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Posted by Ingrimmsch Last replied by Ingrimmsch 4 months ago

Get a License

Hello :),
my question is: What do i have to do to get a CCL license?

Under Licensing i can read much about the definitions of every license.... But i found nothing that defines what is have to do to get a license. Maybe i look over the right sentence.
Do i have to mail php-fusion.co.uk? If yes then which e-mail-adress?

thanks for your help,
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Posted by Structor Last replied by Falk 2 years ago

Proof of license

I wonder... if anybody asks me about the copyright's missing... how could I prove that I bought the license? smile

it shouldn't be a list somewhere or something?
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Posted by helmuth Last replied by Falk 2 years ago

Suggestion: Translation of PHP-Fusion Licensing

PHP-Fusion comes with a lot of different languages and the ability to switch between them, but the 'PHP-Fusion Licensing' (https://php-fusion.co.uk/license/ are only available in English

Would it not be good manner and behavior to get them translated into at least the languages that PHP-Fusion supports?

And of course make them available/clickable on the 'PHP-Fusion Licensing' page ...
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Posted by Layzee Last replied by Layzee 2 years ago

CRL notification

Hey there,
I tried to send a private message to KEFF, but because of some reason it is not sent.

So I post it here in hope to get a respond smile


Subject: Licence Question


long time since we both had any conversation smile

I recently received a message from an user in germany:
Hallo Support Team von PHP-Fusion

Habe mal ne frage zur CRL Lizenz
ich habe mir ja so eine Lizenz geholt, und habe das Copyright von PHPFusion entfernt, nun hat mich jemand angeschrieben gehabt das er mich Reporten will wenn ich es nicht wieder rein tue dabei habe ich ihm vorhin gesagt ich habe die CRL Lizenz das glaubt er mir allerdings nicht gibt es irgendwo was was ich mit ins Impressum reinschreibe um nachzuweisen das ich dies Lizenz habe?


Maybe you should create some solution to let those users proof their licence purchase?!
Which possibilities do you see in this case?
Is it possible to establish any kind of database and page, where licenced domains can be displayed and/or searched for?

Greets and best regards
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Posted by tngweb Last replied by Falk 3 years ago

CRL and V9

Those of us who have purchased a CRL for our Fusion sites are wondering, Especially myself, will the CRL carry over to v9 or will we need to purchase a new one?
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Posted by Niels Last replied by Falk 3 years ago

Are you allowed to sell themes/addons?


Are you allowed to sell packages with unique themes/addons of PHP-Fusion in it, with the copyright removed if you have bought 1 license or does every buyer need to buy a license for himself?

- Niels
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Posted by ObiWan Last replied by Falk 4 years ago

Commercial Licence purchased - and now?


I`ve purchased the commercial licence. And I am little bit confused - Who should I tell my domain?

Can anyone help me, please? :(

Best regards
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Posted by DerLukas Last replied by DerLukas 4 years ago

Bank transfer without PayPal?

i will buy a "Copyright Removal License (CRL)" but i dont have a PayPal Account, may i pay the Licence with a Bank Transfer or Skrill, please?

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Posted by Homdax Last replied by KasteR 4 years ago

RSS reader with MIT Licensed Class

Reference: http://php-fusion.us/forum/viewthread.php?thread_id=291 We are working on an RSS reader infusion.

We would like to implement this, after testing, http://simplepie.org/wiki/faq/what_versions_of_rss_or_atom_do_you_support which is MIT licensed.

Is that OK considering AGPL?
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Posted by Reload86 Last replied by Basti 4 years ago

Local team site, Do we need a license?

Hi, I've just been reading about the new commercial license coming soon, I realise you didn't want to answer too many questions until it was released, but I was doing a website in php fusion for a local rugby team I used to play for, and I thought it might be a good idea to add something where people could order the kit directly from the site.

The team is not for profit as any money earned all goes directly back into the club, but I was a little unsure if this would be allowed after reading the license? When skimming through the license page it didn't sound like it stops people from creating a commercial website, just that you can't sell the actual website/code itself, any clarification would be good.
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Posted by Bruner Last replied by Martijn78 4 years ago

How much wil it cost to remove copyright?

What pay use a php-fusion without copyright from Russia?
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Posted by AaronJosephHall Last replied by muscapaul 4 years ago

How do I legally have the Powered By and Copyright removed?

How do I legally have the Powered By and Copyright removed?
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Posted by iraqlife Last replied by Falk 4 years ago

paid for Copyright Removing

hi , guys , I paid for Copyright Removing

My Email : noor.whayeb@yahoo.com

Just send me a details about How can I remove the Copyright


I removed the copyright From https://www.iraqlife.com

And I will keep a copy of the payment I made.

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Posted by sativa1984 Last replied by Falk 4 years ago

Which license for a business wih no online sales?

Looking for some advice here on copyright removal,

My site is used for a business, but it does not sell anything within it, it is just information pages about our business, so which license do i need to be allowed to remove the copyright text?

Also do the copyright removal licenses cover sub-domains?

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Posted by Harlekin Last replied by Chan 4 years ago

Do I need a license to distribute my Addons?


if i will offer for example an Infusion for nothing (no money) only on my site with PHP Fusion i must buy a license from PHP Fusion. But if i offer it on a site without PHP Fusion i don't need buy a license. And i can do what i want with the Infusion that i had make.

Please tell me, why i should buy a license, when i make something for PHP Fusion?

Please understand me right. I invested my time in the Infusion and it is for all, but the download should be only from my site. If that all right, i must be stupid, if i make something for PHP Fusion. Or is that all nonsens and i understand the license system wrong?
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Posted by wheeler Last replied by wheeler 4 years ago

Business License


Im needing to build a website for a business and im looking on using PHP Fusion as a base for the website, it's clean and functional and i know my way around it. The question is, im looking to buy a License to remove the copyright from the footer, i'll also be needing to remove any reference to PHP Fusion in the code, is that allowed with any of the Licenses.
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Posted by G3ORG3 Last replied by Gillette 4 years ago

where do I send false copyright reports

hi! Where I can send web with false copyright?
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Posted by MeTRoiD Last replied by MarcusG 4 years ago

Is it required to have a license for a Shop website?

Hi, i have a qestion..
I need to create website for a wine shop...
I would like to use php-fusion as a base of it, but what's with licensing?..
The content will be simple information, with out buy funcion..
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Posted by burzintaj Last replied by Falk 5 years ago

CRL license and eshop?

Hi, recently I purchased a CRL license for my website, I would like to know if is possible to use CRL license and eShop infusion together, THX smile
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Posted by jritchiewdc Last replied by Falk 5 years ago

License Fee / How to Purchase a License

I have been looking since earlier regarding license fee but still can't find it. Anyway, I want to ask about the price.
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