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Netquery - Infusion "Work In Progess" Demo

Hello, world! :)

This would probably fit better on the PHP-Fusion mods site, but since it's temporarily "off the air", I'll hope that no one will object too strenuously to my posting it here

Although I'm a very new arrival to PHP-Fusion, I've been developing a free open-source toolkit of network information utilities for some time now. It's called Netquery and, over time, I've been adapting it for use with several content managment systems. Working on an edition for the PHP-Fusion CMS (v6.00.304) is my most recent effort.

The work is not quite yet at a stage where I feel comfortable about a general public release, but I have set up an on-line demo and would be grateful for any and all "feedback" from the PHP-Fusion community -- either good or critical -- especially the latter. For those who may be interested in this type of network query tool, the demo is available at http://virtech.org/fusion/index.php

If anyone wants a "preview peek" at Netquery's admin interface prior to release of the PHP-Fusion edition, you can see a screenshot showing its full functionality at http://virtech.org/tools/images/sa_ad...sa_adm.jpg. That shows the Netquery standalone edition, but it's functionally the same as the PHP-Fusion edition currently under development. The latter is, of course, fully integrated into the PHP-Fusion admin interface. A partial screenshot of the integrated admin area can be seen at http://virtech.org/tools/images/pf_ad...pf_adm.jpg .
RVirtue, I really liked some tools you got in Netquery. It does have a nice look on the site. The Interface got a nice feel too. Makes it look like an OS app.
Thank you very much. It's nearly complete, but the coding is still a bit sloppy in places and needs a little more tidying up prior to a general release. It should be available for download late next week unless I, or someone else, spots something terribly wrong.

As for the user and admin interfaces, CSS stylesheets are wonderful time savers for us open-source developers. Nevertheless, I did have to 'cheat' just a little to get Netquery's selectable stylesheet option to work properly in PHP-Fusion and some others that don't make any particular allowance for special CSS requirements in individual modules. I'm sure that will evolve in due time.
No prob! If you can provide the locale file I can do at least the spanish translation for it.
That would be great! You can download the current English.php file (zipped) at http://virtech.org/tools/lang/fusion/...nglish.zip.

You will notice, however, that I have not yet made it to follow the PHP-Fusion standard practice of using sequential numbering after "NQ_" prefix for the netquery locale file. Most CMS's employ the PHP define _NAMED_CONSTANT rather than a array of variables and, because I was both lazy and wanting to get it done, I just used the named constants from other editions for creating the PHP-Fusion $locale array. It's not pretty, but it does the job, at least on a temporary basis, and the "NQ_" prefix should not interfere with anything else.
Ill get on it once I get home. Im currently at work, bleh works sucks but its a must do.
Work! What's that? I'm retired! :p

That's how I have all this disposable time to spend on creating new editions of a free utility that some others like Hexillion sell for $1499.00 per "enterprise licence". But this is a very piddling "payback" for all the free open-source stuff that I've used over many years. ;)
For the convenience of anyone interested, release candidate downloads* for Netquery version 3.31, the complete PHP/SQL open-source toolkit of network information utilities, are now available at http://virtech.org/tools/pretest/. When asked for a user name and password, enter both as "pretest" without the quotes. (This is just to prevent casual unintended downloads of pre-release packages.)

For those who may prefer FTP downloading, go to ftp.virtech.org and enter "pretest@virtech.org" as the user name and "pretest" as the password, again without the quotes.

The on-line demos of all Netquery editions (links at http://virtech.org/tools/) are currently running version 3.31. But, if you want to try the admin interface and see for yourself the results of selecting various "skins" in the new PHP-Fusion CMS edition, you'll need your own copy.

* NOTE: All pre-release download packages are provided for testing and comment only and, while release candidates are believed to be stable, they are not intended for general distribution, nor for use in production environments. Comments may be posted here or in the relevant section of the VIRtech.org forums.
The tools seems good and working okey but you may want to check the layout in Firefox... It displays okey in IE but not in Firefox. Graphics are cluttered.

Nice work though! Keep it up! I will wait for the final stable release.
Hmmm. That's very strange. It should be OK in both -- in fact in any browser that is reasonably compliant with W3C standards.

ALL Netquery editions are themselves FULLY compliant with the latest published W3C standards (XHTML 1.1 and CSS). I've run many, many validation checks on that for both its user and admin interfaces.

Of course, strange things can happen in various CMS environments that may or may not originate with the Netquery module itself. CSS stylesheets are full of inheritance conflicts and overrides -- almost inevitably where multiple "themes" are involved. For that matter, it could even be a Firefox issue. It's good, but no browser is absolutely perfect handling all of the W3C standards.

Anyhow, thanks for the "heads up. I'll take another look.
Hiya ppl. Just like HACKERSOFT said, Its looking a lil bad in Firefox. Besides that everythings look A'ok.Talking about the Spanish translation, I got about half of it already. I should finished it this week, depends on my work and current college duties.
THANK YOU for that translation effort, not just for me but for everyone using any Netquery edition as it can be used for all -- with appropriate credit, of course, and assuming you have no objection.

As for the Firefox display issue, I haven't clue at the moment as I've been focussing mainly on the fucntionality and integration. But I definitely WILL look again. It's strange because I made a very conscious effort to ensure that all of Netquery's CSS style classes were made specific (e.g., form.nquser rather than just form) so that they should take precedence for Netquery itself, but without conflicting with anything else. It's a puzzlement.
Locale translation completed. I got no objection in including the spanish locale. Im all about opensource, and well thats a way for me to cooperate with the opensource community ;)
Great. Thanks.

I see the problem with the Firefox browser. It just isn't handling the float:right style properly for images within fieldset legends. I guess I must have added that after my last Firefox check thinking that, since it passed W3C validation and worked in MSIE, Firefox would have no problem with it. Obviously, I was wrong about that. Like I said above, it's a good browser, but none of them are perfect.

Anyhow, the simple solution, pending my finding something more elegant, if I can, is simply to edit the CSS stylesheet that you're using (or all of them) to remove or comment out that float:right style as:

input.floatbutton, img.floatbutton
vertical-align: middle;
float: right

Just take out the float:right and not the vertical-align:middle style. Doing so puts those buttons at the "wrong" end of the fieldset legends in my opinion, but I guess it's a small price for compatibility.
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