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Forums list Wordwrap bug in viewforum.php and viewthread.php files

As you see in this photo:
The long forum names are not wraping and the page become too width(have stretched).
How I can fix that but, ex. Forum names longest than 30 simbols will be splitted into two lines. Does it anyhow possible to fix that bug? Thanks.

BTW, this bug are allready fixed into "/forum/index.php". The Long Name are splitted into three lines:
How install this wordwrap function and in viewforum.php and viewthread.php, not only in forum/index.php, how are now.
Make it longer in Theme.php or I think its just Forum/index.php


Sbhedges wrote:
Make it longer in Theme.php or I think its just Forum/index.php

Why I must make It longer, or I don't understand what you want to say to me. I contrary want to install this wordwrap function, not even in furum/index.php, but and in viewforum.php and viewthread.php, becouse too long names make some discomfort for site members and my, that's why I want split too long names into few lines.
Hmm, after when I posted this thread passed one day, but I can believe, what noone knows how to fix that bug. Does it I can hope that someone someday will help my with that? I hope....
Well, I would not consider this a bug, ozzWanted.

First of all - this will not be a problem for any regular mebers (the don't have the Moderator Options dropdown menue to the right, and the layout will not stretch - then you must use a veeeery long forum description!)

Second: You need the forum description to wrap, and I don't think you can do that with regular html. You could use
in the $forum_list
to set a max width for the dropdown, or limit its size by making a CSS class. But making the description wrap inside this? Don't think you can really.
If somebody know a way, please share it!

So - make shorter descriptions - or separete the two dropdown menues (Jump to Forum and Moderator options) in different table rows to allow more space.
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