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My update report from pf7 to pf8.00.21

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Updated the old site to version 8.00.21. This time everything went well. Now doing the settings.
1. How do I remove the space, the initial indent in the meta title?
2. How to turn off the blue screen with text? It appears when you first open the site.


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What files to watch?
zizub attached the following image:

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Well, with the title, I solved the question for myself. I had to abandon add_to and use set in order to customize the title so that at the very beginning the name of the published news or article was displayed. Now everything is good and there is no empty space at the very beginning. The question remains: how to turn off the blue background when the site first loads?
Blue screen prevents share in social networks. See the attached photo how my posts look in in facebook and vk.com social networks. Blue screen blocks photo display.
zizub attached the following image:
I also have separate php pages for each news category. They contain meta tags:


set_meta("keywords", $locale['global_077ccc']);
set_meta("description", $locale['global_077cc']);

Set meta does not work for me.
If you use the search on the site, then in the results you can see the exclamation mark in the black square. See the attached photo. I had a similar problem with the old panels for news and articles.
I changed the function


trimlink (stripslashes (strip_tags ($ data ['news_subject'])), 35)

Now it looks like this.


trim_text ($ data ['news_subject'], 35)

Now everything is fine in the panels, there are no more exclamation marks when cutting text.
zizub attached the following image:
Perhaps the blue message has to do with an addon? , I have never seen it my self.
You were right. The cause of the appearance of the blue screen was a third-party plugin to protect against bots. I included it on the hosting when I changed the php version of the site, and then I forgot about it. Thanks for the advice. Now everything is all right. The site opens faster than before on pf-7. Thanks to all the developers for your work.
About the exclamation mark in the black square, in the search results for the site. I found a reason for myself. It's all about the obsolete function substr on line 210, in the file search.php https://github.com/php-fusion/PHP-Fus...h.php#L210 This function was originally written for single-byte encodings. There is also a difference in languages, for example, Russian letters are heavier than English, in bytes. For myself, I used mb_substr. It works on my hosting, but maybe not on all hosting. It would be more correct to use iconv_substr. Official sources say that the iconv extension is enabled by default in PHP. https://php.net/manual/en/iconv.insta...lation.php
Yes that is a good solution, great work!
Possibilities of updating from the pf-8 version to the new pf-9 yet? I understand correctly?
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