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Logg in "bug"

Hi there!
I have just "installed" the newest "all in one" php-fusion pack.
How ever it seams like I cant logg in as admin...every thing works great and once i type the password and the username and loggs in I dont get any message that tells me that Im using the wrong username or password, it just continue and then gets back to the start page(../php-files/news.php) but the admin panel and etc doesnt shows up and it tells me that I need to log in to write in the "shout box" thing aswell....which means that Im not logged in some how...but I still didnt recive any kind of message while logging in that the password or username was wrong.

Please help me!
What happens if you refresh the page? Does it then show you as logged in? If this is the case, then the problem is actually in the way Apache is configured (IIS?).

Since I didn't want to cascade problems through other websites hosted on my system, I ended up modifying the headers to solve it. Check to see if it does register the login after refresh, and if it does, I'll send you my modifications (no warranty, use at your own risk).
new installation?
have you run earlier versions of fusion before on this server?
If your answers are
yes no no
yes no yes
delete everything and start again.
delete db and remake.
cross your fingers and toes and follow the install instructions to the letter
I allways like to try something a few times before breaking out the scalpel and modding things.:)
I have tested both of those things(the posts above) but no of them seams to work...im running the EasyPHP Apache server,but this has worked before....donno why its this wierd this time:S
so you've run a fusion site fron this server before?
backup and then delete .htaccess in your root dir and see what happens - this same issue has happened to me and some members a few times. definately a bug. Also try not selecting "remember me" checkbox as a test.
Still have the problem....:@:(:|
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