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Spam problem

Also for security reason isn't good thing to put users agreement text and button before they see registration form? On my test site I have that also. Don't have a spam but also that site is mostly in maintance, just sometimes I open her. But in the statistic I saw that IP numbers with 6...... visited that site.
Just a further note:
After getting yet another variation of the .info mail addy trying to register on my site I decided to do a reverse dns which pointed to "client-151-204-179-29.hamilton.k12.nj.us". A quick Whois revealed the registrant authority is : "neustar.us" and their support e-mail was of course listed.

So I mailed them and they replied with the details of the machine on that ip. It's a School in New Jersey !!!


As with all K12.NJ.US delegates (per RFC 1480), this is a school district or school in New Jersey.

According to the New Jersey Department of Education, the proper contacts for this school are:

Hamilton Township
90 Park Avenue
Hamilton Square, NJ 08690

Mr. Neil Bencivengo, Superintendent 609-631-2102
Mrs. Carol Chiacchio, Board Secretary/Business Administrator 609-631-4100

Please contact them for further assistance.

The server is "infected" perhaps if we find out what it's infected with we might get a clue how it works ?
just got attacked from this ip

i've to activate again the web authentification
- antispammer & opensesame as password
I went for the easiest solution...

For almost a week now, i havnt had any spams (usually have a few/day)

My solution is simply to edit the image "validate_bg.jpg"

I'm attaching my 'edit' here for anyone to use

Don't thank me, send money ;)
What is that validation image? two "S"s?


MutantCheese wrote:
What is that validation image? two "S"s?

Something like that... I made it in 'M$Paint' with a 'curve'

...still working :D

anyone else tried it?

(Attaching it again since it's a new page) hope its ok
There is a disclaimer mod over at venue, just download that and install it. Users have to accept the disclaimer to register, I am hoping it will work.

I know this thread is sort of old, but I need to let people know what I've experienced.

I was getting spammed like everyone else until I downloaded the Security System infusion.

Ever since then I have no problems whatsoever...

I suggest you all give it try.
whew... at last I had finished read this thread until end.
thanks guys, keep it up.

There Is A Not Solution Without Problems
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