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Posted by songiuno Last replied by songiuno 4 months ago

How to Share profile avatar among multi-sites


Does anyone know how to get profile avatars to display/show across PHP-Fusion V7.02.07 multi-sites from the avatar set in the profile of the main site? I've been running two sites for a few years and am trying to tweak them until I'm ready to jump to v9.x. My main site's DB prefix is fusionrsl15.

Following the v7 manual, the multisite_include.php on my second site looks like this:

// Database table definitions
define("DB_ADMIN", DB_PREFIX."admin");
define("DB_ADMIN_RESETLOG", DB_PREFIX."admin_resetlog");
define("DB_ARTICLE_CATS", DB_PREFIX."article_cats");
define("DB_ARTICLES", DB_PREFIX."articles");
define("DB_BBCODES", DB_PREFIX."bbcodes");
define("DB_BLACKLIST", DB_PREFIX."blacklist");
define("DB_CAPTCHA", DB_PREFIX."captcha");
define("DB_COMMENTS", DB_PREFIX."comments");
define("DB_CUSTOM_PAGES", DB_PREFIX."custom_pages");
define("DB_DOWNLOAD_CATS", DB_PREFIX."download_cats");
define("DB_DOWNLOADS", DB_PREFIX."downloads");
define("DB_EMAIL_VERIFY", DB_PREFIX."email_verify");
define("DB_ERRORS", DB_PREFIX."errors");
define("DB_FAQ_CATS", DB_PREFIX."faq_cats");
define("DB_FAQS", DB_PREFIX."faqs");
define("DB_FLOOD_CONTROL", DB_PREFIX."flood_control");
define("DB_FORUM_ATTACHMENTS", DB_PREFIX."forum_attachments");
define("DB_FORUM_POLL_OPTIONS", DB_PREFIX."forum_poll_options");
define("DB_FORUM_POLL_VOTERS", DB_PREFIX."forum_poll_voters");
define("DB_FORUM_POLLS", DB_PREFIX."forum_polls");
define("DB_FORUM_RANKS", DB_PREFIX."forum_ranks");
define("DB_FORUMS", DB_PREFIX."forums");
define("DB_INFUSIONS", DB_PREFIX."infusions");
define("DB_MESSAGES", DB_PREFIX."messages");
define("DB_MESSAGES_OPTIONS", DB_PREFIX."messages_options");
define("DB_NEW_USERS", DB_PREFIX."new_users");
define("DB_NEWS", DB_PREFIX."news");
define("DB_NEWS_CATS", DB_PREFIX."news_cats");
define("DB_ONLINE", DB_PREFIX."online");
define("DB_PANELS", DB_PREFIX."panels");
define("DB_PHOTO_ALBUMS", DB_PREFIX."photo_albums");
define("DB_PHOTOS", DB_PREFIX."photos");
define("DB_POLL_VOTES", DB_PREFIX."poll_votes");
define("DB_POLLS", DB_PREFIX."polls");
define("DB_POSTS", DB_PREFIX."posts");
define("DB_RATINGS", DB_PREFIX."ratings");
define("DB_SETTINGS", DB_PREFIX."settings");
define("DB_SETTINGS_INF", DB_PREFIX."settings_inf");
define("DB_SITE_LINKS", DB_PREFIX."site_links");
define("DB_SMILEYS", DB_PREFIX."smileys");
define("DB_SUBMISSIONS", DB_PREFIX."submissions");
define("DB_SUSPENDS", DB_PREFIX."suspends");
define("DB_THREAD_NOTIFY", DB_PREFIX."thread_notify");
define("DB_THREADS", DB_PREFIX."threads");
define("DB_USER_FIELD_CATS", "fusionrsl15_user_field_cats");
define("DB_USER_FIELDS", "fusionrsl15_user_fields");
define("DB_USER_GROUPS", "fusionrsl15_user_groups");
define("DB_USER_LOG", "fusionrsl15_user_log");
define("DB_USERS", "fusionrsl15_users");
define("DB_WEBLINK_CATS", DB_PREFIX."weblink_cats");
define("DB_WEBLINKS", DB_PREFIX."weblinks");

My multi-site setup has been running fine far as I can see, with this one profile avatar exception.

Any help is appreciated.
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Posted by matsta1 Last replied by matsta1 4 months ago

Jpg's not showing in photogallery

Hi everyone,
I am having a little trouble with the photo gallery in v7.02.07.

I have loaded everything as per instructions but for some reason don't seem to be able to get the actual photo to appear on the page, all I get is a small box with an x in it along with the file name. http://www.cfa4wd.org/photogallery.ph...album_id=5
This used to work fine until i attempted the V9 upgrade (unsuccessfully)

(Very amature when it comes to code etc.)
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Posted by ferraris3 Last replied by ferraris3 5 months ago

Download link is not working

download link is not working .. https://www.php-fusion.co.uk/infusions/addondb/?addon_id=1035

and there is more links not working as well
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Posted by RemyZet Last replied by RemyZet 9 months ago

Logged out after click - redirect

Hi. I have this issue since I accidently delete INDEX.php and I find out, when I get HTTP ERROR 500, I decide to put there Original Index.php, to make it works. and acctualy, it worked. BUT since then When I log in as Admin, and whatever redirection I click (menu / admin menu / gallery etc.... ) It logs me out. and I cannot find out the reason.
(I've read that replace news.php with original news.php works, but in my case, it doesn't work. The same with Classes replacing.

Thanks for any help.
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Posted by walruseth Last replied by walruseth 10 months ago

Users cannot Register/Login

I've tried with email activation both on and off.

With email activation off:
1. The user can get to the registration screen.
2. The user can enter their details and hit "register".
3. The user gets a message saying "registration completed, you may now log in."
4. The user does not show up in either the "new users" database nor do they show under "users" in the database.
5. When the user tried to log in, they get "invalid username/password"

With email activation on:
1. Same as above.
2. Same as above.
3. Same as above.
4. User DOES show up in "new users" database while they wait for activation email.
5. Once the user activates the account, the user disappears from the database. They are not in either "users" or "new users"
6. They try to log in, it says "invalid username or password"

I can manually create accounts through the admin cp, so I think it's a problem with the registration.php...
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Posted by Sladdaren Last replied by Sladdaren 11 months ago

The forum shows date of posting instead of a new post

Hi guys

A smaller problem
In a thread where a user post a reply on his own last post the forum shows a date instead. I should want the forum to shows this post as a new post. Hope you understand what i mean :|...I there a way to get rid of the date and show the post "like a new post"?

An picture that shows the date. I want it to show as a new post in the thread.
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Posted by Bnsfv Last replied by Falk 1 year ago

Sending PM takes forever and ends in error.....

When we will send PM and click "send" on my site it normaly starts rendering for 1-2 min and ends in a black screen " /messages.php?msg_send=0" or a error
When i try to replay a PM i get this error.....
Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 120 seconds exceeded in C:\wamp\www\maincore.php on line 385

One of my user's got this
"Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 120 seconds exceeded in C:\wamp\www\includes\error_handling_include.php on line 28"

Normaly the PM get to the reciver even if i get the error.
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Posted by FreedomIOPList Last replied by douwe_yntema 1 year ago

New PHP-Fusion Installation Just Goes to Blank Page Now??

I am working on a new PHP-Fusion project and ran into an error. I can't seem to figure it out. If you go to the main site which is www.heavenshandmades.com it redirects to http://www.heavenshandmades.com/?i=1 and it's just a blank page. If you go to http://www.heavenshandmades.com, it doesn't redirect but is a blank page. Now if you go to www.heavenshandmades.com/news.php, that page will load, you can login and everything that way. Before, I couldn't access anything using this method, now it seems to work though.

I am not sure what caused this at all. Now, if I click the Home button, again, I get the same blank page. Can anyone please help here? I have set up a Guest account if anyone is willing to check it out. Please PM me for account login details. I'd appreciate any help at all.
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Posted by SnakeEye Last replied by Falk 2 years ago

Demo URL When Viewing Addons Not Working

I submitted an addon for a TeamSpeak Panel id# 1053 and when you view the addon and try to go to the Demo URL the system strips out the colon so the site becomes unreachable unless the user adds the colon into the url to connect to the site. You can see what I'm talking about by going to https://www.php-fusion.co.uk/infusions/addondb/view.php?addon_id=1053 and click on the Demo Website link.

Instead of the link being https://www.jollyrogersgaming.com the system changes it so it goes to https//www.jollyrogersgaming.com for the Demo Site's url.
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Posted by razin Last replied by razin 2 years ago

Location in viewtopic


How add "Location" in viewtopic after register date.
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Posted by Homdax Last replied by Falk 2 years ago

The Captcha?

I was attempting to create a user called "Null" to test if that would work, but I do not get by the captcha slider thingie.

The reason for creating a user called "null" is a programmatic test in reference to an article I read about issues with that letter combination for user identification and registration.

But I never got that far, because I was not able to trigger the captcha properly. Furthermore the checkbox "I'm not a bot" is not marked as mandatory. (*)

Browser Chrome.
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Posted by Ray2 Last replied by Chan 2 years ago

@mention Infusion?

Is there anywhere available an infusion add-on to do @mentions within the editor on forums? Didn't find any in the add-ons directory here on your website.:|
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Posted by Ray2 Last replied by Chan 2 years ago

Moving to another CMS/forum platform.

I¨m sorry if this is not the right place to post, couldn´t find the proper section. (Please move it to the right section.)

I was wondering if I can change my website/forum platform from Mybb to PHP Fusion 7.02.07 and that I can move over forum posts, members databases etc.
Have search the net and came up with nothing on how to do this. I´m quite new to this, so if there´s any documentation, would be nice. smile

I already have installed PHP Fusion on my server. Now I only need to copy the databases over, if it´s possible?
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Posted by janco1983 Last replied by Falk 2 years ago

Uploading pictures dont work

Hi there,
I am not able to upload a picture to forum post.
Please find error message below.


My img_bbcode_include.php is as follows:
if (!defined("IN_FUSION")) { die("Access Denied"); }

if (!function_exists("img_bbcode_callback")) {
   function img_bbcode_callback($matches)
      if (substr($matches[3], -1, 1) != "/")
         $avdata = @getimagesize("$matches[1]$matches[3]$matches[4]");
         if (isset($avdata["mime"]))
            return "".$matches[3].$matches[4]."";
            return "[img]$matches[1]$matches[3]$matches[4][/img] is not a valid Image.";
         return "[img]$matches[1]$matches[3]$matches[4][/img] is not a valid Image.";
      // End of BBCode IMG tag patch by Euforia33

$text = preg_replace_callback("#\[img\]((http|ftp|https|ftps)://)(.*?)(\.(jpg|jpeg|gif|png|JPG|JPEG|GIF|PNG))\[/img\]#si", "img_bbcode_callback", $text);
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Posted by Genesis290 Last replied by Rush_ 2 years ago

Database reading

I'm currently making a custom page that has a php code that reads from a database (not the fusion database), but everytime I look at the page, it gives off this error:

Table 'byond.fusion_site_links' doesn't existTable 'byond.fusion_errors' doesn't existTable 'byond.fusion_errors' doesn't exist

This is an extremely annoying problem... Is there any way to fix this?
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Posted by Sc077 Last replied by Sc077 2 years ago

Forum table accidentally dropped.

Hello,I have accidentally dropped my forum table,how can I add it back without doing a fresh install?
Table 'b0q1m6p4_7.b0q1m6p4_forums' doesn't exist
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Posted by elite viper Last replied by Chan 2 years ago

Error with profile edit

hi all
i am on the very latest php fusion but when i goto edit profiles i recieve the following error message ....

You don't have permission to access /edit_profile.php on this server.

Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

is this a bug or do i need to change edit_profile.php from 0644 to 0755 etc or is there a fix ?

thankyou all in advance wink
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Posted by razin Last replied by SGT-TURKEY 2 years ago

News read more and hidden panels


How hidden panels in news read more.
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Posted by ImproperUsername Last replied by Falk 2 years ago

Suggestions invited for my site

I've been using PHP-fusion for my site, AngoraRabbit.com, since 2011. Over the past few months, the site has not been doing as well in Google rankings as I think it ought to. I think that is due to two things: 1) Google says the site isn't "mobile friendly," and 2) it doesn't have SEO friendly URLs.

I would be grateful for your recommendations as to which themes and addons would be best to remedy those issues, and I would like to hear what other recommendations you have to offer.

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Posted by HopeyS Last replied by Falk 3 years ago

Forum counter can't count correctly?

So i have watched my forum counter, and i kinda thought i found out how it worked, and then it did something that made little sense.
I know it is not a unique counter. It counts all clicks no matter who clicks the thread.

My problem is however.
When i make a thread and wait for it to load up when i have finished it. It now comes up with a results of four.
Before that 2 and sometimes 3.
Since it is seconds, then i know it is only me.
And i have tested it, in an area only i can see.
I really don't get this counter, as it counts to much. ....

Can an unique counter be added instead of what counter forums has? If yes - how and what would the code be?
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