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Humm...bad temper from http://mfusion.2loud.net.pl/news.php


I took like 2 days from my message in http://mfusion.2loud.net.pl/news.php mainpage where i says that it is no good when there never is any adnims there to help out and alot of other stuff to they actualy deletes my accont...and ban my ip...it is realy good that our company own the ISP we use :D
thats ok with me...but it seams like there is kids that is running that site...grow up...
wonder if i`l do something with this url....http://mfusion.2loud.net.pl/news.php
That's odd. The SA seems to be very pleasant when I dealt with him. I'll see if we can clear this up in a peaceful manner. ;)

I've left a message over on the site, so hopefully the webmaster will get back to me and we can sort this out together. :)

@SproB: i've not deleted your accoont. You were used "bad words" in shoutbox. That wasn't pleasure for me :( I've no so much time for sitting 24h per day in front of my computer. I always responsing on any questions when I have time. I hope you understand that. Now you're unbanned on mFusion site...

Here's some SproB shoutbox messages:


20.03.2006 [Edit]
change [censored] with fu and ck like fu.ck

20.03.2006 [Edit]
i`m starting to get sick of this [censored]ing system...there is never people around to give any tips... and i don`t understund the [censored]ing f.a.q...... i have done just as it says..

It wasn't nice...
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