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Posted by Last replied by helmuth 23 days ago

fatal error after upgrade from 7.02.06 to 7.02.07

How to fix this error:


Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function mysql_connect() in /customers/4/e/8/BBBBBBBBB/httpd.www/maincore.php:295 Stack trace: #0 /customers/4/e/8/BBBBBBBBB/httpd.www/maincore.php(91): dbconnect('localhost', 'BBBBBBBBB', 'BBBBBBBBB', 'BBBBBBBBB') #1 /customers/4/e/8/BBBBBBBBB/httpd.www/index.php(18): require_once('/customers/4/e/...') #2 {main} thrown in /customers/4/e/8/BBBBBBBBB/httpd.www/maincore.php on line 295

BBBBBBBBB = secret info ;-)

It happened after switching PHP 5.6 to PHP 7.2
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Posted by songiuno Last replied by songiuno 4 months ago

v7.02.07 fix for PHP7

I'm hoping this is the proper place to post this issue. I'm running PHP-Fusion v7.02.07, and my host will soon stop supporting PHP versions lower than v7. I found fix files in another support thread and applied them to my v7.02.07 install. Now, as a whole, my site runs on PHP7.2. However, I'm now having a couple of issues.

One of those issues is I now cannot attach files to forum posts. whenever I do and then attempt to save, the save fails and I get a screen warning "Prevented an unwanted file upload attempt!". If I roll back the PHP7 compatibility fix files to original v.7.02.07 files, and reset my host's options back to PHP5.6, file attachments are fine. I'm thinking that there is something in one or more of the compatibility fix files that triggers the forum attachment process into thinking the attachment is unsafe.

Does anybody have any experience with this to guide on how to fix this or maybe even comment out whatever causes the "Prevented an unwanted file upload attempt!" check? I don't know how to read the code to know what I'm looking for. Need help!
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Posted by Falk Last replied by Grimloch 8 months ago

Upgrading from 7.01.xx to 7.02.xx

Make a full copy of your site.
Copy all your files and the database so you can restore it if something goes wrong.

Find and download a new copy of your locale , for minimum PHP-Fusion 7.02.05 in the downloads section

Extract these files and replace all your current locales in your /locale folder

Then download latest PHP-Fusion 7 version

Extract your files

Find the upgrade file in v701/upgrade.php

Copy the file upgrade.php to your administration folder and replace current file.

Go to your administration > system admin select the upgrade icon, it should say that a new major upgrade is available.

Push the upgrade button and wait for your new config. When the config shows save the content that are shown in a text file on your desktop.

At this point your site will not work.
You need to copy all the files from your downloaded pack and replace the old files.

Once this is done, open your config and replace the content with the new generated content you have. Delete setup.php.
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Posted by Grimloch Last replied by douwe_yntema 11 months ago

Upgrade 7.01.06 to 7.02.07 keeping sessions

I would like to upgrade 7.01.06 to 7.02.07 but keep the 'sessions' login capability of 7.01.06. How would I do that? Is it just a matter of putting the files back in place or is there something in maincore I'd have to modify?
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Posted by maoriorgnz Last replied by maoriorgnz 1 year ago

Redirecting error request after upgrade from 7.01.05 to 7.02.07


After following the instructions as set out, I got to the replacing the content of my config file with the new code generated and uploading. When I went to run my site I got the following error

Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete.

From reading around here I found there is an error log in the db so I accessed that and this is the only entry in it

Error Level: 8
Error Message: Undefined index: global_034
Error File: /infusions/new_links_panel/new_links_panel.php
Error Line: 20
Error page: /weblinks.php
Error User level: 0
Error Status: 0

Here is the code for the new_links_panel.php referenced above.

| PHP-Fusion Content Management System
| Copyright (C) 2002 - 2010 Nick Jones
| http://www.php-fusion.co.uk/
| Filename: top links.php
| Author: Nick Jones (Digitanium)
| This program is released as free software under the
| Affero GPL license. You can redistribute it and/or
| modify it under the terms of this license which you
| can read by viewing the included agpl.txt or online
| at www.gnu.org/licenses/agpl.html. Removal of this
| copyright header is strictly prohibited without
| written permission from the original author(s).
if (!defined("IN_FUSION")) { die("Access Denied"); }

$result = dbquery(
   "SELECT tl.weblink_id, tl.weblink_name, tl.weblink_url, tl.weblink_count  FROM ".DB_WEBLINKS." tl
    ORDER BY tl.weblink_id DESC LIMIT 0,10"
if (dbrows($result)) {
   while($data = dbarray($result)) {
      $itemsubject = trimlink($data['weblink_name'], 100);
      $link_count = $data['weblink_count'];
      echo THEME_BULLET." $itemsubject ($link_count)
} else {
   echo "

Looking at other files I can see global numbers called, but not where they come from. I am thinking that this may be one I made myself by tweaking code :)

I can not find the file where the global numbers are defined - should I change the number or should I add it in somewhere - if so, please let me know which file :) Of course any advise and suggestions will be appreciated :)

Thank you for your time.
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Posted by Alex L Last replied by Alex L 1 year ago

Unknown column 'opening_page' in 'field list

Hello Community and Developers,

I have this time a problem after the big upgrade PHP Fusion 7.00.04 on 7.02.07.

There was a kind of quick administration in the backend and everything was slightly modified.

We have defined an "opening_page" for the project at http://www.radioneutral.de.

The Quick Administration displays:

Unknown column 'opening_page' in 'fieldlist

In the MySQL database the "opening_page" is also stored with "viewpage.php".

A certain page is displayed in the frontend via viewpage.php.

How can I fix the problem?

Thanks in advance.

P.S. If you need more information, please tell me what I have to do or to adjust.
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Posted by mrmagill Last replied by mrmagill 2 years ago

Upgrade 7.02.06 tp 7.02.07?

Having been the victim of malicious hacking in the past, I want to make sure my scripts are all up to the latest releases. However, when I examine the docs that come with 7.02.07 it only mentions how to upgrade from 7.01 - no mention of 7.02.06. I made sure I downloaded the GENUINE archive.... so, what is needed to get to the latest stable version? Am I missing something? If I am, if you would someone kindly explain?

I assume the new version must have some security fixes or updates, which is the main reason I wanted to do it.

Best to all -
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Posted by Samuel Last replied by Falk 3 years ago

My panels are not displaying correctly after upgrading

After i upgraded to new version, my user admin menu would look like this(See attachment). Please tell me how to fix it. Thanks in advance.
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Posted by Tromador Last replied by Tromador 3 years ago

File deletions on upgrade v7.02.06 --> v7.02.07

I've just upgraded incrementally from v7.02.05 --> v7.02.06 --> v7.02.07

On the last update it's told me I need to delete a pile of files, not least of which:
The folder infusions/navigation_panel need to be deleted 
(Check so you use the new one before!

So if I delete this, then my nav panel vanishes, so I guess I'm not using the new one - and it's far from clear what it means by the "new one".

I'm now very loathe to delete anything else at this stage as I have a working site (having replace the "old" nav panel) and don't much want to have a broken one.

Is there a set of release notes for this I can consult - there's nothing in the zip except the standard upgrade instructions that have shipped with every update since I can remember. I've looked in the documentation on this site and again, I can't find anything which relates to this particular update and files requiring removal.
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Posted by AaB-ern Last replied by AaB-ern 3 years ago

Photo gallery not showing images after upgrade to 7.01.00

I am in the process of bringing my site up to date, but when upgrading from 7.00.07 to 7.01.00, it seems like the upgrade script did not handle the new folder structure of the photo gallery.

In the code, I can see that images are now looked up in folders corresponding to their album_id. However, the images in the photogallery root folder have not been arranged into these folders.

I guess I could write a script to do it manually, but I am curious of why this was not handled by the update script and if a script to fix this has already been created?
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Posted by quiki Last replied by Falk 3 years ago

Upgrade from to 7.01.01 fails

Hello, tried to upgrade from to 7.01.01 and it fails. Any idea what I do wrong? I downloaded the and uploaded from:
See attachement of errors.. Please help.
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Posted by douwe_yntema Last replied by douwe_yntema 4 years ago

Upgrade of class.phpailer.php

PHP-Fusion 7.02.07 is shipped with version 5.2.1 of file class.phpmailer.php

Is it possible to upgrade this file to its current release version 5.2.9?
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Posted by Wanabo Last replied by Chan 4 years ago

What is the status of v7.03?

On Github I found the master branch of php-fusion is v7.03 (php-fusion v7.03), but not recall an announcement on this.
So I did a search here on main and find:
When PHP-Fusion v8 RC1 - Locked
PHP-Fusion 7.03.00 Announcement - Locked

Both locked, so I have to start a new thread. frown

Here on main php-fusion v7.02.07 is still the latest final download, so I guess v7.03 is still beta. Is there any progress after 6 months? Will this be released soon as final version? Or has development been halted in favour of v9?
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Posted by janmol Last replied by janmol 4 years ago

UTF-8 problems (again)

Moved PHP-Fusion DK to a new server a couple of days ago. And upgraded from 7.02.5 to 7.02.7. Converted all language files to UTF-8. And now we are experiencing these problems:

1. Threads-notify doesn’t work
2. Contact-form can’t handle Danish special characters correctly – see enclosed examples (mail_error_1.gif - received mail with errors - mail_error_2. gif - what it should have looked like)
3. Texts fetched from locale-files can’t handle Danish special characters correctly – SOLVED – converting locale-files to UTF-8 without BOM

Any clues??

Merged on Mar 03 2015 at 11:37:14:
Contact-form problem solved: Replaced "UTF8" with "utf-8" in global.php under locale!!
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Posted by crazy69 Last replied by Falk 4 years ago

Upgrade 7.00.05 to date


I would like to update the website from version 7.00.07 to date, but I have a problem that I can not to upgrade on 7.01.00 it is always a mistake prefix_settings and more. It can download at your core pack 7.01.00? All references to the core because they are unavailable.

Alternatively, any advice on how I can update the site to the latest version?


Lukas O.
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Posted by Trix Last replied by Trix 4 years ago

Upgrading from v7.01.05 to latest

Hi Guys

Im looking at upgrading a PHP-Fusion v7.01.05 to the latest, could someone please advise me on the best and safest way to upgrade?

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Posted by bombbshell23 Last replied by bombbshell23 4 years ago

[RESOLVED] My website users cant..

Hello everyone. for starters i just want to say php fusion is by far one of the best systems i have used so far love it. any way im still kinda new. and i just updated and now users are un able to register because it says registration email. could not be sent. can any one give me an answer on why this is happening??.. thanks
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Posted by Koopa Last replied by Koopa 4 years ago

Upgraded my sites to 7.02.07 experiencing a few issues


I have just upgraded my sites to 7.02.07 and we are experiencing a few issues.

1) Users only now stay logged in for a few hours, how can I fix so they can stay logged in for say at least 30 days...

2) Admin reports that I have 1 new submission, yet there are none to approve...

3) Multiple errors now in the error log.

I have upgraded my sites also to PHP 5.2

Help appreciated.
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Posted by alipa Last replied by JoiNNN 4 years ago

after upgrade from 6 to 7 mysql database is messed up

after i upgraded from 6.01.x mysql database is messed and site not shown.
what should i do i tryed everything backup site replace it and so on is still messed up
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Posted by Kvido Last replied by Kvido 4 years ago

News in upgrade v7.02.07

In the new version v7.02.07, it works OK do not open the News of the panels. Open only if activated checkbox "Show on all pages".

Please, it's ugly, check out:

Who will help? With a hundred times!!
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