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Issues connecting to database during install.

Hi All,

I used PHP fusion for my first ever website back in 2007 and decided to circle back and see if the project was still alive. I'm glad to see that PHP fusion is thriving! Anyways...

I'm running into an issue with my installation when attempting to connect to my MySQL database. Unfortunately with my current web host (1and1) the databases are hosted on different servers which complicates things, I don't connect to "localhost" but rather a different server address that they provide me.

Tested the SQL server connection with other tools, and another PHP CMS and am able to install/use those things without issue with the exact same credentials, server address, port, database name, users, etc, you name it!

MySQL 5.7 & PHP 7.3

My running theory is that it does not like the server address because it has a dash in it. The address I enter is as follows (exact address changed for privacy):


Now the interesting thing is when I hit the "Save and Proceed" button, it refreshes the page, gives me the "Cannot connect to database." generic error, and it actually re-writes the server address with an underscore in the database hostname field like so:


I'm beginning to think this is a glitch with the PHP Fusion installer rather than my server/host as other PHP applications have been working flawlessly up until this point. Has anyone else run into this?

Thanks in advance!

Thanks - That did the trick!

I'm wondering if this could have adverse effects elsewhere? I have now successfully installed PHP fusion and its default infusions but am unable to see the Forum, Gallery, etc under the content menu. Think this change might be related?

EDIT: For whatever reason manually defusing and refusing seems to have fixed my last issue.
I fixed your problem with the DB host. Nothing else was affected.
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