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Posted by Ugleh Last replied by Ugleh 10 days ago

User Award System 2


This is a one of a kind Award System which allows you to create awards, and then give members these awards either manually or automatic (if you know PHP well).

Full documented read-me with a maincore.php function if you want to expand the use of this infusion.
This infusion comes with a User Field to show a users award on their profile, a Award page to show all the available awards to the public, and customization so you can put it under their name in the forums.

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Posted by Grimloch Last replied by Grimloch 2 months ago

Bday Panel/Event Calendar Infusion


This is my own Event Calendar/Birthday Infusion. It is loosely based on Artur Wibie's Aw_Ecal_Panel Infusion which he published in 2009. Having added the slideshow images to his calendar many years ago, I fell in love with it. I discovered that it will not run under PHP7.0 so I decided to build my own calendar and this is the result.

Events can be added, edited and deleted. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles of his calendar but has it's own nice set of features. Unlike his calendar this one will show birthdays and events in Previous and Next months as far back or forward as you want to go.

The image slideshow feature (Credit: Dynamic Drive Scripts), can be toggled on and off. Several image folders are included for seasons and a few other image sets. The calendar background color may changed at will. Almost everything visually is changable via the included css file.

This is a basic birthday and event calendar. It includes my birthday PM to users feature which I removed from my Site Statistics Panel. This infusion is intended for users that cannot grasp the complications and intricasies of PHP-Fusion ver9 yet. It runs flawlessly on PHP-Fusion ver7.02.07.

Simply click on Calendar Admin to begin adding events to your calendar. A link is also included to administer the calendar slideshow images and background color.

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Posted by Grimloch Last replied by Grimloch 2 months ago

Site User Pages v4.0


With this infusion your users can create and edit their own personal user pages, up to four. Includes theme, header-image, ratings, hit counter and comments for each page. Each of the 4 pages are created and edited individually. A major change is the new image upload functions which create an image upload folder unique to and only visible for each user. The uploaded images are then available on the create/edit pages for insertion in the content area. Images are configured to display on the user pages at a 400 pixel width. I do not recommend changing this. But if you do 800px should be the max width.

Easily capture copy and paste into the content area, YouTube video IFRAME EMBED code from YouTube videos by right-clicking in the bottom bar of a video. When doing so change the video dimensions to 800px by 600px after pasting into the content area for the best visual display results.

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Posted by skpacman Last replied by Falk 2 months ago

Google reCAPTCHA v2 API


Google recently updated their reCAPTCHA service to use a newer, more updated, better streamlined version. Dubbed "noCAPTCHA", it can be solved by normal humans by just clicking a simple checkbox. For bots, however, it gets quite a bit more complicated. With several security measures built-in and checking at the browser-level, it's no wonder it's the #1 captcha system out there.

Soon, Google will be requesting people to update to their "v2 API" which gives you access to the noCAPTCHA system. This simple addon gives you that with a single infusion. The instructions couldn't be more simple, either. Just read the readme.md (open with notepad, notepad++, or your favorite IDE) and follow the simple steps. It's as easy as uploading the files and infusing the infusion.

If you need support, there's a problem, or you just have a question, please either post in this thread or send an email to skpacman@php-fusion.us and mention "Google reCAPTCHA v2" in the subject.

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Posted by Talocha Last replied by Falk 2 months ago

News Infinite Ajax Scroll v1.0


after many tests there you have an adaptation for News
- upload files to server
- http: //URL/news_scroll.php

- You can put as Entry Page
- go to Administration> Settings> Home
- Entry Page: news_scroll.php
save changes

What is Infinite AJAX Scroll?
Infinite AJAX Scroll is a jQuery infinite scrolling plugin. It works by reading the next (and previous) links of your existing server-side pagination and load these pages via AJAX when the visitor scrolls to the end of the page.
This approach, also known as progressive enhancement, is SEO-friendly and offers your users a better user-experience, resulting in longer visitor times and more page views.

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Posted by smokeman Last replied by douwe_yntema 4 months ago

DeLuxe Dropdown Menu v1.2

DeLuxe Dropdown Menu V1.2

Name: Robert Holm (Smokeman)
Email: smokeman@esenet.dk
Web: http://www.phpfusion-tips.dk/

A fancy horizontal Dropdown Menu for your PHP-Fusion website.

It has 3 submenus / levels.

Insertion of links from the infusions administration-part.
- No need to edit codes.

Will work with all your standard-coded themes on the site.

100% valid XHTML 1.0 & CSS 2.1

- PHP-Fusion V7.02.XX
- PHP-Fusion V7.01.XX
- PHP-Fusion V7.00.XX

- Drop Down with 3 submenus / levels.

- Design & built your own menu or choose from one of the Pre-Installed templates.
- Ability to download several ready-made templates / designs.

- JS Color Picker implemented. Easy & Quick selection of colors / background colors - No need to "know" the color codes. ( See screenshot "Userdefined Template" )

- Compatibility for servers running both PHP4 & PHP5.

- Ability to specify the background color on all 3 submenus.
- Ability to specify border color on all 3 sub-menu's.
- Ability to specify border color on all 3 sub-menu's by mouse-over.

- Ability to use images / icons on all menu items & menu links.
- Ability to use BB codes on all menu items & menu links.

- Ability to specify the background color on all links and menu items.
- Possibility to specify background image on all links and top-menu items.

- Ability to open up links in a new window.
- Ability to set permissions on all links. Ie; you can hide links for example guests - as we know it from the normal built-in links system in PHP-Fusion.
- Ability to move up / down on the already established links.

- Possibility to specify background image on the main menu.
- Possibility to specify background image on the main menu by mouse-over.

- Ability to specify the background color on the main menu.
- Ability to specify the background color on the main menu by mouse-over.
- Ability to specify the background color on submenus.
- Ability to specify the background color on submenus by mouse-over.

- Possibility to specify text color on the main menu.
- Possibility to specify text color on the main menu by mouse-over.
- Possibility to specify text color on submenus.
- Possibility to specify text color on submenus by mouse-over.

- Ability to specify the width on the submenu items.

- Possibility to specify text format on the main menu.
- Possibility to specify text format on the main menu by mouse-over.
- Possibility to specify text format on the submenus.
- Possibility to specify text format on the submenus by mouse-over.

- Possibility to specify text size. Applies to head + submenus.
- Possibility to specify text location. Applies to head + submenus.
- Ability to specify font type. Applies to head + submenus.

- Plus other non-mentioned features ...

1. Upload the content of the map "files" to the root of the server.

2. Log on to the site and go to: Admin Panel ==> System Admin ==> Infusions - and install the new infusion: DeLuxe Dropdown Menu.

3. Then go to: Admin Panel ==> System Admin ==> Banners - and insert the following code inte the field "Banner1" or "Banner2":

echo "\n\n
include INFUSIONS."deluxe_dropdown_menu/menu.php";
echo "

3a: If you want the menu to be centered then use this code instead:

echo "\n\n
include INFUSIONS."deluxe_dropdown_menu/menu.php";
echo "

4. Administration from: Admin Panel ==> Infusions ==> DeLuxe Dropdown Menu.

1. Log on to the site and go to: Administration ==> System Admin ==> Infusions - and deactivate the infusion: DeLuxe Dropdown Menu.

2. Then go to: Administration ==> System Admin ==> Banners - and remove the code for the DeLuxe Dropdown Menu.

3. Last you should delete the following map from the FTP: /infusions/deluxe_dropdown_menu

V1.2 - SQL-Optimization by Flemming (flj) - the menu now use only one single SQL-Query

V1.1 - Added compatibility for PHP-Fusion V7.00.XX and V7.01.XX

V1.0 - First release


Smokeman | PHPFusion-Tips.dk

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Posted by Ankur Last replied by outlaw16151 5 months ago


www.php-fusion.co.uk/infusions/addondb/img/addon_logo.pngSEO-Fusion v1.00


SEO URLs for PHP-Fusion: This Infusion will change your website URLs into descriptive SEO URLs.
In short, this is an Infusion to make your website SEO Friendly.

  • Easy to Install and Configure
  • Two Templates available (.html or plain)
  • Easy to make changes in URL

Live Demo 1: http://ankurthakur.co.cc/news.html
Live Demo 2: http://fusion8.co.cc/news

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Posted by Falk Last replied by outlaw16151 5 months ago



* Supporting 4 scoring methods, IPB, PHPBB2, vbProArcade,IPB v32
* Automated tournament system that saves highscores & displays latest tournaments with winners.
* Automated game size detection for games with new embedding routines.
* Dynamic zoomability, (users can resize the game window in real time).
* Ads/info pre-loader that can be displayed before each game.
* Users have their own personal favorite system & easy access & managing from the Arcade index.
* Users can send neat game tips to friends.
* Users can report nonfunctional games.
* Users Comment every game (uses Fusions comment table type (G).
* Users can click on a Hi-Score holders name in a game to see all existing Hi-scores.
* Reversed scoring feature, (Yes, it works!).
* Hi-Scores will be sent as a message to a member when their Hi-Score is beaten and a neat sound is played when you take the Hi-score.
* A new PHP-Fusion style listings when browsing games with options from settings.
* Fast Ajax search function that will list hits just as they would be shown in category browsing.
* Games can be turned Off / On when testing and evaluating, they will be found in the Parked area in the admin section.
* Fusions own group access system can be applied to individual games and/or to whole categories. If a game that is public is listed in a category that have custom group status it will not work either.
* Administrators have an easy & quick admin access for the games when browsing, which wont re-load page or relocate you when new values is being saved.
* Game size can be shown in the top right corner.
* Ajax 5 star voting system.
* Randomize game function, for people who just can t decide!
* Allow or disallow guests to play, with nice redirects to make them register or to keep playing anonymous.
* Allow gamers to either play in popup or embedded mode or selectable when browsing.
* User gold support (pay to play).
* Keep alive function (Players who play will stay online)
* Almost all user & automated features are optional, everything can be On or Off very easy via the settings page.
* Games mega center panel
* Games events panel
* When upgrading you can run a simple upgrade script if you want to keep records & stats from your old Arcade.

And much more!

You can see the latest version concept sites on http://www.venue.nu and http://nextarcade.nu

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Posted by Falk Last replied by MRKegtsc 5 months ago



The readme is quite comprehensive, please go thru it for answers.
Also check the settings section, you can control this shop well from it.

Some features the eShop have :

* Highly customizable product view
* Fully dynamic cart actions
* Coupon system, Percent or Sum based with definable start and stop times.
* Featured products with customizable order and products for frontpage and each category.
* Featured headers with customizable order, banner rotator for frontpage and each category.
* 3 ribbon levels ( New,Campaign,Incoming )
* Sortable product ordering
* Sortable product image gallery's
* Unlimited Categories
* Customizable shipping methods
* Customizable payment methods
* Customizable callback scripts
* Comprehensive orders and orders history management
* Customer registry connected to user id´s
* Filtering options for both product search and general listings
* Automatic stock management
* Sold products counter
* Useable even if you have only a few products without categories
* PayPal ready to go out of the box with an IPN Verify Example
* Guests can shop

And ofc much more..

Changelog 1.1

* The shop can now handle . Separated prices. ( 9.49 ) etc
* All instances with http://"+window.location.hostname+"/ have been changed to '.$settings['siteurl'].' in functions, it will add better support for subdirs.
* Cart is no longer visible on checkout when purchasing buynow products.
* Buy now products will from now on be saved to the records as intended.
* Changed ouid from int to varchar for guest IP´s to be stored, this change also fix the no orderID bug when a PM is sent from guests that shop.
* Fixed a bug with filters that would reset on category change.
* Fixed a bug in productsearch.php where pagenav would not be active if filters had not been initiated by user.
* Fixed a bug where pagenav could go inactive within categories and featured products.
* Added an automatic replace of , to . for weight when saving products to avoid faulty input and denied messages.
* Added an automatic replace of , to . for price when saving products to avoid faulty input and denied messages.
* Added better support for other locale special characters in the preg_match section for product handling.
* More special chars are allowed in the Title and Dynamic fields.
* Added a category check to admin photo gallery´s edit link.
* Guest´s customer names is not linkable in to the customer DB anymore.

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Posted by Falk Last replied by outlaw16151 5 months ago



You can upload own movies or add external urls, search, get a random movie per click and we have a random movie panel with thumb view & scroller to show latest movies.
You can use it to stream external media to your site with the .stm
Add google & youtube (any video that allow embedding) with the native embed function.
flv,swf & mp3 is supported by playlist´s, if you plan to use more formats we recommend playlist options off while favorites still will work.
Kroax will automatically play any mp3´s added and show a default picture for it in the lists, ,if you add mp3´s to your favorites you can also launch a playlist from there.

Users can switch between thumbview or detailed listview while browsing.
Users can send selected movie link to friend´s.
Users can comment on every movie.
Users can search the movie database.
Users can vote on every movie with stars showing average votes.
Users can report broken links on selected movies.
Users can upload their own links.
Users can upload their own movies.
Unlimited Subcategory´s support.
You can choose to have it embedded on your site or have popups.
You can choose width & height for images, the resize will follow your settings, default is 150/85.
You can either list a nice gallery showing all your movie albums or show the latest,default images for albums is provided thanks to utadexter.
Uploaded thumbs will autoresize, (png,gif,jpg)
It have a hit counter on every movie with date & uploader.
Access to categories / individual items can be set based on fusion group access system (user groups).
Admin gets PM on reports & uploads and a nice admin interface for checking and testing the incoming movies or reported bad urls.
Native mp3 playback support.
Auto dump unlimited amount of movies / music / images to your database instantly with the autoloader.
Just about everything is optional via a nice settings page.

If you have a stream link you can add it like http://address: port.stm

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Posted by FILON Last replied by Falk 9 months ago

Smart System 3

I receive this error whenever I try to install any kind of Addon through Smart System 3. The SS3 appeared to install correctly & is visible as it should be in the Infusions Section as 'Addons Database' It loads correctly when I click on it & even reports that it successfully updates the Addons List whenever I want to check it. Anyone know of any reason why I would get this error? I have tried to search the forums but cannot find anyone who may have had this error before. I am running the latest version of both PHP-Fusion & the Smart System 3. Thank you for any assistance in advance.


Merged on Aug 25 2014 at 11:05:36:
Additional information. I have found the following in the error log;

"copy() [function.copy]: Unable to access http://smart-fusion.ru/storage/projects_panel.zip Line: 42"
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Posted by Grimloch Last replied by jjwichter 10 months ago

Newsletters v5.01



Tested totally error free in PHP-Fusion 7.02.07

Sending to Multiple User Groups is Now a Reality !

With this infusion site administrators may compose and send notices and newsletters to the site membership to keep them updated on news, additional site features or whatever he/she deems important for the members to know about.

If public subscriptions are turned On via the main menu settings, your guests may subscribe and also receive notices and newsletters.

If the subscriptions mode is set to Manual, the site administrator may manually add public users as desired or needed.

Multiple files (compression recommended), may be attached to the notice or newsletter as desired up to about 4 megabytes.

If the option is selected at compose/send time the notice or newsletter is now archived as an html file for browser viewing.


Retains total compatibility with PHP-Fusion 7.01.xx

1) Send single or multiple attachments (compression recommended)
2) Send to single, multiple or all site members
3) Send to single, multiple or all public subscribers
4) Send to a single or multiple site User Group(s)
5) Three subscription modes of operation: On, Off and Manual. If set to Manual the administrator may add public subscribers as needed
6) Personalized emails sent with only the recipients email address showing
7) Two and three column templates have been removed
8) Multiple image templates have been reduced to 3 images per template on Styles 1, 2, 3 and 4 consisting of top middle and bottom images
9) Styles 5 and 6 are imageless and use table and td background colors instead
10) Copy and paste into the message area, the included 2 and 3 colum table layouts to produce 2 and 3 column notices and newsletters if desired
11) IMPORTANT ! Styles 1 through 6 are pre-built and functional. Styles 7 through 12 (User-Build Templates 01 thru 06), are simply placeholder, empty template files for you to build your own. But be aware they must follow the same structure as the pre-built templates.
12) CSS is now inline and no longer within the head section of the templates
13) Upload files to be attached to a notice or newsletter via the Upload Files button. Delete uploaded files after they are no longer needed
14) Optionally, sent notices and newsletters are now archived for browser viewing
15) Complete control of sent/archived html files via the Archive Admin button. Multiple or single deletion of archived files.

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Posted by Falk Last replied by Vyper69 10 months ago

Member Pages


* Member Pages is officially approved
* Extensive user profiles with optional search engine for dating.
* User Photogalleries, highly customizable with multiple gallery options etc, multiple admin and user options.
* User Blogs with Calendar tracking and categories/subcategories.
* User Guestbooks
* Friends list for those who choose to have an extended profile on your site.
* Flirtsystem for some instant flirting, dynamic with admin controlled flirts.
* Easy messaging overlay system.
* Keeps track of VArcade scores and favorites if VArcade is installed.
* Status and Mood will show in the rightside if installed and set to ON.
* 4 predefineable preconfigured modes, All in one, Datemode, Photomode and Blogmode.
* Easy switch between Dark / Bright themes.
* Comments and pagenavigation based on AJAX.
* Approval system for Comments.
* Approval system for Guestbook entries.
* Recent visitors system , keeps track of recent known individual profile visitors and their activities.
* W3C Valid, all user sections and panels.
* Almost everything is optional and highly customizable, there are approximately over 100 available settings.

Some ready to use panels today:

* Member pages administration sidepanel
* Random member photoprofile rotator panel, (Single images JQuery simple rotation scripts, same as in profiles).
* Member photoprofile latest photos sidepanel, (Listing member photos).
* Member Photocloud sidepanel.
* Member photoprofile center panel, (tabs), optional tabs are Recently updated, Latest photos, Most popular, Popular blogs and Latest blogs.
* Profile search panel, (Match engine in a separate panel).
* Latest blogs sidepanel.
* Latest profiles sidepanel.
* Profile Photocloud sidepanel.
* Profile tagcloud with name / age panel.


These are the admin definable startpages that can be used, the selected page is the one that will be shown from the default Community link.

* allinonemode.php - can easily replace or share startpage with news.php
* blogmode.php - can easily replace or share startpage with news.php
* photomode.php - can easily replace or share startpage with news.php
* datemode.php - can easily replace or share startpage with news.php

Included modified corefiles. (optional, Member Pages will work anyway and there might be problems on some PHP-Fusion versions)

*profile.php,inserted a redirect to member pages profile if one exist, if not, there will be a notification that users can create an Extended profile and all of the extra features that comes with it. (See locale).
*setuser.php, inserted a redirect to the users profile as a startpage if they have an Extended profile. All other new users will be redirected to the create Extended profile section until they make one.

*Each member that signs up to this gets his own personal profile, site admin can select what is allowed or not via admin settings.
*Each member have their own settings section as well, so even if admin allows something they can select to not use it in their own profile.
*All users always have two or more ways to manage their profile settings and everything else that comes with it, first is the panel included, if you have it added and enabled, second is from their own profile, when a user is logged in they can find "Admin" in the top right corner of their own profiles.

*The user settings will be limited on what you set here but can contain On / off settings for all features ie blog / photo gallery / guestbook / flirts / quick messages / favorites / status and mood / VArcade etc.
*If you allow users to select different type of Photo albums they will also get to choose which one to use in their settings.
* Each copy are domain bound.

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Posted by Grimloch Last replied by Grimloch 1 year ago

Nickpages v3.1


With this infusion your users can create and edit their own personal pages, up to three.
BBcodes allowed. Includes theme, header-image, ratings, hit counter and comments for each page.

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Posted by Grimloch Last replied by Grimloch 1 year ago

Staff Application v1.2

www.php-fusion.co.uk/infusions/addondb/img/addon_logo.pngWith this infusion normal members may apply to become a member of your Site Staff. When approved by the site administrator, the member is added to the User Group that designates the position for which they have applied. The handling of the job assignments and roles are determined and administered by the site administrator.

The Staff Application infusion version 1.1 was coded by Philip Daly(HobbyMan) of http://www.hobbysites.net/ and is used on the PHP-Fusion main site as well as the PHP-Fusion Next site.

This version 1.2 was modified and enhanced by Terry Broullette(Grimloch) of http://www.whisperwillow.com/ from Philips version.

Certain requirements must be met before installing and using this infusion and are described below under Installation & Usage.

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Posted by NetriX Last replied by NetriX 1 year ago

Video Infusion PRO


This is an infusion that will allow you to upload your own videos through the administration panel, embed custom video/media source, and add YouTube videos and custom source urls.

You also have the option to configure the look of your video player's skin through the administration page.

- Video CMS
- Video Upload
- YouTube Compatible
- Addon Implementation
- Share Features
- High Definition Setting
- Highly Customizable
- Supported Video (flv mp4 mov f4v 3gp 3g2 mp3 flac)

Live Demo


v3.1.0 - Dec. 18, 2014
- All known bugs fixed
- Removed wmv support
- Added mp3/flac and other audio support
- Removed Skins
- New Video Player
- New Latest Videos Center Panel Layout
- Minimized size of file from to 768.31Kb to 88.54Kb.
- Layout Fixes Addressed

v3.0.3 - Feb. 7, 2013
- Minor Improvements
- Fixed Bug in Admin (logo position)
- 5 New Themes

v3.0.2 - January 26, 2013
- Added Subcategories
- Improved Video Page Layout
- New Logo Position Setting
- Fixed YouTube Image Problem
- Optimized Code

v3.0.1 - January 21, 2013
- Official v3 Release
- Submit Video Removed
- Implemented User Adding Video Rights
- Minor Bug Fixes

v3.0.0 Beta - January 19, 2013
- Rewrote Core Code
- More Stable Bug Fixes
- User Field Addon
- New Layout

v2.4.0 - September 18, 2012
- Fixed Image Dimensions for Better Layout
- Increased Column Count (Videos per row to 6 on setting)
- Tweaked Layout for Better Viewing
- Edit Video Option on Video
- Upgraded to Latest Video Player Source
- HTML5 Support (Videos now work on IPhone, IPAD, and Other Smart Devices)
- HD Video Fixed
- New Skins

v2.3.3 - April 10, 2012
- Fixed Cat Images Missing

v2.3.2 - April 9, 2012
- Bugfix - Delete/Upload Watermark Logo
- Image sizes on index (no set dimensions)
- GUI - Minor Improvements
- New share panel layout, larger buttons
- 3 New video themes: minima, newtubedark, modieus

v2.3.1 - Unknown
- Bug Fixes (Unknown)

v2.3.0 - August 15, 2011
- Release Canidate
- Upgrade from v1.5
- Upgrade Fixed

v2.2 - August 12, 2011
- Video Submission
- .wmv file's allowed (windows media video)
- Submission Rights
- Optimized Code
- New Locales
- Fixed bugs
- Minor Issues

v2.1c - August 8, 2011
- Fixed $aidlink variable
- Fixed Video Image
- Opted Video Force Image (Show uploaded image over default)
- 3 New Skins Added
- Optimized Code

v2.1 - August 8, 2011
- YouTube Images Fixed
- File URL Fixed
- General Images Fixed
- Missing element fixed
- Upgraded Player
- Removed Ads
- Fixed Locales (other languages)

v2.0 - August 7, 2011
- Video Image Upload
- Category Image Upload
- Improved Code
- Fixed Bugs
- Enable/Disable Comments/Ratings
- Group Access
- Improved Layout

v1.05 - May 29, 2011
- Division by 0 Fixed
- Missing Variable Fixed
- Tweaked Code

v1.04 - May 16, 2011
- Improved Admin Pages
- Improved Layout
- HD Video Added
- Share Video Implemented
- Image Links
- Fixed Minor Bugs
- New Skins
- Optimized Code

v1.03 - May 15, 2011
- Video Navigation
- Change Columns (2 per cell to 1)
- Fixed Upload Size
- Improved Layout
- Improved Search
- jQuery Ratings
- Fixed Minor Bugs

v1.02 - May 15, 2011
- Fixed all Locales
- Fixed Comments
- Added Search
- Improved Layout
- Fixed minor bugs

- Fixed Custom Embed
- Fixed Admin Navigation

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Posted by scysys Last replied by scysys 1 year ago

SHOUTcast Tools



Infusion to integrate SHOUTcast Tools (www.shoutcast-tools.com) within your PHP-Fusion installation.
You can use this Service for Free. There are some Premium Features directly on SHOUTcast Tools.


Infusion zur Einbindung der SHOUTcast Tools innerhalb Ihrer PHP-Fusion installation.
Der Service ist kostenfrei nuutzbar. Es existieren innerhalb der SHOUTcast Tools ein paar Premium funktionen.

This Infusion is also in Github: https://github.com/STREAMPANEL/PHP-Fusion-SHOUTcast-Tools

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Posted by rayz Last replied by FreedomIOPList 1 year ago

Video Chat


Installation manual: http://rayzzz.com/docs/chat/install/phpfusion

General Info
Flash-based powerful chat solution for social sites with many features, such as: audio/video broadcastings, private conversations, chat history and others.

No Media Server
Chat uses free Adobe Cirrus service for media connections that go directly from one user's application to the other one's without any media server between them. That makes media connection very fast and really real-time.

Audio/Video Chat
Users have an ability to share their video and audio with any other users in the chat. It is possible to deny video playing from undesired watchers. User can watch several videos in the moment with one video enlarged into popup window.

Easy administration
Login Chat application under admin account to gain admin priviligies. Admin can ban/unban, kick users, set chat moderators, manage admin settings and provide different users groups with certain rights and permissions.

General Features
All general chat features are available: text-chatting, smileys support, quick messages, online status, font customizing, multi-rooms support, chat history, passowrd-protected rooms, private conversations, files transferring, audio/video chat and others.

Chat History
All chat conversations are stored in database and can be easily found by admin at any time by chat date.

Private Conversations
Users can talk between each other privately with audio/video and text chat like they talk via messenger.

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Posted by Grimloch Last replied by Grimloch 1 year ago

Create eCards


A very nice eCard infusion for PHP-Fusion ver7. Colorbox image zoom added for all images. Based on my very successful Send Ecards Infusion, the created eCards are now saved on the server and an email is sent to the recipient with a link to view their eCard. An admin function has been added to delete old eCards. There are now ten(10) templates to choose from for your greeting card. The Header Text, main card image and a Personal greeting are now optional. An email notice is now sent to the recipient, sender and the admin. Everything is self-contained within the infusion.

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Posted by Christian Last replied by FreedomIOPList 1 year ago

SEO Friend

Aaye... This will be useful to set Custom Titles and Description... smile

Suggestion: it would look s e x y if admin will be shown Form in a panel while viewing a page, to Fill up title and description of current page instead of going to Admin Panel --> System Admin --> Infusion etc... wink
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