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Why I Can't Start a New Thread [Fixed]

For the starting a thread, please use the one in this page : https://www.php-fusion.co.uk/infusion...ons/forum/

It only recently came to my knowledge that any form that has [] add a poll option will not post due to later webkit updates on major browsers. At least my Opera will not post when I click the post button. The one on the front page allows click to go through because it has no hidden poll fields in it. I will need to disable 'poll creation' during posting a new thread soon.
Chan attached the following image:
We have several members that was having problem creating new thread on this site. This issue should be resolved now.

The issue was caused by hidden input fields within the poll form that requires to be filled in, even without the intent to start a poll.

I have removed the forum poll form from the new thread form to fix this issue.

If you want to create a poll, please use the create a poll button after the thread has been created, inside the thread view.

Thank you.


I cleared cache as suggested but I still CANNOT start a new thread ANYWHERE !! Here is what I was going to post; sorry for using Post Reply in this thread; I have no other way of getting help at the moment.

Same problem here!
I cannot start a new thread in General Discussion. Haven't tried elsewhere.
Can fill in a title, and type a post message but the button start a new thread is not working (also is cancel).
Also when I click your username I don't see an option to pm you. Even the contact form does not work. After submitting it sends me to contact_us.php as an url.

So I send a mail to commercial@php-fusion.co.uk on November 20 explaining it all and the contents of the thread I wanted to post.

No reply so far. angry
Why do I even bother.
Your issues was read and reported. If you want to send a PM, simply enter the PM system from your name ( Top left ) and select Private Messages. The new profile system is still wip.
With Chans update here today, I hope it all have been resolved now.
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