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What's happened to the v7x forum?

What's happened to the v7x forum. Or where do we post questions relating to v7x upgrading?

Many thanks,

v7 is no longer supported. If you upgrade to 8 or 9 you can use correct version´s Upgrade forums for any questions.


v7 is no longer supported. If you upgrade to 8 or 9 you can use correct version´s Upgrade forums for any questions.

But this is the problem. There are problems with the upgrade process from v7.01.xx to v7.02.07. To date I have been stopped in my tracks by the 'white screen' following upgrading (as reported by a number of other users), and have rolled it back by completely removig and restoring the site and DB from the original backup. Only prior to posting this, I've been successful in avoiding the 'white screen' result, only to find that it was impossible to log into the admin system - username/password not recognised. I do recal reading of others experiencing this problem in the old v7 forum.

So what can be done in order to upgrade? Is it possible to install a fress v8 or v9 and import the data from the v7 site?

I expect to have more questions on this and therefore my reason to seek a relavent place to post these. Where do I go next?

Many thanks for all hlpful suggestions.

Have you tried upgrading to v7 to v8 / v9 ?

By upgrading, go to PHPMyAdmin, use the Yoda method. Replicate a new database and upgrade on that instead of the original one.

1. Copy old files to new one.
2. Replace v8/v9 files into the new one.
3. Upgrade from this new directory.

1. Click on left side the main database. You will see a full list of tables in the database.
2. Click on Operations Tab. Go to Copy Database section (Screenshot provided), enter your new Database name. Click Go. You will have a new Database.
3. Go to config.php, change $db to the newly database. "backup_2019_1" for my case.
4. Upgrade on this database.

Switching over and upgrade.
1. Go to settings table, enter your new url manually.
2. Now do the upgrade process.

The advantage of this is you can fix, break, drop, start over with all old files intact.
Chan attached the following image:
Falk - thank you for this, but I already have these docs and still the same problems.

Chan (below) had suggested I try upgrading via a different method so will give this a go and see how it goes. Many thanks all the same.



v7 is no longer supported. If you upgrade to 8 or 9 you can use correct version´s Upgrade forums for any questions.

Falk, please consider leaving the V7 forums read only (if not yet deleted), as many problems are solved there, concerning v8 as well. We did the same with v6 forums at Polish Support - is locked for posting, but issues can be found and some apply also for higher version.
Anyway we used also this forums as support in some questions that were solved here, but not at national support. If you do not want to be awailable to everyone, maybe set limit to some higher rank members with post counts.
Since 8 is fully compatible with 7. Higher PHP Versions on hosts was the biggest issue so we simply deny support on 7 installs and recommend 8 or 9 while all the old 7 forums has been renamed to 8, simply due to the fact that most still will be valid for 8. So all the old content is intact and still fully accessable.

It can clearly be seen under https://www.php-fusion.co.uk/infusion...d_id=33294 as it is the old established universal method of upgrading older 7 installs to latest 7.
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