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Cannot Login To Admin Panel

I have installed version 9. I have logged in as admin. When I click on admin panel, it brings me to the Artemis Administration Control Panel. I enter my password and click login, but it does not do anything but clear the box. If I purposely type in the wrong password, it states "Please Enter a Valid Password". I cannot get into the Admin panel to setup my site. Any ideas? Thanks
Passwords are case sensitive, you can also reset it from phpmyadmin, find your user in users table and remove admin password enter site and edit profile, you will be asked to set one.
Sorry for refreshing but I also have problems with it. After the new installation I couldn't log in to PA so I reset my password but I still have trouble logging in
I have version 9.1
9.1? This version doesn't exist. Go to System Admin > PHP Info and see PHP-Fusion version.

Use only the latest stable version. Now it's 9.03.20
Don't use this version on production server. This version is not stable and contains a lot of unfinished functions. Use latest stable 9.03.20 - Andromeda.
Development models are unsupported anywhere. It's a hunting playground for all of us.

Regardless, I put a note here on the ACP issue.
You can do this a couple of ways

1. Regenerate your admin password using the installer. This is the fastest approach without editor.

2. With Editor that can run SQL remotely to your server. Install another v9 in localhost, copy admin_algo, admin_password, admin_salt there to your server. Keep a copy in your PC. Anything goes south, do a manual update your DB injection with this SQL into a file and run that url.


dbquery("UPDATE ".DB_USERS." SET user_admin_salt=:salt, user_admin_password=:pass, user_admin_algo=:algo WHERE user_id=1", [
      ':salt' => "[your_salt_here]", // copy value from localhost
      ':pass' => "[your_pass_here]", // copy value from localhost
      ':algo' => "[your_algo_here]", // copy value from localhost

3. Downgrade your account and reset with admin password reset. To do that, you need to set ACP theme and find the password requirement in the text field to false. After that blank out salt, algo and type password as 123. Then login as 123 password in ACP. You'll get a lot of errors, but you can access admin password reset feature.
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