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If it’s possible to fix it, I’d like to know, please.

I have a couple of websites with the php fusion coding on it. I’ve tried keeping up with the updates but it was impossible to do so, as I wasn’t online much this last yearnfor personal reasons. In any case, I’ve been trying to update them on and off for the last week and nothing is going right.

I’ve done everything in the readme files. I didn’t try to update from the old 5.. something to the 6.01.05. I did all the updates up to it. When I was at the v6.00.301 © 2003-2005 the sites worked.

I went to the 6.01.5 and now nothing really is working. Half the time, I’m just glad to see the site actually loads without errors, so I know the stories and all are still there. But Now, I can’t get anything to actually work. I can’t add panels, I can’t add news, I can’t add forums. I can’t even modify some comments as after saving it, it still keeps the old ones.

I’ve done searches on the “Column count doesn't match value count at row 1” and the recommendations aren’t fixing it.

I’ve tried downloading the entire file again to re upload it. Its not doing anything. I am now even getting issues on uploading any of it to my server, as now its timing out on the locale files and my wsftp just dies “not responding”.

I’m not sure what I need to do. I’ve tried installing it into an entire new file, setting it up as a new database, and just import the data over. It doesn’t correct anything.

Is it just completely hopeless or am I missing something?

Even though I’ve done the updates to the 6.01.5, can I just upload all the stuff back to the v6.00.301 © 2003-2005 and leave it there and make the sites more or less an archive for reference? Were the database changes that different I can’t just upload the old stuff and keep it there?

Pardon if this sounds rude or anything, but this is getting frustrating.
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