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SFusion - PHP Fusion to the next step!

Hey all, I am now happy to announce sFusion! The next step in PHP Fusion. Over the weeks on here I have noticed there is one thing alot of people have been requesting. Shops/stores in PHP Fusion! So thats what sFusion intends to do!

With complete Store intergration and with completely new written core files and commands. This will be the ultimate version of PHP Fusion!

So for now :
is our offical development site along with all the information you could need!
Are you sure s fusion is next step of php fusion(!) It's alike php fusion. I think you just joking. :@
When released it will be 100 % compatiable with PHP Fusion though so don't worry. sFusion is as you guessed basically PHP Fusion but with an enorumous difference, It will have a full working shop intergrated into the system! And through a high tech admin panel you can change everything on your shop! We also plan to add some new features to forums on the way :)
Yeap GameAction. The Project is nearly finished but is still in developement stage.
Got an ETA??
No not right now LSainsbury,
Sounds cool cant wait to see this. I've been wanting something similar for a while now.
Thanks Lazarus! It will be excellent when released!
Sounds interesting. B)
Thanks WWWW
Interesting project but why not just make it as an Infusion? Maybe it's too complex for an Infusion?
Yep Ken, Far to Complex
Add skype field in profile. And add skype function:

//skype function
function skype($nick='mrkiller123', $mode='big', $do='call') {
if(!empty($nick)) {
if($mode=='big') {
return "<a href='skype:".$nick."?".$do."'><img src='http://mystatus.skype.com/smallclassic/".$nick."' style='border: none;' width='114' height='20' alt='Skype Statusas' /></a> ";
} else if($mode=='small') {
return "<a href='skype:".$nick."?".$do."'><img src='http://mystatus.skype.com/smallicon/".$nick."' style='border: none;' width='16' height='16' alt='Skype Statusas' /></a> ";
} else {
return "";

Add ability to edit how mutch news show ant post in forum... What next... Hmm... PHP Highlighter:
Auto link praser:
$text = eregi_replace("([[:alnum:]]+)://([^[:space:]]*)([[:alnum:]#?/&=])",
      "<a href=\"\\1://\\2\\3\"
target=\"_blank\">\\1://\\2\\3</a>", $text);

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