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Official releases [Themes]

Support for Themes in the AddonDB
1,512 posts | Last Activity on 02-06-2019 15:51 by Falk
Falk 02-06-2019 15:51, 4 months ago
Re: MDashboard


There seems no way to add language files, so I'll post it here ;-)

Next Patch, a few days away tops smile
hervan 20-05-2019 14:00, 4 months ago
Re: Atom-X Theme help me use the accordion :
echo accordion($id, $array);

 function accordion($id, $array) {
 $html = "
 foreach ($array as $field_id => $data) {
 $active = ($field_id == '0') ? 'in' : '';
 $child = ($field_id == '0') ? '' : 'accordion-n';
 $title = str_replace('/[^A-Z]+$/i', " ",$data['title']);
 $title_id_cc = str_replace(" ", "-", $title);
 $html .=    "
 $html .=   "
 $html .=   " ".$title." ";
 $html .=    "
 $html .= "
 $html .= $data['content'];
 $html .= "
 $html .= "
 return $html;

hervan 20-05-2019 10:18, 4 months ago
Re: Atom-X Theme I want to try from atom_comment_box to download page.
but it doesn't work.

if ($data['download_allow_comments']) { atom_comment_box("D", DB_DOWNLOADS, "download_id", $_GET['download_id'], FUSION_SELF."?cat_id=".$data['download_cat']."&download_id=".$_GET['download_id']); }
Falk 23-03-2019 14:05, 6 months ago
Re: PublisherBlogger like
Oleg 21-03-2019 17:16, 6 months ago
Re: PublisherBlogger Falk, Thank. It works now.
In the file "templates > layout.php" replaced
echo "\n";

on this
echo "\n";

In folder "includes > jquery" replaced jquery.js
Falk 21-03-2019 16:04, 6 months ago
Re: PublisherBlogger I don´t know how it is made, But you can try an older version of jquery that was shipped with latest v7 for that issue.
Oleg 21-03-2019 10:17, 6 months ago
Re: PublisherBlogger

RobiNN wrote:

- All themes for v7 are fully compatible with v8

Let me explain the problem:
Bootstrap is disabled. Let's start with "theme_control_panel", which is necessary for these themes. But I figured it out, - in the theme file "theme_settings_admin.php" I added the line:
$inf_prefix = "Cherry_";

The next problem - in the menu does not work "submenu" and "endmenu". Take, for example, the theme "Cherry". In the navigation settings write links:


%submenu% Downloads
%endmenu% Discussion Forum

This is what happens when you hover the mouse over the “Downloads” link (see Screenshot).

If in the file "templates > default.css" on "ul> li a" do so:
ul > li a {
 color: rgb(51, 51, 51);
/* width: 100%; */
 outline: none;

then the link view becomes correct, but the submenu still does not work:

RobiNN 21-03-2019 08:57, 6 months ago
Re: PublisherBlogger In theme settings disable Bootstrap. All themes for v7 are fully compatible with v8
Oleg 19-03-2019 15:57, 6 months ago
Re: PublisherBlogger dimki, Hi! Someday there will be an adaptation of your themes on PHP-Fusion 8?
Not one your theme is not suitable for 8 frown
Blacky87 07-02-2019 17:40, 7 months ago
Re: Rockit Radio When I install the theme in my php fusion, the buttons do not work out as neither radio menu nor interactive etc.
and it does not show me the 3 changing banners.
Why is that?
Falk 17-12-2018 08:43, 9 months ago
Re: PublisherBlogger We are around, tons of activity on Github. There was some wierd file transition issues from the older Addon system to the new, but I did test some of your other downloads. All I tested except this one can be downloaded.
If you click on your store you can help and re-upload any addons that has issues. This one should be ok now.
dimki 16-12-2018 23:56, 9 months ago
Re: PublisherBlogger for downloading there is nothingangry

I do not understand what's going to happen with the phpfusion all have goneshock no interest anymoreangry?
dimki 05-12-2018 01:46, 10 months ago
Re: PublisherBlogger download PublisherBlogger newhttp://www.hellasplus.com/themes_page...logger.zip
Vveb--ws 04-12-2018 22:08, 10 months ago
Re: PublisherBlogger new type of error sad

Purchased Files



We are sorry, all files for this item are currently offline or under maintenance. Please contact the system administrator.
Vveb--ws 04-12-2018 22:04, 10 months ago
Re: maestroweb thank! I download sucessfully!
skpacman 04-12-2018 16:42, 10 months ago
Re: GameSite

*Full theme conversion of TemplateMo original
*Custom Scroll-Bars: (Chrome ONLY) The scroll-bar for the overall page and the "Code" bbcode (if applicable) have a stylized scroll-bar to match the theme
*Dark colors and PlayStation(R)-inspired graphics
*Green highlights (mouseover) on several elements
*Custom counters in graphics on News
*Improved image handling in News
*Sharing options on News (Thanks to Craig D for supplying code)


1.00 - Released to public - xhtml1.1 verified
0.92 - Fixed header div's problem
0.90 - Fixed collapsable panel problem
0.72 - Removed update notification. Will try this again later.
0.67 - Fixed CSS issues in Forum
0.55 - Added sharing options (Thanks to Craig D for supplying code)
0.52 - Corrected issue with missing image
0.31 - Updated renter_comments()
0.15 - Updated render_news() and added news graphics
0.01 - Initial Beta Release

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Ankur 04-12-2018 16:19, 10 months ago
Re: F-Book | A Facebook Like Theme

A Theme which almost looks like Facebook Page. Hope you will Like it...
The Extras also contains the SVG template for Like button. Give them whatever Colours you want...

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khalid545 04-12-2018 16:18, 10 months ago
Re: iTheme2

a Mac OS like theme.

- Multiple level dropdown menus. (*)
- Skins support (Available skins: Default, gray). (*)
- Two layouts: with sidebar (Default), fullwidth.
- Use of media queries to target different displays such as desktop, notebook, iPhone, iPad, and other mobile devices. (*)
- CDN support.
- Debug bar (Render time & queries). (*)
- Google Analytics support.
- Forum styles like in the official site of PHP-Fusion. (*)
- PHP-Fusion v7.02 support:
+ Use of the new function: "render_comments". (*)
+ Respect for the new setting: "rendertime_enabled".
- All images are optimised using Yahoo Smush.it
- SEO Friendly.
- RTL languages (like Arabic and Farsi) support. (*)
- RSS icon in the header. (*)

(*) There are screenshots for these features. See the included screenshots folder.

- For dropdown menu, it's like Bifrost:
"To add a dropdown link in header, add or edit existing link and add %submenu% before the Link Name and select sub-header only. All links after this will appear in this dropdown menu. To end just add %endmenu% in the last Link Name in the list."
you also have to open config.php and change (define("SUBNAV", false)wink to (define("SUBNAV", true)wink
- The static domain, the skin, the layout, the rss url, and the Google Analytics settings can all be set by editing config.php
- For RTL languages, open config.php and make sure that the value of the "RTL" constant is "true".

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Falk 03-12-2018 01:56, 10 months ago
Re: PublisherBlogger Heya, i´ll ask Chan to take a look at the new Marketplace, files should exist for sure.
dimki 02-12-2018 21:57, 10 months ago
Re: PublisherBlogger I do not know; is difficult v9 and I have not very timeshock
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