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Magazine theme modifications

I see that articles aren't seo optimization and friendly for social media and search, maybe is wrong, if is please give me more details about articles seo?For exemple in facebook share, articles not appared with image and title, appared site title and a random image from site, probably logo. This isn't ok because many peaple use share from facebook and if content tile and image aren't focused no visitors.

From this reason i will use just news and blogs section for content. I want to ask if on Magazine theme is posible to show on home page on site 6 or more news and blog content. Now are just 3 news and 3 blog article!?
Thanks very much. Everything is ok now.
i have another question about this theme.
At blog post isn't possible to count visit for one post like on news section?
It's there, see "blog_reads"
i don't find, maybe because i use another language locale and maybe isn't translate?
Use $data['blog_reads'] in your template .
I try to find and put this but i am not familiar with v9 code for moment, and i need help step by step
So i want to put social, view and others on blog like on news. I attach a photo to view what i want to be on blog also.
If is possible i need alos a infusion or something to can post comment with facebook account.

Please help me step by step.
is possible or not?
I need it too
Block with count of comments, views, ratings.. as in news

Paste here my code https://github.com/php-fusion/PHP-Fus...g.inc#L246

echo '<div class="text-center clearfix">';
 $url = (isset($_SERVER['HTTPS']) ? 'https' : 'http').'://'.$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'].$_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'];
 echo '<div class="m-r-5 display-inline">';
 echo social_media_links($url);
 echo '</div>';
echo '</div>';

function count_comments_blog($id, $type) {
 $count_db = dbarray(dbquery("SELECT
 COUNT(comment_item_id) AS count_comment
 WHERE comment_item_id='".$id."' AND comment_type='".$type."' AND comment_hidden='0'

 return $count_db['count_comment'];

function rating_comments_blog($id, $type) {
 $count_db = dbarray(dbquery("SELECT
 IF(SUM(rating_vote)>0, SUM(rating_vote), 0) AS sum_rating
 WHERE rating_item_id='".$id."' AND rating_type='".$type."'

 return $count_db['sum_rating'];

function votes_comments_blog($id, $type) {
 $count_db = dbarray(dbquery("SELECT
 COUNT(rating_item_id) AS count_votes
 WHERE rating_item_id='".$id."' AND rating_type='".$type."'

 return $count_db['count_votes'];

$comments = $data['blog_allow_comments'] ? display_comments(count_comments_blog($data['blog_id'], 'B'), INFUSIONS."blog/blog.php?readmore=".$data['blog_id']."#comments", '', 1) : '';
$ratings = $data['blog_allow_ratings'] ? display_ratings(rating_comments_blog($data['blog_id'], 'B'), votes_comments_blog($data['blog_id'], 'B')) : '';

echo "<div class='well m-t-15 text-center'>\n";
 echo "<span class='blog-action'><i class='fa fa-user'></i> ".profile_link($data['user_id'], $data['user_name'],
 echo "<span class='blog-action m-l-10'><i class='fa fa-calendar'></i> ".showdate("newsdate", $data['blog_datestamp'])."</span>\n";
 echo "<span class='blog-action m-l-10'><i class='fa fa-eye'></i> <span class='text-dark'>".number_format($data['blog_reads'])."</span>\n</span>";

 if ($data['blog_allow_comments'] && fusion_get_settings('comments_enabled') == 1) {
 echo '<i class="fa fa-comments-o m-l-10"></i> '.$comments;

 if ($data['blog_allow_ratings'] && fusion_get_settings('comments_enabled') == 1) {
 echo $ratings;

 echo "<i class='fa fa-print m-l-10'></i> <a href='".BASEDIR."print.php?type=B&item_id=".$data['blog_id']."' target='_blank'>".$locale['print']."</a>";
echo "</div>";

Facebook comments

Get code https://developers.facebook.com/docs/.../comments/ and paste it here https://github.com/php-fusion/PHP-Fus...g.inc#L247
RobiNN probably something wrong with this code in the blog.
Nothing appears.
at me also nothing appeared
Tutorial above was for original core template. But you can apply it in any theme that have custom blog template like Magazine theme.

But OK I edited links.
I make all but not work


Tutorial above was for original core template. But you can apply it in any theme that have custom blog template like Magazine theme.

But OK I edited links.

Works but does not display the summary of the blog and the image saved to the blog - why?
I have attached the modified file. Copy it to themes/Magazine/classes/Templates/

Just CTRL + C + CTRL + V.....
RobiNN attached the following file:
bloginc.zip [4.1kB / 13 Downloads]
Everything is correct, the panel is available for sharing, but if the content on Facebook is shared, its summary and image that is assigned to the blog does not appear.
I'm sorry but I think something is still wrong. There is a missing picture and proper description on Facebook.
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