlv.cz/pVum it's more synoptic... Download for this infusion is here: https://www.mediafire.com/?8wb6jp7r2j...p7r2j278j0
It's in Czech language but I hope you will help me, because you are gods with PHP here smile
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Posted by Costa1337 Last replied by Chan 1 year ago

Shoutbox after refresh AJAX

It seems like the avatars are not loading the correct directory.

I inspected the code and I think the mistake is here:

if($data['user_avatar']) { echo ''; } //set ava

Now my php-fusion is installed in a directory called "forum" please help me fix this. Now i get the link: site.com/../../images/forum/avatars/paperplane.png

And it should be: site.com//forum/../../images/avatars/paperplane.png

Thanks anyways!
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Posted by Costa1337 Last replied by Costa1337 1 year ago

Shoutbox panel

I uploaded the shoutbox that refreshes automatically.

Now I see there's like a little scroll button added and now I'm wondering how I can remove it?

Merged on Jun 22 2017 at 20:59:04:

I did overflow:hidden;
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