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[img]Image blocked[/img]

Thats what it says in everyones signature... those with picturesig.

How to unblock? The admin menu wont "help" me :(
Hi tAno, check your administration/settings_forum.php to ensure attachments are enabled.

What do you mean the admin menu won't help you? What's happening?
I'll try that ;) ty

I ment that I cant find the place in admin panel where I can allow picures :/

EDIT: Nope I dont seem to find it, but in the admin panel I have turend on "allow attachments"

I believe it maybe is the bbcode. Its off or something?! When I add avarar in edit profile it wont appear either...just as a broken image.

I have changed out a piece of code in the maincore.php under the
"// Validate bbcode images"

So I did get rid og the [img]Blocked Image[/img], but I get
[img]"full url"[/img], but not the Picture.
Just a not this issue is resolved in 6.01
ok, I think I will upgrade, because I have problems with avatar submission.

Just hope I wont mess up my webpage completly..=)
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