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Posted by razin Last replied by razin 16 days ago

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How to add for PHP-Fusion V7.02.07

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Posted by marcolino Last replied by marcolino 20 days ago

Nivo Slider

I would like to know how to reverse the slides presentation (from last to first) in Nivo Slider infused in Version 7.
Perhaps somebody can help me. King regards
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Posted by FreedomIOPList Last replied by Chan 1 month ago

Showing Different Home Page to Different Member Groups After Login?

I am wondering if someone can tell me what code to use or what I need to do to show a different homepage to each different Member Group I have on my site after they login? For example I have a standard homepage all members see even after login but I want a different one for each Member Group like Premium Members, Coders, Designers and etc. Can someone please help me out with this?
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Posted by douwe_yntema Last replied by douwe_yntema 4 months ago

Infusion or mod for sending file

Does anybody know if an infusion or mod exist that let a user (or guest) upload a picture (or file) an send it to email address.
Its for PHP-Fusion 7

Thanks in advance
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Posted by razin Last replied by RobiNN 5 months ago

Secure Image 3


Is Secure Image 3 for PHP-Fusion V7.02.07
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Posted by FreedomIOPList Last replied by douwe_yntema 6 months ago

REQUEST: Members Select Locale in Profile?

[I have a request, could someone develop a Userfield that allow sites members to select from existing Locales in Profile? I have sellers/customers at Heavens' Handmades and other sites that do not speak English and this would be a solution at least for things different Locales exist for. I'd need to translate rest.
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Posted by Grimloch Last replied by Grimloch 6 months ago

Request: Help with PM functions

I will try to explain my problem w/o a lengthy dissertation. My Newsletters infusion works perfectly fine but I decided to add a 'pm to admin' function when subscriptions are set to 'public'. The actual public subscription works fine but I cannot get the script to send a pm to the admin no matter what I try. Here is the code I'm using at the moment and BTW this code works perfectly when my Site Statistics panel sends a birthday pm to a user.

if (isnum(isset($_REQUEST['id'])) AND isset($_REQUEST['activate'])) {
   echo "
   $get_vc = dbquery("SELECT * FROM ".DB_NEWS_LETTER_SUBS." WHERE nl_sub_id='".$_REQUEST['id']."'");
   $get_vca = dbarray($get_vc);
   $get_vcr = dbrows($get_vc);
   if ($get_vcr != 0) {
      if ($get_vca['nl_sub_stat'] == 0) {
         $get_vn = dbquery("SELECT * FROM ".DB_NEWS_LETTER_VALIDATE." WHERE validate_code='".$_REQUEST['activate']."'");
         $get_vna = dbarray($get_vn);
         $get_vnr = dbrows($get_vn);
         if ($get_vnr != 0) {
            $result = dbquery("UPDATE ".DB_NEWS_LETTER_SUBS." SET nl_sub_stat='1' WHERE nl_sub_id ='".$_REQUEST['id']."'");
            $result = dbquery("DELETE FROM ".DB_NEWS_LETTER_VALIDATE." WHERE validate_code='".$_REQUEST['activate']."'");

// send pm to site admin
$pm_send = dbquery("SELECT nl_sub_id, nl_sub_mail, nl_sub_name, nl_sub_stat FROM ".DB_NEWS_LETTER_SUBS." WHERE nl_sub_stat='1' AND nl_sub_id='".$_REQUEST['id']."'");
if (dbrows($pm_send) != 0) {
require_once INCLUDES."infusions_include.php";
   while($data = dbarray($pm_send)) {
      $sendr = $data['nl_sub_mail'];
      $pnam = $data['nl_sub_name'];
      $recvr = 1;
   $sndit = ($locale['nl_498']."".$pnam.$locale['nl_499']);
send_pm($recvr, $sendr, $locale['nl_497'], $sndit);
// end pm send

I have tried the $recvr variable as ($settings['siteemail'] and also just "webmaster@whisperwillow.com") . I realize that code taken out of context can be hard to interpret/follow and I will post the entire script if needed. Right after the code: if (dbrows($pm_send) !=0) if I do this: echo dbrows($pm_send); exit; .. it stops the script and prints a 1 to the screen so I know it's doing the dbquery and getting a result. Any help would be appreciated very much. I am using Fusion 7.02.07

Merged on 05/28/2018:
OK ! I figured out why it won't work ! The '$sendr' variable which gets input to 'infusions_include.php' as the '$from' variable, is a public user who has an email address but NO system user id. I don't know how to fix that except maybe using one of my alternate logins as the sender. That should work.
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Posted by FreedomIOPList Last replied by FreedomIOPList 7 months ago

Live Theme Editor Infusion - Possible Pay

I'd LOVE to see a Live Theme Editor Infusion developed for PHP-Fusion. It would allow you to edit ANY THEME on your site in real time and see the changes in real time THEN save the changes and the changes would be live on your site, so basically you'd have a brand new theme. Be cool if the Live Theme Editor had a way of saving the Themes as a different name too because technically, it's a different theme and not just overwrite the Theme you're editing. Drupal has a Live Theme Editor https://www.drupal.org/project/theme_...eme_editor perhaps it could be ported to PHP-Fusion or could help with creating one for PHP-Fusion.

Is anyone up for the task of creating one? I'd be willing to pay a few bucks to have one developed.
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Posted by FreedomIOPList Last replied by douwe_yntema 9 months ago

Adding Unactivated Members Count & Link to User Info Panel Help & Adding Link to Admin Area

Can someone please help me with what code I'd need to use to add a count of Unactivated Members and a link to Activate them to the User Info Panel?

Also, how would I add a link to the Admin area to my Navigation panel for Admins? I tried Copying and Pasting the link and that did not work.
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Posted by FreedomIOPList Last replied by FreedomIOPList 9 months ago

Stripe.com Subscription Forms Help

Can someone please help me set up Subscription forms on my site for Stripe.com? I am steering away from PayPal and going with Stripe. I have already created a Subscription for $5.00 per month in my Stripe account so that's done. Here's the documentation provided by Stripe for creating the signup form etc: https://stripe.com/docs/recipes/subscription-signup. I tried adding the code to Custom Pages in PHP-Fusion and it's not working there. Can someone please guide me?

Would it be possible to create an Infusion that would allow you to create Stripe forms automatically after creating the Subscriptions in Stripe.com?

Merged on Mar 14 2018 at 05:29:13:
I was able to use JOTForm to accomplish what I needed to do but I still need Stripe integrated as a payment method for the Premium Memberships Infusion from deeone.de if anyone is interested in doing that. I have a whole bunch of PAID PHP-Fusion jobs if anyone is interested feel free to reply or message me.
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Posted by FreedomIOPList Last replied by FreedomIOPList 9 months ago

Premium Memberships Subscription Infusion

I know this has been asked for many times and a lot of times by me especially. Personally, I feel this is a feature we need. I think most other CMSes have this feature, at least the ones I know of do and it's time PHP-Fusion has it too. I was able to find one for Joomla at a site called Western Studios. This could potentially help us in some way to get something going for this for PHP-Fusion. I'd be more than happy to purchase the Joomla Premium Membership Subscription addon from Western Studios if someone would attempt to port it to PHP-Fusion. I do not know how hard it would be to port it but I know there's someone out there that can and I'd pay if someone would do it too. The extension I found for Joomla at Western Studios is at: http://westernstudios.net/product/ws-joomla-subscription/. I attempted to contact them on their website about one for PHP-Fusion but their contact page isn't working. I am going to contact them on Facebook though. However, if someone would be willing to dive in and take a look, let me know and I will but the extension available and provide you with it. I am really hoping someone will take interest in this and want to try it out. We can also discuss payment for it if you can do it. Please PM me

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Posted by FreedomIOPList Last replied by FreedomIOPList 9 months ago

Medical Facility/Pharmacy Database Infusion For New Project - WILL PAY

I am working on a brand new project and I intend to use PHP-Fusion as my CMS. With the rate of addiction to opiates so high within the United States and abroad, I am opening a support site for addicts. It will provide harm reduction methods and physical items for harm reduction as well as information on treatment when addicts are ready to seek treatment. I am going to need two things that I cannot seem to find anything similar to here for the site.
Those are:

1. An Addiction Treatment Facility Database. Should allow Guests-Admins to enter information for treatment facilities including the name, address, a description, treatment options and cost for each option, whether or not insurance is accepted and what type of insurance is accepted if it is, doctors names and credentials and photos of the facility. On the other hand, a Guest or anyone else should be able to enter their postal code and select a distance, say 10-25 miles and pull up all listed facilities within that range of their zip code. Should also provide a map with driving directions that can be printed.

2. A Pharmacy Database. Many pharmacies will not fill the medication addiction is treated with and the ones that will usually have some very hardcore rules. The Pharmacy Database will work similar to the Addiction Facility Database. It will need the pharmacy name, address, pharmacist name, brands of medication carried and price for each brand, whether or not insurance is accepted and what type of insurance is accepted if it is, photos of the pharmacy. It should also have the maps and driving directions and such. You could base one of these off the other.

There's something similar at the SAMHSA site for finding doctors qualified to prescribe the addiction medication. Basically, I want something similar to what they have on their site on mine but I want mine user edited for more accurate information. Here's a link to that site so you can see: https://www.samhsa.gov/medication-assisted-treatment/physician-program-data/treatment-physician-locator

I am willing to pay if someone can develop this for me. I need them completed by the end of March to beginning of April. I will also have some other projects for PHP-Fusion I will be paying someone to complete. You may message me, email me or reply here if interested.
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Posted by chrome511 Last replied by jjwichter 10 months ago

chat infusion

is there any chat infusion for php fusion v7.02.07 that works?
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Posted by shornsby Last replied by Grimloch 10 months ago

page content based on which member is logged in

I am using airtable to store/manage data for my job. I have a team of 4 people. In airtable we have the ability to create a calendar view that can be embeded on my site. I have a calendar view for each member. I want to create a "Calendar" page on my site that contains all 4 calendars but i want to be able to make it to where it only shows the calendar for who is logged in. Is there a way to make an "IF / Else IF" statement so that Member 1 only sees his calendar and member 2 only sees his calendar, etc? I have done some searching and havnt been able to find what i need. If there is already a thread on here that can point me in the right direction i will gladly start with that but i cant find anything. Thanks in advance.

Merged on Jan 25 2018 at 20:18:51:
So far i have tried this and several other things but cant seem to get it to work. I am sure its something simple that i am missing.

I am no expert at coding but usually i can work my way around most issues and im sure if i continue digging i can figure this out but so far i havnt had any luck. I know that i can just create separate pages for each calendar but i want to be able have 1 Calendar page that contains all 4 calendars but only shows the calendar associated with the user logged in if that makes since.
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Posted by maud138 Last replied by Grimloch 10 months ago

Infusion for exam or test?


I want to make an exam or a test on my website with the possibility for guest and members to give the answers onlline and sent them to my emailaddress. I've been looking for a while now, but I can't seem to find an infusion that can do that. Can someone help me?

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Posted by matze45 Last replied by matze45 12 months ago


hello little problem with a function counter I want to see something else at the expiration.
The career of me:

-I have a javascript because the time runs backwards at zero he should show a button.
Is this something?
this is my Found:Tryit

Thank you nice Christmas party
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Posted by Grimloch Last replied by Grimloch 12 months ago

PHP Coding Help

Good morning guys. I have a small problem with code that I can't figure out. I am creating a dynamic table on the fly as more db records are added. What I need is 5 cells per row but I'm getting continuous cells in the same row. Here is the code:
while ($arr = dbarray($result)) {
    $i = 0;
    $items_per_row = 5;

    foreach ($arr as $elm) {
        echo "".$elm."";

        if (++$i % $items_per_row == 0 && $i < count($arr) - 1)
            echo "";
I can't see the solution. Any ideas?
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Posted by douwe_yntema Last replied by douwe_yntema 1 year ago

Multiple Group Selection

I know how to select all users in a one user_group by query.
But how do I select all users in multiple groups in one query?

I Have an array that holds the user groups where I want to select te users from.
It has to be something like this: WHERE USER_GROUPS IN ..., but the USER_GROUPS field in the USERS table is a numbered list of the users groups the user belongs to.

Is there someone who can help with it?
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Posted by FreedomIOPList Last replied by douwe_yntema 1 year ago

Selz.com Link In Profile?

I am interested in creating a link in the profile that will link to a users Selz.com products but I don't want the link to open on Selz.com, I'd like for it to open a new page directly on the PHP-Fusion site with the users products rather than on Selz.com. I know how to create a profile field with the link to Selz.com but not sure how to go about making it create a page within PHP-Fusion with the users products on Selz. I am sure it would need to be an Infusion, anyone mind helping with this?
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Posted by CharmfulPeace Last replied by Talocha 1 year ago

Registration - Permitting Special Characters

Hello all,
I have recently installed PHP-Fusion on my website and, as I am not used to it at all, I am in need of some help (If available).

What I am wanting to do is to allow special characters to be used in User Names (i.e. ThatOneGuy!!), but I cannot seem to find an option for that.
Am I not looking in the right places? Is there a plugin I could get that would allow such? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

PHP-Fusion 7.02.07
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