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Posted by dimki Last replied by dimki 11 days ago



A Responsive Blogger Theme

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Posted by maestroweb Last replied by Vveb--ws 11 days ago



responsive theme Dedicate me for all developers in this wonderful magazine you me high words of appreciation and respect

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Posted by skpacman Last replied by skpacman 12 days ago



*Full theme conversion of TemplateMo original
*Custom Scroll-Bars: (Chrome ONLY) The scroll-bar for the overall page and the "Code" bbcode (if applicable) have a stylized scroll-bar to match the theme
*Dark colors and PlayStation(R)-inspired graphics
*Green highlights (mouseover) on several elements
*Custom counters in graphics on News
*Improved image handling in News
*Sharing options on News (Thanks to Craig D for supplying code)


1.00 - Released to public - xhtml1.1 verified
0.92 - Fixed header div's problem
0.90 - Fixed collapsable panel problem
0.72 - Removed update notification. Will try this again later.
0.67 - Fixed CSS issues in Forum
0.55 - Added sharing options (Thanks to Craig D for supplying code)
0.52 - Corrected issue with missing image
0.31 - Updated renter_comments()
0.15 - Updated render_news() and added news graphics
0.01 - Initial Beta Release

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Posted by Ankur Last replied by Ankur 12 days ago

F-Book | A Facebook Like Theme


A Theme which almost looks like Facebook Page. Hope you will Like it...
The Extras also contains the SVG template for Like button. Give them whatever Colours you want...

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Posted by khalid545 Last replied by khalid545 12 days ago



a Mac OS like theme.

- Multiple level dropdown menus. (*)
- Skins support (Available skins: Default, gray). (*)
- Two layouts: with sidebar (Default), fullwidth.
- Use of media queries to target different displays such as desktop, notebook, iPhone, iPad, and other mobile devices. (*)
- CDN support.
- Debug bar (Render time & queries). (*)
- Google Analytics support.
- Forum styles like in the official site of PHP-Fusion. (*)
- PHP-Fusion v7.02 support:
+ Use of the new function: "render_comments". (*)
+ Respect for the new setting: "rendertime_enabled".
- All images are optimised using Yahoo Smush.it
- SEO Friendly.
- RTL languages (like Arabic and Farsi) support. (*)
- RSS icon in the header. (*)

(*) There are screenshots for these features. See the included screenshots folder.

- For dropdown menu, it's like Bifrost:
"To add a dropdown link in header, add or edit existing link and add %submenu% before the Link Name and select sub-header only. All links after this will appear in this dropdown menu. To end just add %endmenu% in the last Link Name in the list."
you also have to open config.php and change (define("SUBNAV", false)wink to (define("SUBNAV", true)wink
- The static domain, the skin, the layout, the rss url, and the Google Analytics settings can all be set by editing config.php
- For RTL languages, open config.php and make sure that the value of the "RTL" constant is "true".

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Posted by Last replied by RobiNN 2 months ago

Atom9 - Ignition Pack


Atom9 is a package of 3 themes.

Note: to change theme you need to install widget.

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Posted by RobiNN Last replied by RobiNN 2 months ago

Arise for v9


Ported Arise Theme for PHP Fusion 9.

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Posted by RobiNN Last replied by RobiNN 2 months ago

Atom-X for v9


Atom-X theme ported for v9.

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Posted by RobiNN Last replied by RobiNN 2 months ago

Czechia Theme


Official theme for Official Czech Support with some modifications, for use on all sites

Translated to: English, Slovak, Czech, Danish

Github repo: https://github.com/RobiNN1/PHP-Fusion...es/Czechia

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Posted by RobiNN Last replied by Falk 2 months ago



MDashboard White Material Design theme

Translated to: English, Slovak, Czech

Github repo: https://github.com/RobiNN1/PHP-Fusion...MDashboard

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Posted by RobiNN Last replied by RobiNN 2 months ago

AdminLTE Theme


Best open source admin dashboard ported to PHP-Fusion.

Translated to: English, Slovak, Czech, Danish

Github repo: https://github.com/RobiNN1/PHP-Fusion...s/AdminLTE

Original source: https://adminlte.io/

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Posted by Last replied by Chan 4 months ago

Atom-X Theme


The Atom-X Theme is a SDK theme framework that introduces customisable template which overrides core defaults rendering. Along with the initial version of the package, we also bundled some features which had been addressed and developed for Php-Fusion 8, which includes Fusion Dynamics (micro version), select2 plugins, entypo icons, and Bootstrap.

Initial template included:

- Admin Control Panel,
- Dashboard,
- News,
- Private Message,
- Profile and
- Forum.

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Posted by Craig Last replied by FreedomIOPList 8 months ago

Infused Theme


Infused Theme is a simple theme but it comes with an infusion in which the admin can control the styles for the theme and other various layout options. Infused Theme lets you the admin control the colours of the theme, set a banner area, a top fixed head strip which admins can add site links to, A Drop down login menu which can be styled in the Infused admin and more.

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Posted by Falk Last replied by FreedomIOPList 9 months ago

Earth Tone

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Posted by Layzee Last replied by CFM-Jens 1 year ago

Rockit Radio


This Theme was made for Radio or Music Community Sites. It can also be used for any other Projects.

- modified login and userpanel via modal popup without any Jscript oder jQuery (compatible on all browsers)
- modified responsive navigation
- moderator-section depending on free editable userrights (group-access)
- slider only on startpage (can be modified in theme.php)
- full responsive theme with no known errors yet

Tested on and compatible with PHP-Fusion Version 7.02.07
Published under AGPL V3

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Posted by Falk Last replied by dimki 1 year ago

Omni Responsive Theme


Omni Responsive Theme

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Posted by dimki Last replied by dimki 1 year ago

megazine theme


lang Greek and English its ok mobile theme

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Posted by Last replied by acote1979 2 years ago

multicolor theme


extra version new, and new blog style in panel infusion redme_en.txt , multi color in control theme red, green blue, orange, and dark cyan , english , greek lang its ok

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Posted by dimki Last replied by karrak 2 years ago



Responsive Theme.
Please see the readme for more information.

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Posted by faga Last replied by webcheck 2 years ago

Big Fudge


Futuristic theme with custom control panel and custom panels.
The archive contains:
- Big Fudge User Info Panel
- Big Fudge Latest Articles
- Big Fudge Forum Threads
- Big Fudge Control Panel
- Big Fudge

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