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Autosave in new PHP-Fusion

While testing the Infusion News, on PHP-Fusion v9.03.20, I discovered a new feature for myself: Autosave. A blog does not have this feature. Can someone tell me how Autosave works?
1. Can I disable this feature?
2. How many copies for one news does Autosave make?
3. Do I have the opportunity to do AutoSave cleanup?
4. Is there a table in the Database for the AutoSave function? What is it called, and where to look for it?

I attached a photo to make it clearer what I'm talking about.
zizub attached the following image:
That is a simple, hardcoded implementation into your $_SESSION cache. Should be 1 version only if you accidentally quit while writing news.

As soon as you log out, that data will be wiped. Because news writing is tedious, I had it coded to save myself because sometimes I accidentally shuts off a tab and then come back having to write everything again, which I couldn't. Having autosave gets me back to where I was.

I don't know if it will be useful to others until we get more user input like yours before we actually know how to expand on it.

So tell me how you find it? Comments? How to improve? What would you like to see on expanding this feature? Let us know.
1. I didn’t look for Autosave specifically, and I don’t even know where it came from.
I installed first version 9.03.20 on XAMPP. However, later i could download something from github, for the test, maybe that's how she got to me.
I thought this feature was already officially included in PHP-Fusion.

2. If Autosave in the official release will work as you described, then for me it will be good. I will not look for ways to disable it. This feature is useful for writing large texts and those who write a lot for news sites.
Several times I also got into a situation when I wrote a large article on a desktop computer. My electricity went out and I lost everything I wrote. It was very sad. For me, 1 session is the best option. I like it when a new session rewrites an old one and is stored in the cache.
Check how your text is displayed if the word has such a sign as a short vertical line '
Examples of words after which the text is trimmed: Here's - LET's - site's
zizub attached the following image:
Responsive Full-width video takes up a lot of space. On my desktop computer, it is inconvenient when a large tex and several such videos. I attached a photo. I would be happy with the option to show the url or icon of the remote picture, instead of the video.
For images posted in an article or news, perhaps the same should be done. Url can be highlighted with color or some kind of tag ...
For instance, for any media show the same small icon. So it will be clear that in this place there is either a video, or a photo, or a gif animation.
I don’t know what to do when they paste content from another site through an iframe. I do not use this method. Perhaps it will also be clear that this is an insert ...?

Perhaps you should think in order not to show the entire article or news in its entirety. You can make the appearance of a vertical scroll bar. For me on a 1920x1080 monitor, to display text content, it would be convenient to have a fixed block with vertical scrolling, the size is width: 1050px and height: 700px. It's just, for analysis, different opinions ...

Tried different Session Types in Adminpanel - Settings - Security Settings. The File System is better cleared from the site admin panel than the Database System.
zizub attached the following image:
I downloaded the Andromeda archive from github today. And updated one file ../includes/classes/PHPFusion/Admins.inc
For some reason, it still does not work for me. Text is cropped where there is a short vertical line. It could be the video's word or html code with single quotes:
<div class = 'outer'> <div class = 'video-container'>

With double quotes in the html code, everything seems to be fine.
Also, in my lower left corner, the word appeared: closeside. I attached a photo for viewing.
zizub attached the following image:
Also, I sometimes get style = 'width: 100%' readonly in the lower left corner. See attached photo.
I think the best option is to show html autosave code. How it is done in wordpress.
zizub attached the following image:
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