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General issues related to site and forum management

909 posts | Last Activity on 21-05-2019 17:55 by Wanabo
Wanabo 21-05-2019 17:55, 2 months ago
Re: Number format for counter I think like the date and time format there is also a setting needed for the number format.
My counter shows 1,000,000 (Anglo America notation), but I want it European style notation like so: 1.000.000

Quick fix:
Open \includes\theme_functions_include.php and find around line 427
function showcounter() {
 global $locale, $settings;
 if ($settings['visitorcounter_enabled']) {
 return "".number_format($settings['counter'])." ".($settings['counter'] == 1 ? $locale['global_170'] : $locale['global_171']);
 } else {
 return "";

Change to:
function showcounter() {
 global $locale, $settings;
 if ($settings['visitorcounter_enabled']) {
 return "".number_format($settings['counter'],0,",",".")." ".($settings['counter'] == 1 ? $locale['global_170'] : $locale['global_171']);
 } else {
 return "";

Please add this option.
songiuno 24-08-2018 22:03, 11 months ago
Re: How to Share profile avatar among multi-sites It works, thanks!
douwe_yntema 24-08-2018 20:43, 11 months ago
Re: How to Share profile avatar among multi-sites The only thing I know what works is manual copy the pictures. Same for pictures in news or custom pages. You can share database tables but not other files.
songiuno 24-08-2018 20:21, 11 months ago
Re: How to Share profile avatar among multi-sites Hello,

Does anyone know how to get profile avatars to display/show across PHP-Fusion V7.02.07 multi-sites from the avatar set in the profile of the main site? I've been running two sites for a few years and am trying to tweak them until I'm ready to jump to v9.x. My main site's DB prefix is fusionrsl15.

Following the v7 manual, the multisite_include.php on my second site looks like this:

// Database table definitions
define("DB_ADMIN", DB_PREFIX."admin");
define("DB_ADMIN_RESETLOG", DB_PREFIX."admin_resetlog");
define("DB_ARTICLE_CATS", DB_PREFIX."article_cats");
define("DB_ARTICLES", DB_PREFIX."articles");
define("DB_BBCODES", DB_PREFIX."bbcodes");
define("DB_BLACKLIST", DB_PREFIX."blacklist");
define("DB_CAPTCHA", DB_PREFIX."captcha");
define("DB_COMMENTS", DB_PREFIX."comments");
define("DB_CUSTOM_PAGES", DB_PREFIX."custom_pages");
define("DB_DOWNLOAD_CATS", DB_PREFIX."download_cats");
define("DB_DOWNLOADS", DB_PREFIX."downloads");
define("DB_EMAIL_VERIFY", DB_PREFIX."email_verify");
define("DB_ERRORS", DB_PREFIX."errors");
define("DB_FAQ_CATS", DB_PREFIX."faq_cats");
define("DB_FAQS", DB_PREFIX."faqs");
define("DB_FLOOD_CONTROL", DB_PREFIX."flood_control");
define("DB_FORUM_ATTACHMENTS", DB_PREFIX."forum_attachments");
define("DB_FORUM_POLL_OPTIONS", DB_PREFIX."forum_poll_options");
define("DB_FORUM_POLL_VOTERS", DB_PREFIX."forum_poll_voters");
define("DB_FORUM_POLLS", DB_PREFIX."forum_polls");
define("DB_FORUM_RANKS", DB_PREFIX."forum_ranks");
define("DB_FORUMS", DB_PREFIX."forums");
define("DB_INFUSIONS", DB_PREFIX."infusions");
define("DB_MESSAGES", DB_PREFIX."messages");
define("DB_MESSAGES_OPTIONS", DB_PREFIX."messages_options");
define("DB_NEW_USERS", DB_PREFIX."new_users");
define("DB_NEWS", DB_PREFIX."news");
define("DB_NEWS_CATS", DB_PREFIX."news_cats");
define("DB_ONLINE", DB_PREFIX."online");
define("DB_PANELS", DB_PREFIX."panels");
define("DB_PHOTO_ALBUMS", DB_PREFIX."photo_albums");
define("DB_PHOTOS", DB_PREFIX."photos");
define("DB_POLL_VOTES", DB_PREFIX."poll_votes");
define("DB_POLLS", DB_PREFIX."polls");
define("DB_POSTS", DB_PREFIX."posts");
define("DB_RATINGS", DB_PREFIX."ratings");
define("DB_SETTINGS", DB_PREFIX."settings");
define("DB_SETTINGS_INF", DB_PREFIX."settings_inf");
define("DB_SITE_LINKS", DB_PREFIX."site_links");
define("DB_SMILEYS", DB_PREFIX."smileys");
define("DB_SUBMISSIONS", DB_PREFIX."submissions");
define("DB_SUSPENDS", DB_PREFIX."suspends");
define("DB_THREAD_NOTIFY", DB_PREFIX."thread_notify");
define("DB_THREADS", DB_PREFIX."threads");
define("DB_USER_FIELD_CATS", "fusionrsl15_user_field_cats");
define("DB_USER_FIELDS", "fusionrsl15_user_fields");
define("DB_USER_GROUPS", "fusionrsl15_user_groups");
define("DB_USER_LOG", "fusionrsl15_user_log");
define("DB_USERS", "fusionrsl15_users");
define("DB_WEBLINK_CATS", DB_PREFIX."weblink_cats");
define("DB_WEBLINKS", DB_PREFIX."weblinks");

My multi-site setup has been running fine far as I can see, with this one profile avatar exception.

Any help is appreciated.
matsta1 06-08-2018 14:06, 11 months ago
Re: Jpg's not showing in photogallery Yes, I ended up working out the issue. Turned out to be as simple as a setting on FileZilla that was corrupting my images as I uploaded them. ASCII vs Binary like
Falk 06-08-2018 13:59, 11 months ago
Re: Jpg's not showing in photogallery It looks ok to me now (?) , I guess you boosted sizes some in the settings. Usually the issue. Yeah wait for next release until upgrading. 9.03!
matsta1 26-07-2018 13:32, 11 months ago
Re: Jpg's not showing in photogallery Hi everyone,
I am having a little trouble with the photo gallery in v7.02.07.

I have loaded everything as per instructions but for some reason don't seem to be able to get the actual photo to appear on the page, all I get is a small box with an x in it along with the file name. http://www.cfa4wd.org/photogallery.ph...album_id=5
This used to work fine until i attempted the V9 upgrade (unsuccessfully)

(Very amature when it comes to code etc.)
ferraris3 15-07-2018 18:56, 1 year ago
Re: Download link is not working But now I have couple errors :

1. includes/forum_include.php
Missing argument 3 for show_forum_rank(), called in /home/peterlt2/public_html/forum/viewthread.php on line 244 and defined Line: 65

2. includes/forum_include.php
Undefined variable: groups Line: 79
ferraris3 15-07-2018 15:15, 1 year ago
Re: Download link is not working thanks kamillo
Kamillo 07-07-2018 13:46, 1 year ago
Re: Download link is not working https://www.phpfusion.ro/forum/viewth...ad_id=6450
ferraris3 07-07-2018 12:52, 1 year ago
Re: Download link is not working Can someone if have this addon uploud to internet and give me download link please? Really need this.
ferraris3 05-07-2018 10:04, 1 year ago
Re: Download link is not working Can I have working link please?
Falk 05-07-2018 05:45, 1 year ago
Re: Download link is not working No files have been deleted, must see what happend since some suddenly does not work
RobiNN 04-07-2018 22:58, 1 year ago
Re: Download link is not working Probably some files have been deleted after upgrade
ferraris3 04-07-2018 21:13, 1 year ago
Re: Download link is not working So why when I press download button doesn't matter which one showing me like this `The file you are looking for is missing. Please inform the administrator for technical support`
RobiNN 04-07-2018 18:20, 1 year ago
Re: Download link is not working It works properly https://www.php-fusion.co.uk/infusion...on_id=1035
ferraris3 24-06-2018 14:08, 1 year ago
Re: Download link is not working download link is not working .. https://www.php-fusion.co.uk/infusions/addondb/?addon_id=1035

and there is more links not working as well
RemyZet 01-03-2018 02:58, 1 year ago
Re: Logged out after click - redirect SOLVED:
I don't really know what happened, but there was problem in config.php - missing port num., and different PREFIX-ies in:
$db_prefix = "fusion1111_";
define("DB_PREFIX", "fusion1111_");
define("COOKIE_PREFIX", "fusion2222_");

Anyway, after logged into phpMyAdmin (via adminer.php - because I can't log-in ordinary way, because some kind of wrong certificate), I saw a lot of unnecessary tables with more then 2 prefix...

Edit Config.php to 1 PREFIX,
check & reset main settings in phpMyAdmin,
delete all unnecessary tables

Everything's done, everything Works.

Thanks for your time guys smile
Kamillo 28-02-2018 23:24, 1 year ago
Re: Logged out after click - redirect PhpMyAdmin then.
RemyZet 28-02-2018 21:17, 1 year ago
Re: Logged out after click - redirect


Check in Admin Panel if you have correct Site url settings. Also in PhpMydmin in table settings.
- by Kamillo

I can't even get into Admin panel :-/ ...
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