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Long term commitment and development, based on 9. MMO functions infusion.

I spend some time playing an MMO called Lord of The Rings Online. As usual, when it comes to me, I try to transcribe my experience with the game in some kind of web presence, hence I own www.lotrokin.me . The idea was to host more kinships and offer players a fast spamfree adfree space on the web. After some months of pondering functions and graphics, I am prepared to make this a serious project within the scope for PHP-Fusion based Infusions.

If you have any or all of below pre requisites, please do not hesitate to post and ponder more stuff to do.

- MMO experience, including basic understanding of Classes, Kinships and Races
- Infusions writing, PHP-Fusion coding standards...
- Secure code awareness
- Functions brainstorming and coding

It is an serious advantage if you have an account at some Guild related online service, or have some experience browsing and understanding sites like http://shivtr.com/ , http://www.guildportal.com/ and similar.

As usual, this is loooooooong term, I have received some help from Craig and Creatium with basics, but we need more thinkers and tinkers.

We can
- run a github for this, based on RC1 when it appears
- test sites with databases, all you want.

I think I have all we need to run this as a seriousminded Project and for Project management of this please indicate if you want in on http://project.conram.com which is running a dedicated project management web solution with most project related functions available.
There will be Task assignments, deadlines, tickets, comments, submissions, the works (not a forum as we know though, that we might have on the lotrokin site).

Welcome to a loose, openminded, opensource, truly brainstorming and discussion based development. First step you take is either you post here, or you register at www.lotrokin.me or you do both. Then we shall go from there.

I will give this stage 21 days. Deadline for commitment statement, here or on lotrokin.me, is hence the 5th of september. Then I will judge if we can accomplish something or not.

Merged on Sep 03 2015 at 09:10:36:
So two days before the deadline I decide to hold this off a bit.

- RC1, need a working setup.
- Testing out two other CMS to use instead of PHP-Fusion. Need to get a grasp on functionality. Don't call me traitor yet. I have high expectations for this and functionality goes before what CMS to use. If you are in the code ripping business, this may be fun.

New date is likely to be about one month after release of RC1.
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