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FAQ using wrong locale file?


When I go to the faq section on my website, the name of the panel and a set of questions seems to be coming from photogallery.php locale file.

In other words, faq.php seems to be using a photogallery locale, despite the reference within faq.php being set correctly.

I can't figure out what's wrong. Can anyone help?

Links to problems:



Thank you!
Hmm. Not sure about that. You could try some of two things:
1. Switch language, browse a few seconds, then switch back. That would be the langugae in General Settings, not in Profile.

or, if not working

2. Reupload /locale/English (try another switch language after this)

If none of those help, get back.
Thank you for your help.

Switched the language to another language I know, same error.

Then reuploaded the entire locale/English folder. No change. Switched language again - no change.

I use a slightly modified locale/English/photogallery.php file - simple substitutions such as the word "image" for the word "photo" etc. I get the same error with the original and modified photogallery.php files. I just noticed it, I am not sure if I'd had it all the time or not.

Other than editing locale/English/photogallery.php file I made no modifications to any other locale files OR to faq.php core file.

Please help:) If you need copies of my files posted here, it's no problem - just say which ones.

OK, problem fixed. Nick: please take a l ook at lines 19-22 in the root/faq.php. Currently, it reads as follows:

require_once "maincore.php";
require_once "subheader.php";
include LOCALE.LOCALESET."faq.php";
require_once "side_left.php";

but should probably read like this:
require_once "maincore.php";
require_once "subheader.php";
require_once "side_left.php";
include LOCALE.LOCALESET."faq.php";

I had something like this with my panels, I fixed it by pasting the english locale file text in my english gobal file. That seemed to work for me
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