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PHP help (not php-fusion)

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hey all. ok so im learning php, and here is what im workign on:

try logging in.
username: admin
password: passwd

Then, try to use either the password generator, or the encrypter. it logs you out...AND take a look at the url...has all the info in there...as index.php?user=admin&pass=passwd or something like that...

im completely lost....so any help is greatly appreciated....

here is my source:


<FONT SIZE="6" color="white">
<DIV style="width:200; border-style:double">Encrypto!</DIV>



if (isset($_COOKIE['user'])) {
   $user = explode(".", $_COOKIE['user']);
   if ($user[0] == "admin" && $user[1] == "passwd") {
      setcookie("user", "admin.passwd", time()+3600);
      echo "You are logged in..... =D";
      $LOGIN = TRUE;

if ($_POST['user'] != "" && $_POST['pass'] != "") {
   if ($_POST['user'] == "admin" && $_POST['pass'] == "passwd") {
      echo 'You are now logged in!';
   } else {
      echo "Login Failed!";

if ($LOGIN == FALSE) {
   echo "
<form action='' method=POST>
   <DIV style='width:250px; color:lime; height:100px; border-style:double'>
   <input type='text' name='user' value='user'><br>
   <input type='password' name='pass' value='pass'><br>
   <input type='submit' value='Login'>


It may well 'log you out' - being logged into any system actually just means tracking someones session - either through cookies or against a session server side. you could set a hidden field in your encryption form - to pass on the status of your $LOGIN variable.. or set a variable in session scope to indicate the user is logged in for the length of the stay on your site.

setting a local variable $LOGIN = TRUE doesn't actually last longer than the life of creating the page.

does your form with the encription submit in it have something like;

<input type=hidden value="<?php echo $LOGIN ?>" name="login">

which would at least mean that on submitting the form you could again pick up the status of $_POST['login'] to check again if the user is logged in. probably a long winded way of doing it - you might want to read about sessions and use that way.

Sorry if this doesn't make much sense - i'm but a hacker of php. :)
lol hacker of php...that works
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