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Posted by douwe_yntema Last replied by afoster 1 month ago

Two errors in PHP-Fusion 7.03.00

On my site with PHP-Fusiob 7.03.00 I Discovered 2 errors I am not able to solve:

1 - When the locale is NOT set to English, an error occurs when editing an email template from the control panel. An error message is thrown and the template is not showing up. When locale is set to English, everything is working fine. The errors in the error log are:


Undefined offset: 0 Regel: 464
Undefined offset: 1 Regel: 99

In language settings language settings are enabled for e-mail templates. When language settings are NOT enabled for email template, the template is showing up, with only the first error in the error log.

2 - When submitting a file download as member (not in the admin panel) the submitted file and screenshot are not stored on the server. The following errors are reported in the error log:


Undefined index: download_filesize Regel: 242
Undefined index: download_file Regel: 244
Undefined index: download_image Regel: 245

It seems to be someting is forgotten to code in the submit.php. As said the files are not stored on the server, but the data is available in the table submissions, but not the url for the file and the screenshot.

As 7.03.00 is not officially supported, I hope someone can help me solve these 2 things I can't
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Posted by Grimloch Last replied by Grimloch 5 months ago

Colorbox Problem

Fusion 7.02.07 colorbox problem under https protocol.

You know I really could use some help here. Until I made my site https, colorbox was working fine; no problems at all. I have done some research and can't find anything even remotely related to a problem with colorbox under https protocol.
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Posted by Grimloch Last replied by Falk 11 months ago

Multiple Problems w/New Install

First of all I have read all the posts concerning login/logout problems with 7.02.07 and have checked all the things that are talked about; no help. I have a new domain with a new host (Blue Host). I already maintain a website (fortworthbonsai.org) on Blue Host so I am very familiar with the host and like them so well that it prompted me to buy a new domain (trans-galactic.com) and build a new site with 7.02.07. Well after finally getting it to install (I had to change the php version back to 5.4 from 7), I am having all kinds of issues with the site. Going to admin and doing something like changing a site link or adding an infusion or adding a panel is OK. But then when I click Back To Site I'm no longer logged in. Clicking any of the normal links link Forums, Articles FAQ etc etc is OK but when I click Home it logs me out. When I am logged in and wish to quit clicking Logout does not log me out. I have checked everything I know to check; have re-uploaded all files and folders and have not found a cause for this problem. Any ideas would be appreciated.
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Posted by FreedomIOPList Last replied by douwe_yntema 1 year ago

Account Logs In & Back Out

I've noticed this error in the past but have always ignored it and now it IS a major problem. I just migrated my site to a new server and the old site (sub-domain pointing to domain) is still up and functional, nothing was touched on it. When I log in to it and try to post a message in the shoutbox, nothing happens. I click any site link and it takes me to the login page. I usually check the Remember Me box to fix this but it's not working now. Have a look at: http://freedomiops.epizy.com/home.php.

Login using the following login information:
Username: Guest_Freedom
Password: AbC123AbC

Now, this is the untouched site that has always worked before.

This also happens on my new migrated site and happened when I first installed PHP-Fusion 7.02.07 too. I think it may be a bug or something but generally, checking the Remember Me box fixes it.
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Posted by Trix Last replied by popilas 1 year ago

Shoutbox Error

I have posted this error before and the thread had been answered but was not given a resolution.

When I enable my shoutbox I get the following error.


Table 'dxhunter_fusion.fusionXsanb_shoutbox' doesn't existYou have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '' at line 5
No messages have been posted.

IF someone could please help me resolve this it would be much appreciated smile
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Posted by janmol Last replied by Woody 1 year ago

Problems with preg_replace

I have installed a site for a customer on a brand new server. And every time I try to use bb-codes, I get an error like this:

preg_replace() :The /e modifier is deprecated use preg_replace_callback instead

I can see from other forum posts, that others have experienced the same problem with newer versions of PHP. But can somebody tell me, if there's been set a deadline on an update concerning this problem??
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Posted by razin Last replied by razin 2 years ago

Error log PF 7.02.07

What is the reason for this error:
You do not have access to view attachments
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Posted by hanman Last replied by Falk 2 years ago

v7-02-07 error public_html/maincore.php

error code :

mysql_num_rows() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given o line: 268

help please.. :/
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Posted by Woody Last replied by Falk 2 years ago

Display image issues

What would stop the [img url [/img] to not work?

i double checked the img link and is correct.

i get this: [img]url[/img] is not a valid Image.

same problem happens in aw_event calendar?
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Posted by Woody Last replied by Falk 2 years ago

BBCodes The /e modifier is deprecated use preg_replace_callback instead

anyone hat the bbcodes/url_bbcode_include.php all updated>
its keeps coming up in error log
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Posted by Buck Last replied by Buck 2 years ago

Unknown column 'f.forum_parent' in 'where clause'

Does anyone know what this means? It's stopping my forums from working.
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Posted by Jul-Place Last replied by douwe_yntema 2 years ago

Cookie Problem

Hallo zusammen,

ich benutze PHP Fusion v7.02.07 auf einem bplaced webspace.

Mein Problem ist nun folgendes:

Ich habe bei bplaced eine subdomain und meine egene domain (sds-web.de) aufgeschalten und bei meinem Domainanbieter die IPv4 Adresse als A-Record eingetragen.

Soweit so gut, das klappt alles ohne Probleme.

Nun habe ich aber das Problem, wenn ich z.B. über meine Domain oder Subdomain meine PHP Fusion Webseite aufrufe, werden meine Login Cookies nicht gespeichert.

Browser (Firefox 50.1.0) habe ich schon überprüft, an ihm liegt es wohl nicht, da hier meine Daten auch ohne probleme gespeichert werden.

Weiß zufällig einer von euch, woran das Problem noch liegen könnte?

bplaced Domain der Seite: http://sds.bplaced.net/server01/users.users/ghq

Subdomain: http://ghq.sds.bplaced.net

Normale Domain: http://www.sds-web.de/server01/users/ghq

Wäre für eine Hilfe dankbar.


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Posted by R1-Limited Last replied by Falk 2 years ago

Infusion in Admin panel is struck through not accessable

Unable to see or use Infusions
You do not have access to view attachments
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Posted by quiki Last replied by Falk 2 years ago

Problems with caracters

Hello, I have a site running v7.02.07 that has ran into problems with the characters ø æ å. http://www.turgjengen.no/

Any way of fixing that?

Merged on Oct 16 2016 at 20:49:43:
Anyone please, if u see "TURKALENDER"(calendar), "NEDLASTINGER"(downloads) and down to the right on the front page.� shows up instead of ø æ or å.
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Posted by razin Last replied by razin 2 years ago

reCaptcha using with contact.php


Field nick is empty in contact.php and confirms sending a message. Field nick should be required.
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Posted by PolarFox Last replied by Falk 2 years ago

edit_profile.php and title

Title bug in ed profile

Check title tag of https://www.php-fusion.co.uk/edit_profile.php
wtf is this? Edit ProfileEdit Profile - Official Home of PHP-Fusion:

not so cute as I want.

BUT wait, there is another bug!
Correct url becomes in edit_profile.phprofile.php (check this post in edit mode)

And also, font-bug see in attachment.
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Posted by poolmaster Last replied by Falk 3 years ago

Transfer to new host

Hi all,
I am having problems transfering V7 to to a new host.
I have uploaded all the files and chemod files including the set up file.
When I go to the website to do the initial set up all I get is:

Unable to establish connection to MySQL
2002 : No such file or directory

Can anyone help as I am a total loss a to why this is happening.

I did start with V6 and upgraded to V7 so I tried the setup file from both versions but still get the same message.
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Posted by JonBelanger Last replied by Falk 3 years ago

Changed profile theme and now the site won't render properly and cannot reset theme...

OK, first off, I'm a user on another site that uses this software http://www.openvmshobbyist.com/news.php. Because of the rendering issues, I cannot determine the version of PHP-Fusion, but the copyright range is 2003-2005. So it is probably very old and unsupported. With that being said, here is my issue and what I'd like to be able to do:

The issue is that I was editing my profile and selecting various themes and refreshing the page. After a couple of them, the page would not render properly (see screen capture_4.png attachment). I am using IE8. See capture_2_1.png attachment for what the developer tools console is reporting.

All I'd like to do is somehow reset the theme back to Default. I'm not sure how to do this. Please help.


Merged on May 27 2016 at 19:57:53:

The more I look at this the more I'm wondering if the pre-processor may have crashed and the raw PHP is being sent to the browser. When I look at the beginning of the source file I see the following:

The attached code has been modified so that it'll actually display correctly (for some reason less-than and greater-than characters are not ignored in a code section [at least in the preview] -- so replace { with a less-than character and } with a greater-than character):

// theme settings
$body_text = "#dddddd";
$body_bg = "#425d7a";
$theme_width = "100%";
$theme_width_l = "170";
$theme_width_r = "170";

function render_header($header_content) {

global $theme_width,$settings,$locale;

echo "{table align='center' width='$theme_width' cellspacing='0' cellpadding='0'}

echo "{table width='100%' cellpadding='0' cellspacing='0'}
{td class='bar-l'> {td class='bar-m'> {td class='bar-r'> {/tr}
{div style='margin:2px;'}{/div}
{table width='100%' cellpadding='0' cellspacing='0' class='border'}
{td class='main-body'}
{table width='100%' cellspacing='0' cellpadding='0'}
{div style='margin:2px;'}{/div}\n";

echo "{table width='100%' cellspacing='0' cellpadding='0' class='border'}\n{tr}
{td class='header1'}\n";
$result = dbquery("SELECT * FROM ".DB_PREFIX."site_links WHERE link_position>='2' ORDER BY link_order");
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Posted by subodh Last replied by Chan 3 years ago

edit p[rofile 403 problem

I know the thread has been also posted by other user. But I have tried everything like clean install. Still can't solve the problem.



You don't have permission to access /edit_profile.php on this server.

Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

Server Details are:
Webserver software Apache
PHP version 5.5.30
PHP interface cgi-fcgi
MySQL Server version 5.5.49-cll
PHP-Fusion version 7.02.07
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Posted by Ernst74 Last replied by Ernst74 3 years ago

Deprecated: Methods with the same name as their class

I have a problem with fusion v7 and v9 too. I become this:

Deprecated: Methods with the same name as their class will not be constructors in a future version of PHP...

This problem is with secureimage and secureimage2 and it is in PHP Fusion 7.02.07 and PHP Fusion V9 too.
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