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To big size database backup problem

We have big forum there we need backup's by diferent tables, a problem is what: table _posts is too big to backup even it compresed, delete threats is damage to us we need save big part.. so any suggest how to backup?
i need to do backups from site..
MySQL Administrator will do that if your host supports it.
we are clients of host, and no ways to phpmyadmin, need backups only from site administration.
MySQL Administrator will work for clients if your host supports it.

Try to install it and give the login information and see if connection succeds.
i tryed MySQL Administrator... could not connect.. maybe host didn't support
heh...how to do no limit to table to backup...
You can export a single table by dumping a limited number of rows only in phpMyadmin.

Defaukt setting is that phpMyadmin suggests you to dump all rows starting at record #0.

You can reduce the number of row and download the database table in chuks.

Lets say that phpMyadmin says that your table has 40456 rows, then set:

Dump 5000 row(s) starting at record # 0

Increase untill you find limit on what your server accepts.

Then dump next chunk:

Dump 5000 row(s) starting at record # 5001

Continue this way till you have the entire table downloaded.
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