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PHP file manager (ftp style)

Anyone know of any PHP scripts that I coudl use to upload files to my web host
Basically looking for ftp functionality
Reason: work network blocks ftp ports so can't ftp my sites from work network
Servage offer interface to upload one file at a time which for php-fusion is a tad limiting! :)
look through all of hotscripts.com might be something there...

i'm lazy, at work i connect to my computer at home via remote desktop...so if port 3389 is open you could try it out. I'm more or less certain remote desktop port can be changed in the registry anyway so you should be able to work around it.
you could actually make a script to unzip files..
then upload the php-fusion zip file... but its a tad hard to do.. and would take some time.. but its possible ;)
We used to be able to remote desktop but they have seriously closed the network down
I can get to servage.net and use their uploader that does one file at a time, but
would be useful if there was a similar thing that allowed you to send a number of files at once and not just one

There is a Filemanager on this website http://www.pfmania.org/infusions/advanced_downloadDB_panel/dldb.php?op=view&id=4

Maybe this will help.


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