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Posted by tsungfu Last replied by RobiNN 8 months ago

How do made Locales for Chinese_Traditional(UTF-8)?

How do made Locales for Chinese_Traditional(UTF-8)?

Who can teach me do this.
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Posted by Homdax Last replied by Falk 1 year ago

What is it in PHP 5.6 that screws up High ASCII?

I can meddle a bit with my host settings and I appreciate the option to be able to do that.

For years I have, on and off, dreaded any mayor changes or upgrades to PHP-Fusion on sites with High Ascii Characters. Unicode was introduced to deal with that, but still, when I step by step switch from PHP 5.1->5.2->5.3->5.4->5.5 and to 5.6 it screws it up at 5.6.

The language files are UTF8 -bom, as we have discussed here many times, the database collation is set to UTF8MB4_unicode_ci, which works and the collation of tables are set to latin1_swedish_ci which has also worked so far with all upgrades from PHP-Fusion 7 to 7.02.07.

Now I am about to launch a new system that requires minimum PHP 5.6 and I am prepared to change the table collation but the strange issue is that the change of PHP does not seem to affect High ASCII everywhere. It seems to err on texts located in

- News Titles
- Administration links, including text buttons
- Site title
- Menu links (header as well as navigation bar)

and a few more places but oddly enough not in TEXT fields, bread text.

One would perhaps suspect the language files if it weren't for the entries in menus and other non lang depending places.

I can change those from latin1 to utf8mb4 but it makes no difference. And now we seem to have a gazillion of UTF8 options to choose from in PHPMyAdmin which makes things soo much easier. Not.


The site is www.eslovsmoderaterna.se but i can not leave it on with the flaws to show...
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Posted by seaprince46 Last replied by PHPar 2 years ago

Arabic encoding

I have installed the script at my site but after selecting the Arabic package the site encoding is as the attached picture.
Can someone tell me how to solve this issue?

Thank you
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Posted by Falk Last replied by flj 2 years ago

Compare Locale tool

I once made a "compare_locales" function, which automates the tedious job of comparing (leaving only the translating part). I think it was published on the dev site, which does not exist anymore.

Therefore, I attach it here. It should be self-explanatory. It is not tested on 7.02, but I presume it works.
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Posted by AaronSmith Last replied by douwe_yntema 2 years ago

Separate Forum Image possible?


I hope this is the corrction section to ask such a thing if not i do apologise in advance.

What i would like to do is have a image for each forum in the category.

For example a icon for console gaming , pc gaming , tech support , music chat and so on .....

It use to be possible using phpbb and possibly other forum software but i previously on had experiece with phpbb. Now i love the php fusion sustem as it does everything i need and more so would be great if this was somthing i could achieve
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Posted by sadamyne Last replied by sadamyne 2 years ago

Latin char


I just instaled php-fusion and upload the portuguese translation.
The problem are the special chars accents and stuff that arent presented correctly.
I search in the admin panel for a codepage configuration but i found none.
Can anybody help me?

THe site is www.promob.org.pt

THanks in advance
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Posted by SkeeredOfMyMind Last replied by SkeeredOfMyMind 3 years ago

SOLVED - Changed Locale Problems With Site - Please Help

I changed my site locale from English to Danish in order to test a translation for an infusion and now I cannot access my admin panel Main Settings and am getting tons of errors and I cannot change the language back from Danish to English because I can't access my settings. Can this be changed in PHPMyAdmin or something? Help Please.

I was able to fix this by changing the locale in my PHPMyAdmin PHP-Fusion settings table from Danish to English.
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Posted by Homdax Last replied by Falk 3 years ago

The UTF-8 No BOM thingie is really getting on my nerves....

After making sure and reuploading all the language files in UTF No -BOM format suddenly, just a few days ago, some sections of the site wont show high ascii properly... AGAIN.

In this case it is locale/swedish/admin/custom_pages.php , see attached screenshot.

The file is UTF8 and saved as No BOM. See attached screenshot.

Now if you tell me I have to recode all high ascii characters in to code, sure I might do that: http://www.ascii-code.com/ but the current issues are just inexplicabel to me.
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Posted by bonnis Last replied by Falk 3 years ago

Swedish locale (ÅÄÖ) letter problem!

hello guys.
Ive got som problems with my homepage i have it worked for over a year with no changes.
and todag Å Ä Ö letters are showing like: ö ä and its a problem.

iv'e tryed to update the locales but dont work!

iv'e use version v7.02.07 php fusion!

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Posted by River66 Last replied by River66 4 years ago

UTF8 - Problem - Lost the Nordic character ONE.COM

During the past few days, this problem has come up, some of my fusion sites seem to have lost the Nordic characters (I use the web host: one.com) wondering if this is related to the BOM problem ??, I also hear that (one. com) are upgrading their servers to PHP 5.6, it might have something to do with it .. ?? can fusion handle PHP 5.6 ?

I use Fusion v.7.02.06

Grateful for the some guidance :-)
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Posted by chrome511 Last replied by chrome511 4 years ago

wish a Moderator rank

is it possible to build in a moderator rank in the next php fusion?
this would be a great feature.

in my php fusion installation i build in a moderator rank.
for devolopement of php fusion with moderator i would give the developer my code of the moderator

i still have a code for ssl secure in the smtp settings for the developement
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Posted by daohoatu Last replied by daohoatu 4 years ago

Vietnamese Language Package

I would like to support Vietnamese language package. How can I do that?
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Posted by upadesh Last replied by upadesh 4 years ago

Nepali PHP-Fusion

Download PHP-Fusion 7.02.07 translation file in Nepali. For more information visit http://upadeshs.com.np

Download link: http://upadeshs.com.np/downloads.php?cat_id=4&download_id=3
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Posted by quiki Last replied by Wanabo 4 years ago

Norwegian php-fusion

Is there anyone out there with an Norwegian translation of the latest php-fusion version? The official Norwegian site have not been active for ages, so there are no translations there.

I would be happy if anyone are willing to share.
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Posted by Falk Last replied by PeaceLaced 5 years ago

Locale updates and downloads

We have locale downloads available under : Language Packs for PHP-Fusion 7.02.xx

Please post any updates locales here in the locales forum

If we do not have your locale available here, please check with our NSSes

If your country is not in our NSS list please consider to translate a English version to your language and send it to us.

National support site status ( NSS ) can be applied for here
Remember to read the requirements and expectations carefully before applying ( Rules and Regulations for National Support Sites ).
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Posted by lextor Last replied by lextor 5 years ago

Italian Locale Phpfusion v7.02.07

where the translation thanks
wo ist die Übersetzung? dank
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Posted by kyhk Last replied by dimki 5 years ago

Looking for Lithuanian language for v7

Hi. Where I can download Lithuanian language for v7.02 version ?
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Posted by Talocha Last replied by Talocha 5 years ago

infusion Userphotogallery | attach your locale

more locale for infusion Userphotogallery

hello I have this mounted testify help

attach and integrate more languages
on your help

infusion is Photo Albums (Members)

DEMO is installed on http://co.laweb.es/
there you can test functionality
and accelerate its completion to remove the version v.1.0

I leave attached no locals in case anyone wants to add their language

I have made available

English -> better suggestion pending translation (my Spanish seems not properly translated)

Spanish -> ok

catalan -> these days I finish

be ready in two weeks for you to send to the addondb

attached before submitting it for the day 15/09/2013

you can attach your language translation yet

the folder will be added to the infusion locale
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Posted by kot2007 Last replied by kot2007 5 years ago

Ukrainian locale for PHP-Fusion v7.02

Hi, everyone! Hope you were waiting for my Ukrainian locale distribution. And here it is!

Gee, I could not even imagine such many changes after the last version localized by me - 7.01.05...
While translating, I have seen a lot of ways to make a local set more polished, more "humanly" and less technically strict for the better user experience. So, I decided to check all the parts and not only new ones after the 7.01 version.
That decision led for a huge checking process and as a result many of files were completely rewritten, I found several bugs and missing lines.
Also I have added a locale for the shoutbox, that is now a standalone infusion.
At the end I had a desire to localize even the TinyMCE editor, but after a few weeks of scrupulous work with all of that, I just ignored it or the world would not see the final version for a long time. smile

For those who followed the progress of my work, described here http://www.php-fusion.co.uk/forum/vie...d_id=26535, I must note, that the final version almost identical to the beta.


Merged on Jun 27 2013 at 14:44:03:
Hello again!
Development of the PHP-Fusion 7.02.x core was not extremely fast since 7.02.04 version. Though, some minor changes we have and a little of it is about locales too.
Besides that, I have repaired several mistakes and few dialogs were rewritten.

Here the 7.02.07 Ukrainian locale:
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Posted by FlancitoW Last replied by 6 years ago

Spanish v7.02.04 Full and Update link!

People the team of PhpFusion.com.ar has translated and updated the files for Php Fusion 7.02.04.

You can download both files from here.

Please contact me for any further information about the Spanish Community.
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