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Addons Open Testing

Test releases and support for addons alpha's, beta's, RC's
262 posts | Last Activity on 05-07-2018 10:55 by Harlekin
Harlekin 05-07-2018 10:55, 2 years ago
Re: User Fields Manager There are some problems with the infusion:
1. there will be no create a locale.php for the fields. I solved it by that way:
open infusions/user_fields_manager/admin_panel.php

$handle = fopen(INCLUDES."user_fields/".$new_field_dbname."_include_var.php", "w+");

and take this code behind this code in a new line:
$handle = fopen(LOCALE.LOCALESET."user_fields/".$new_field_dbname.".php", "w+");
      $new_contend = "       $new_contend .= "?>";


and take this code behind this code in a new line:
if (file_exists(LOCALE.LOCALESET."user_fields/".stripinput($_GET['delete_field']).".php")) {

2. if you use the english locale, all is fine. But if you use another locale there is a problem by create the files. I solved it by that way:
open infusions/user_fields_manager/admin_panel.php

if ($_POST['input'] == "Add") {

replace with:
if ($_POST['input'] == "".$locale['B1']."") {

douwe_yntema 18-03-2018 19:45, 2 years ago
Re: User Fields Manager I tested the userfieldsmanager and for me it worked 100% (tested uder PF7.02.07)
FreedomIOPList 18-03-2018 16:52, 2 years ago
Re: User Fields Manager
I searched and searched for this Infusion created by PopUpMan for me a long time ago. What it does is create Categories and Userfilds for you so you don't have to do it manually. It Infused fine, allowed me to create a Userfield Category fine and let me create a Userfield fine but it won't let me Enable the Userfield. Can someone please look at this Infusion and fix it, please? This Infusion saves tons of time. The Infusion is attached.
FreedomIOPList 12-03-2018 10:05, 2 years ago
Re: Fusion Groups Infusion By Netrix Although I was unable to find the Infusion here, there is an Infusion by Netrix called Fusion Groups. Basically it allows Users to create and maintain their own groups similar to Facebook.

I am hoping someone here can help me out with it. I accidentally created a group I had already previously created and cannot figure out how to delete the groups. Can someone please help with this?

I am attaching the Infusion (hope Netrix doesn't mind).
jjwichter 10-01-2018 18:53, 2 years ago
Re: Fusion Tools [0.90 Beta] Hey buddy, when I tried to infuse it gave me problems with where the infusion is getting the locals from. Will it will not infuse it. Here are screen shots. I hope this helps, I had to take if off my site or else I will keep having problems. Keep up the good work.

RobiNN 09-01-2018 13:50, 2 years ago
Re: Danish locales for Actual Version Thanks, added https://github.com/RobiNN1/PHP-Fusion-Infusions/commit/6112ae615390371cde882fc4ddc2a7a002553788
helmuth 09-01-2018 09:44, 2 years ago
Re: Danish locales for Actual Version Can't add file to github so here it is:


| PHP-Fusion Content Management System
| Copyright (C) PHP-Fusion Inc
| https://www.php-fusion.co.uk/
| Filename: actual_version_panel/locale/Danish.php
| Author: Helmuth Mikkelsen (helmuth)
| This program is released as free software under the
| Affero GPL license. You can redistribute it and/or
| modify it under the terms of this license which you
| can read by viewing the included agpl.txt or online
| at www.gnu.org/licenses/agpl.html. Removal of this
| copyright header is strictly prohibited without
| written permission from the original author(s).
$locale['AV_title'] = 'Aktuelle Version';
$locale['AV_desc'] = 'Aktuelle Version Panel';
$locale['AV_001'] = 'Download';
$locale['AV_002'] = 'Oversættelse';
// Administration
$locale['AV_100'] = 'Aktuelle PHP-Fusion Version';
$locale['AV_101'] = 'Downloadlink til PHP-Fusion';
$locale['AV_102'] = 'Downloadlink til Oversættelse';
$locale['AV_103'] = 'PHP-Fusion er et letvægts open source content management system (CMS) skrevet i PHP.
PHP-Fusion anvender en MySQL-database til at opbevare din hjemmesides indhold og inkluderer et enkelt men alligevel omfattende administrationsmodul til at vedligeholde dine hjemmesider.
PHP-Fusion indeholder de mest almindelige features du også vil kunne finde i mange andre content management system pakker.';
$locale['AV_notice'] = 'Indstillinger er blevet opdateret';

NetriX 25-07-2017 06:34, 2 years ago
Re: Fusion Tools [0.90 Beta] Updated to 0.90.

NetriX's Optimized settings, Default PHP-Fusion settings, now work..

Bug fixes and display improvements have been made. Plan to release the full 1.0 version before PHPF 9 is official.
nordayana 12-04-2016 04:20, 4 years ago
Re: [Panel]Trio forum threads panel i want this panel inside the table which is clear table same like news panel. the title and content inside the table..can someone help me how to add the coding ?
Ardea 15-03-2016 07:03, 4 years ago
Re: cookie consent panel Hi!
Thank you for this panel! :G
It was easy to integrate, and I also could translate it to Hungarian. I converted the file coding to ANSI in order to see the Hungarian special characters well, and it worked that way, too! So it's very good!
Well done! smile
vocej 27-02-2016 23:08, 4 years ago
Re: [ADDON] Admin Log 0.80 This plugin working at v7.00.07 version? I'm install it but in mod meniu show "No logs archived"
Falk 04-02-2016 09:55, 4 years ago
Re: Keddy subforums It is a Category when you submit to AddonDB : https://www.php-fusion.co.uk/infusions/addondb/submit_addon.php
keddy 04-02-2016 09:51, 4 years ago
Re: Keddy subforums Thanks Domi,
I can't find the Modded Infusion and i put the mod into Other > Infusion Specific > Forum.
Falk 04-02-2016 08:14, 4 years ago
Re: Keddy subforums Better late than never wink
If you can submit all the mods to the AddonDB, I will approve them. Put em as Other > Infusions Specific > ( Modded Infusion )
Much easier for you to keep track of em like that.
keddy 03-02-2016 15:07, 4 years ago
Re: Keddy subforums I know a lot a people wanted this mod and I finally manage to update my forum_subcategories to 7.02.07(after like 4 years).:|
I opened a github repository for my subcats and I need some feedback.
Files attached and link to my repository into the archive.

PS : If someone has my subcategories (downloads, photogallery, etc) please send me an pm.
dimki 20-01-2016 16:44, 4 years ago
Re: cookie consent panel no problem :G
BDMH 19-01-2016 15:13, 4 years ago
Re: cookie consent panel It also works on Fusion V9.

I've mofified the panel for different languages and rewritten the js file in English and German.

God Work!

Can we offer the panel in German NSS and on my website?
Falk 11-01-2016 07:42, 4 years ago
Re: cookie consent panel :G
dimki 10-01-2016 18:10, 4 years ago
Re: cookie consent panel easy :D

### install ### phpfusion version v7 no testet in v9

admin login panels + new panel + find cookieconsent_panel + name + in the middle + Down place on the all

To change the language here

  var cookieconsent = {
    options: {
      message: 'Ta cookies help us provide you with better services. Using our services you agree to the use of cookies.. ',  // you lang 
      dismiss: 'Agree!',  // you lang
      learnMore: 'More info',   // you lang
      link: 'http://www.you.site.com/',  // you website link  for More info

djdandi 29-05-2015 05:41, 5 years ago
Re: Panel scrolled latest photos I can not display images in my panel. The error in the application path to the gallery how to fix it?
Code panel.

require_once THEMES."templates/header.php";
include LOCALE.LOCALESET."photogallery.php";
require_once THEMES."templates/global/photos.php";
if (!defined('SAFEMODE')) define("SAFEMODE", @ini_get("safe_mode") ? TRUE : FALSE);
add_breadcrumb(array('link'=>BASEDIR.'photogallery.php', 'title'=>$locale['400']));
/* View Photo */
if (isset($_GET['photo_id']) && isnum($_GET['photo_id'])) {
   include INCLUDES."comments_include.php";
   include INCLUDES."ratings_include.php";
   add_to_jquery("$('a.photogallery_photo_link').colorbox({width:'80%', height:'80%', photo:true});");

   $result = dbquery("SELECT tp.*, ta.album_id, ta.album_title, ta.album_access,
      tu.user_id, tu.user_name, tu.user_status,
      SUM(tr.rating_vote) AS sum_rating, COUNT(tr.rating_item_id) AS count_votes,
      count(tc.comment_id) AS comment_count
      FROM ".DB_PHOTOS." tp
      LEFT JOIN ".DB_PHOTO_ALBUMS." ta USING (album_id)
      LEFT JOIN ".DB_USERS." tu ON tp.photo_user=tu.user_id
      LEFT JOIN ".DB_RATINGS." tr ON tr.rating_item_id = tp.photo_id AND tr.rating_type='P'
      LEFT JOIN ".DB_COMMENTS." tc ON tc.comment_item_id=tp.photo_id AND comment_type='P'
      WHERE ".groupaccess('album_access')." AND photo_id='".intval($_GET['photo_id'])."' GROUP BY tp.photo_id");
   $info = array();

   if (dbrows($result)>0) {

      $data = dbarray($result);
      $info = $data;
      /* Declaration */
      define("PHOTODIR", PHOTOS.(!SAFEMODE ? "album_".$data['album_id']."/" : ""));

      $result = dbquery("UPDATE ".DB_PHOTOS." SET photo_views=(photo_views+1) WHERE photo_id='".$_GET['photo_id']."'");
      // order is not working.
      $pres = dbquery("SELECT photo_id FROM ".DB_PHOTOS." WHERE photo_order='".($data['photo_order']-1)."' AND album_id='".$data['album_id']."'");
      $nres = dbquery("SELECT photo_id FROM ".DB_PHOTOS." WHERE photo_order='".($data['photo_order']+1)."' AND album_id='".$data['album_id']."'");
      $fres = dbquery("SELECT photo_id FROM ".DB_PHOTOS." WHERE photo_order='1' AND album_id='".$data['album_id']."'");

      $lastres = dbresult(dbquery("SELECT MAX(photo_order) FROM ".DB_PHOTOS." WHERE album_id='".$data['album_id']."'"), 0);
      $lres = dbquery("SELECT photo_id FROM ".DB_PHOTOS." WHERE photo_order>='".$lastres."' AND album_id='".$data['album_id']."'");
      if (dbrows($pres)) $prev = dbarray($pres);
      if (dbrows($nres)) $next = dbarray($nres);
      if (dbrows($fres)) $first = dbarray($fres);
      if (dbrows($lres)) $last = dbarray($lres);


      add_breadcrumb(array('link'=>BASEDIR."photogallery.php?album_id=".$data['album_id'], 'title'=>$data['album_title']));
      add_breadcrumb(array('link'=>BASEDIR."photogallery.php?photo_id=".$data['photo_id'], 'title'=>$data['photo_title']));

      if ($settings['photo_watermark']) {
         if ($settings['photo_watermark_save']) {
            $parts = explode(".", $data['photo_filename']);
            $wm_file1 = $parts[0]."_w1.".$parts[1];
            $wm_file2 = $parts[0]."_w2.".$parts[1];
            if (!file_exists(PHOTODIR."/thumbs/".$wm_file1)) {
               if ($data['photo_thumb2']) {
                  $info['photo_thumb'] = "photo.php?photo_id=".$_GET['photo_id'];
               $info['photo_file'] = "photo.php?photo_id=".$_GET['photo_id']."&full";
            } else {
               if ($data['photo_thumb2']) {
                  $info['photo_thumb'] = PHOTODIR."/".$wm_file1;
               $info['photo_file'] = PHOTODIR."/".$wm_file2;
         } else {
            if ($data['photo_thumb2']) {
               $info['photo_thumb'] = "photo.php?photo_id=".$_GET['photo_id'];
            $info['photo_file'] = "photo.php?photo_id=".$_GET['photo_id']."&full";
         $info['photo_size'] = @getimagesize(PHOTODIR.$data['photo_filename']);
      } else {
         $info['photo_thumb'] = $data['photo_thumb2'] ? PHOTODIR."/thumbs/".$data['photo_thumb2'] : "";
         $info['photo_file'] = PHOTODIR.$data['photo_filename'];
         $info['photo_size'] = @getimagesize($photo_file);
      $info['photo_byte'] = parsebytesize($settings['photo_watermark'] ? filesize(PHOTODIR.$info['photo_filename']) : filesize($info['photo_file']));
      $info['photo_comment'] = $data['photo_allow_comments'] ? number_format($data['comment_count']) : 0;
      $info['photo_ratings'] = $data['photo_allow_ratings'] ? number_format(ceil($info['sum_rating']/$info['count_votes'])) : '0';
      $info['photo_description'] = $data['photo_description'] ? nl2br(parseubb($info['photo_description'], "b|i|u|center|small|url|mail|img|quote")) : '';

      if ((isset($prev['photo_id']) && isnum($prev['photo_id'])) || (isset($next['photo_id']) && isnum($next['photo_id']))) {
         if (isset($prev) && isset($first)) {
            $info['nav']['first'] = array('link'=>BASEDIR."photogallery.php?photo_id=".$first['photo_id'], 'name'=>$locale['459']);
         if (isset($prev)) {
            $info['nav']['prev'] = array('link'=>BASEDIR."photogallery.php?photo_id=".$prev['photo_id'], 'name'=>$locale['451']);
         if (isset($next)) {
            $info['nav']['next'] = array('link'=>BASEDIR."photogallery.php?photo_id=".$next['photo_id'], 'name'=>$locale['452']);
         if (isset($next) && isset($last)) {
            $info['nav']['last'] = array('link'=>BASEDIR."photogallery.php?photo_id=".$last['photo_id'], 'name'=>$locale['460']);
   } else {
echo '



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