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Problem with (IMG) (/IMG)


Need help with a problem.
When a user post a link too a image by using (img-)LINK(/img.) The tread doesnt work. The thread is blank and i cant get into the thread again. I get an error message that Apache HTTP Server has a problem and needs to be closed.
Is there any way i can get in too it again and delete it ? This happens everytime someone uses (img) (/img). It been much more easyer if the thread shows that the image or the link is wrong, but it dont..its only get blank.

Is anyone has had the same problem ? is there anyway i can delete the command/ (img) (/img) in the reply or new thread in the forum?

I'm assuming you mean [img][/img]...

You could always delete the thread/post via phpmyadmin. Just find out the offending post and search for it in the _posts table (to remove the offending post if you know the post_id) or _threads table if you want to delete the whole thread. Or you could get really fancy and just remove all of the text in the post starting and ending with the bbcode img tag.
Are you running v6.00 or 6.01?
I´m running

tell me more about:
Or you could get really fancy and just remove all of the text in the post starting and ending with the bbcode img tag.

I.ve search for the post everywhere in the php files..can i get a hint where the files/post are going?
In order to remove just the portion of the post that contains the image link info, you'd have to know the post_id. Not very simple if you have many posts and can't get into the thread to find out the id of the post. But if you know the thread_id and the forum_id, you can get the post_id by previewing this in custom pages:

$result = dbquery("SELECT post_id FROM ".$db_prefix."posts WHERE post_message LIKE '%[IMG]%' AND thread_id='1' AND forum_id='3'");
while ($row=dbarray($result)) {
  echo "Post_id with [IMG] tag is ".$row['post_id']."<br />";

This will ouput the post_id for you. Of course, you must change the numbers in red in the above code to the ones you need...then you browse the posts table, find the post, and edit the post_message to remove the offending part of the post.


This happens everytime someone uses (img) (/img).

Sorry, overlooked that little tidbit, was thinking it was a one time occurence. Since you have an older version that I no longer have, better let the "experts" help you. I would suggest updating your site whenever possible though.
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