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Panel restriction

Panel Inclusion in PHP-Fusion is not working good.

I have a center panel, wich is included on page /home.php.
On home.php, the page is beeing called as home.php?rowstart=6

On PHP-Fusion 7.02.07 this is working ok, with this code in themse/templates/panels.php line 63:

      || ($p_data['panel_restriction'] == 1 && (!in_array(TRUE_PHP_SELF.(FUSION_QUERY ? "?".FUSION_QUERY : ""), $url_arr) && !in_array(TRUE_PHP_SELF, $url_arr)))
         || ($p_data['panel_restriction'] == 0 && (in_array(TRUE_PHP_SELF.(FUSION_QUERY ? "?".FUSION_QUERY : ""), $url_arr) || in_array(TRUE_PHP_SELF, $url_arr))))

on PHP-Fusion 8.0.21 the same is written as:

 || ($p_data['panel_restriction'] == 1 && (!in_array("/".PERMALINK_CURRENT_PATH, $url) && !in_array("/".PERMALINK_CURRENT_PATH, $url)))
 || ($p_data['panel_restriction'] == 0 && (in_array("/".PERMALINK_CURRENT_PATH, $url) || in_array("/".PERMALINK_CURRENT_PATH, $url)))) {

Now the panel is not included because of the ?rowstart=6 at the end of the url
yeah it was rewritten so it can use Permalinks. Usually there are no vars enabled on home but you can try add the panel with a wildcard restriction, like /home*
Ok thanks, that worked for me.
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