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Login problem

re upload phpfusion again, then try it works
oukey i'll try this. thx
This is not the default "user_info_panel" is it?

There's a small erreor in the admin link:

echo "<span class='small'>°</span> <a href='".BASEDIR."administration/index.php'.$aidlink.' class='side'>".$locale['on110']."</a><br>\n";

echo "<span class='small'>°</span> <a href='".ADMIN."index.php".$aidlink."' class='side'>".$locale['on110']."</a><br>\n";

If this does not help, try reuploading the user info panel to your infusions folder. You are using version 6.01.6?
Now it doesn't work again... it just works for about one day then it changes again to nor work...
| PHP-Fusion 6 Content Management System
| Copyright &copy; 2002 - 2005 Nick Jones
| http://www.php-fusion.co.uk/
| Translation German by S. Korzer
| Released under the terms & conditions of v2 of the
| GNU General Public License. For details refer to
| the included gpl.txt file or visit http://gnu.org

if (!defined("IN_FUSION")) { header("Location:../../index.php"); exit; }
if (file_exists(INFUSIONS."user_info_panel/locale/".$settings['locale'].".php")) {
   include INFUSIONS."user_info_panel/locale/".$settings['locale'].".php";
} else {
   include INFUSIONS."user_info_panel/locale/German.php";

if (iMEMBER) {
   $msg_count = dbcount("(message_id)", "messages", "message_to='".$userdata['user_id']."' AND message_read='0'AND message_folder='0'");
   if ($msg_count) echo "<b><a href='".BASEDIR."messages.php?folder=inbox' class='side'><center><img border='0' alt='".$locale['on108'].$userdata['user_name']."' title='".$locale['on108'].$userdata['user_name']."' src='".BASEDIR."infusions/user_info_panel/images/newpm.gif'></a></b></center><br>\n";

   echo"<center><b>".$userdata['user_name']."</b>, ".$locale['on129']."<br>[<b>";
   echo"<a href='".BASEDIR."messages.php?folder=inbox' class='side'>";
   //echo dbcount("(message_id)", "messages", "message_to='".$userdata['user_id']."' AND message_folder='0'");
   echo "".sprintf($locale['on132'], $msg_count).($msg_count == 1 ? $locale['on134'] : $locale['on135'])."</a></b>] ".$locale['on130']."";

   // Get folder size restrictions (room for future option to restrict number of pm's for a specific user)
   $limit = dbarray(dbquery("SELECT * FROM ".$db_prefix."messages_options WHERE user_id='0'"));
   $limit_inbox = $limit['pm_inbox'];

   // Set display of top bar
   if ($limit_inbox != "0") { $inbox_display = " <span class='small'>".$locale['on133']." [<b>".$limit_inbox."</b>]</span>"; } else { $inbox_display = " (".$cnt_inbox.")"; }
   echo " <b><a href='".BASEDIR."messages.php?folder=inbox'>".$locale['on131']."</a></b>, <b>".$inbox_display."</b></center>";

   // popup on new PM mod by Ragsman
   if (!isset($_COOKIE['fusion_privmessages'])) {
   if ($_COOKIE['fusion_privmessages'] > $msg_count){
   setcookie("fusion_privmessages", "$cookievalue", time() + 3600, "/", "", "0");
   if ($_COOKIE['fusion_privmessages'] < $msg_count){
   echo "<script>window.open('".BASEDIR."privmessages.php','PrivateMessages','toolbar=0,scrollbars=0,menubar=0,resizable=0,width=340,height=230')</script>";
   setcookie("fusion_privmessages", "$cookievalue", time() + 3600, "/", "", "0");
   // end popup on new pm

   if ($userdata['user_avatar'] != "") {
   echo "<hr><center><img border='0' alt='".$locale['on106']."' title='".$locale['on106']."' src='".BASEDIR."images/avatars/".$userdata['user_avatar']."'></center><hr>\n";
      } else {
   echo "<br><center><img border='0' alt='".$locale['on107']."' title='".$locale['on107']."' src='".INFUSIONS."user_info_panel/images/noimage.gif'></center><br><hr>\n";
   echo "<span class='small'><b>".$locale['on103']."</b></span><br />";
   $data = dbarray(dbquery("SELECT user_id,user_name FROM ".$db_prefix."users WHERE user_status='0' ORDER BY user_joined DESC LIMIT 0,1"));
   echo "<span class='small'>&deg;</span> ".$locale['on117']."<a href='".BASEDIR."profile.php?lookup=".$data['user_id']."' class='side' title='".$data['user_name']."'>".trimlink($data['user_name'], 12)."</a><br />\n";
   echo "<span class='small'>&deg;</span> ".$locale['on100'].number_format(dbcount("(user_id)", "users", "user_status<='1'"))."<br /><br />\n";
   echo "<span class='small'><b>".$locale['on104']."</b></span><br />";
   $cond = ($userdata['user_level'] != 0 ? "'".$userdata['user_id']."'" : "'0' AND online_ip='".USER_IP."'");
   $result = dbquery("SELECT * FROM ".$db_prefix."online WHERE online_user=".$cond."");
   if (dbrows($result) != 0) {
      $result = dbquery("UPDATE ".$db_prefix."online SET online_lastactive='".time()."' WHERE online_user=".$cond."");
   } else {
      $name = ($userdata['user_level'] != 0 ? $userdata['user_id'] : "0");
      $result = dbquery("INSERT INTO ".$db_prefix."online VALUES('$name', '".USER_IP."', '".time()."')");
   $result = dbquery("DELETE FROM ".$db_prefix."online WHERE online_lastactive<".(time()-60)."");
   $result = dbquery("SELECT * FROM ".$db_prefix."online WHERE online_user='0'");
   echo "<span class='small'>&deg;</span> ".$locale['on101'].dbrows($result)."<br />\n";
   $result = dbquery(
      "SELECT ton.*, user_id,user_name FROM ".$db_prefix."online ton
      LEFT JOIN ".$db_prefix."users tu ON ton.online_user=tu.user_id
      WHERE online_user!='0'"

   $members = dbrows($result);
   if ($members != 0) {
      $i = 1;
   echo "<span class='small'>&deg;</span> <b>".$locale['on102'];
      while($data = dbarray($result)) {
   echo "</b><a href='".BASEDIR."profile.php?lookup=".$data['user_id']."' class='side' title='".$data['user_name']."'>".trimlink($data['user_name'], 12)."</a>";
   if ($i != $members) echo ", ";
   echo "<br /><br />\n";
   } else {
   echo $locale['on118']."<br /><br />\n";

   echo "<span class='small'><b>".$locale['on105']."</b></span><br />";
   echo "<span class='small'>&deg;</span> <a href='".BASEDIR."edit_profile.php' class='side'>".$locale['on119']."</a><br>";
   echo "<span class='small'>&deg;</span> <a href='".BASEDIR."messages.php' class='side'>".$locale['on120']."</a><br>";
   echo "<span class='small'>&deg;</span> <a href='".BASEDIR."members.php' class='side'>".$locale['on121']."</a><br>\n";
   echo "<span class='small'>&deg;</span> <a href='".BASEDIR."setuser.php?logout=yes' class='side'>".$locale['on113']."</a><br>\n";

if (iADMIN && (iUSER_RIGHTS != "" || iUSER_RIGHTS != "C")) {
   echo "<br><span class='small'><b>".$locale['on109']."</b></span><br />";
   echo "<span class='small'>°</span> <a href='".ADMIN."index.php".$aidlink."' class='side'>".$locale['on110']."</a><br>\n";
   echo "<span class='small'>&deg;</span> <a href='".BASEDIR."administration/news.php' class='side'>".$locale['on111']."</a><br>\n";
   echo "<span class='small'>&deg;</span> <a href='".BASEDIR."administration/articles.php' class='side'>".$locale['on112']."</a><br>\n";
} else {
   echo "<div align='center'>".(isset($loginerror) ? $loginerror : "")."<form name='loginform' method='post' action='".FUSION_SELF."'>".$locale['on123']."<br>";
   echo "<input type='text' name='user_name' class='textbox' style='width:100px'><br>".$locale['on124']."<br>";
   echo "<input type='password' name='user_pass' class='textbox' style='width:100px'><br>";
   echo "<input type='checkbox' name='remember_me' value='y' title='".$locale['on125']."' style='vertical-align:middle;'>";
   echo "<input type='submit' name='login' value='".$locale['on126']."' class='button'><br></form><br>\n";
if ($settings['enable_registration']) {
   echo "".$locale['on127']."<br><br>\n";
   echo $locale['on128']."</div>\n";

Missing aidlinks/wrong urls in the admin links for news and articles.

Again - assuming you are using v.6.01 - use the "user_info_panel" that comes with the download. Replace you existing one.

The one you are using is for an older version, hence your problems.
it doesn't work with the original version. I even redownloadet it from several places from here. from php-fusion.de and i re-installed the hole ****. but the only conlcusion is, that it doesn't work with every link i use....


is not the real domain name, and that's probably why your admin links wont work.

If you use the default user_info_panel and the url

what happens then?
even if i use the real name or the original user_info_panel it doesnt work
the link just looks like this : without the aid thing
can anybody help me out with this? or is there another way to enter admn section? I really need the admin section if not i have to close my site...
please help me beacuse of this error i must close the site in a few days if i can't solve it.
echo "<span class='small'>°</span> <a href='".ADMIN."index.php".$aidlink."' class='side'>".$locale['on110']."</a><br>\n";

this is my admin link code
are you sure you are not connected to the internet behind a proxy server with a cache-memory or your site is not hosted at a webhost with some cache functions ?
i have about 10 sites on the same server and most of 'em are working fine. but this time it doesn't work. I'm using no proxy.
PM me your FTP/phpMyAdmin - I'll take a look at your files.


Schoggifrey wrote:
echo "<span class='small'>°</span> <a href='".ADMIN."index.php".$aidlink."' class='side'>".$locale['on110']."</a><br>\n";

this is my admin link code

What's this in your code: °

Try without it:

echo "<span class='small'></span> <a href='".ADMIN."index.php".$aidlink."' class='side'>".$locale['on110']."</a><br>\n";

and sveinungs is right this user info panel is not updated you have to change the url like this

if (iADMIN && (iUSER_RIGHTS != "" || iUSER_RIGHTS != "C")) {
  echo "<br><span class='small'><b>".$locale['on109']."</b></span><br />";
  echo "<span class='small'>°</span> <a href='".ADMIN."index.php".$aidlink."' class='side'>".$locale['on110']."</a><br>\n";
  echo "<span class='small'>°</span> <a href='".ADMIN."news.php".$aidlink."' class='side'>".$locale['on111']."</a><br>\n";
  echo "<span class='small'>°</span> <a href='".ADMIN."articles.php".$aidlink."' class='side'>".$locale['on112']."</a><br>\n";

the ° is only something like this:


@ sveniungs - i have send you a PM
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