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Official releases [Panels]

Support for Panels in the Marketplace
805 posts | Last Activity on 04-12-2018 17:45 by Talocha
Talocha 04-12-2018 17:45, 2 years ago
Re: User photo gallery panel

ATTENTION This panel operates with infusion User photo gallery v1.0

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behrooz 04-12-2018 17:39, 2 years ago
Re: Random download panel

Show Random images Download from database

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josua 04-12-2018 17:18, 2 years ago
Re: Forum Poll

This is panel that shows last the forum poll.

Installed Languages: Spanish and English.

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jikaka 04-12-2018 17:16, 2 years ago
Re: Latest News Panel

The side panel, which displays the 5 last news in the form of headers.

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lelebart 04-12-2018 17:15, 2 years ago
Re: Stop Forum Spam With this panel you can relax, while:
- detecting silently spam with stopforumspam api,
- blacklisting and avoiding current actions.
- by default it prevent register.php, the comment system, shoubox and his archive, guestbook infusion.
- set this panel as upper center, just before the central content is loaded.

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Ankur 04-12-2018 17:10, 2 years ago
Re: Multipurpose NAP (News/Articles/Photos) Panel

A Panel which shows Latest 5 Stuffs from Three things : News, Articles, Photos, one by one after another as a Slideshow.

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Falk 01-09-2018 13:49, 2 years ago
Re: Birthday panel If you tested it on v9 it lacks an upgrade for it, that is for v7.
Maggs67 29-08-2018 23:09, 2 years ago
Re: Birthday panel I just tried to install the Panel. It's not installable... nothing works.
Also I copied the Panel into /infusions and so my Sity was showed me only the left panel area.

So I disactivated the Panel. Can anybody help?
outlaw16151 23-07-2018 04:37, 2 years ago
Re: Weblinks Websnapr Panel haha where do we get a key for it, that link he gave is bogus

outlaw16151 13-07-2018 09:51, 2 years ago
Re: Facebook Comments Panel hey there, folks? how can i get it to work with The Kroax and Varcade
outlaw16151 04-07-2018 09:22, 2 years ago
Re: OnAir i am having this error: WARNING: An error occurred while parsing the page. Please see PHP-Fusion's error log for more details.

here is the outcome: elseif ($data['user_id'] == $vdata['member'])
FreedomIOPList 17-03-2018 03:47, 3 years ago
Re: jQuery Translate Panel I was not able to get the 1st download to show, the 2nd download link is broke and the code HaYaLeT posted won't work either.
FreedomIOPList 17-03-2018 03:03, 3 years ago
Re: jQuery Translate Panel Is this still working?
SnakeEye 13-04-2017 04:12, 4 years ago
Re: Team Speak Panel

This will install a new panel for TeamSpeak that will enable your visitors, clan or group to connect to your TeamSpeak server without them having to enter any of your TS server's info. The only requirement is that they have to have TeamSpeak installed on their pc. The panel was created for PHP-Fusion v7.x.x but will probably work for other versions as well. It was specifically created to work with the Enigma theme but can be modified to work in other themes as well and may work in your theme without any modifications. One of the benefits of using this panel is that if your site uses SSL it will not cause any warnings to you or your visitors or show as being unsafe or unsecure. Using a
attribute will cause a warning and show your site to be not secure anymore if you try to connect to your TeamSpeak using a form or button. This panel uses an image so your site stays secure when you add it to your panels.

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Catzenjaeger 15-09-2016 20:51, 4 years ago
Re: share_all_panel plz release it for php fusion 9!!!
Falk 02-08-2016 16:23, 4 years ago
Re: Server Status Panel If you have this error :


Table 'table_pref.table_name' doesn't exist

This will help you:

1. Open infusion.php (for infusion - check your /infusions/your_infusion_name folder)
2. find and replace all instances of


3. Last step - defuse your addon(if it's already infused) and infuse it again.
DoDo 02-08-2016 16:05, 4 years ago
Re: Server Status Panel Hi i have a problem sad

Table 'domini1469985828.fusion36YfE_svi_servers' doesn't existTable 'domini1469985828.fusion36YfE_svi_servers' doesn't existThere were no servers found!
Falk 03-08-2015 09:15, 5 years ago
Re: Cookiebar Panel The Addon have been online a very long time, I have it on a ton of sites my self with no reported issues as you explain em, it makes it quite rough to pinpoint the exact issue here.
It could be many things, your individual browser or even some addon you run thru a panel, try disable everything and also try another browser ( it is usually easier than tinkering with the settings ).
london 30-07-2015 09:00, 5 years ago
Re: Cookiebar Panel Seems the theme was the problem.

Switching from "itheme2" back to "myblog" done the trick.


No, it hasn't., Each page I go to I get the cookie bar at the bottom of the page.

I am using version v7.02.07
london 27-07-2015 23:56, 5 years ago
Re: Cookiebar Panel Clicking the I consent is bring me to this page which is white http://dx27.net/infusions/cookiebar_panel/consentcookies.php

Any ideas?
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