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Someone help, please - "remember me" login doesn't work

It's getting kind of irritating that two of my three sites don't "remember me." Not only do I have to login each time I go to the site, but sometimes I have to login when I haven't been active on the site for a while and go to the admin panel (it'll bounce me back to the home page as a guest). I'm running 6.01.10 on all three sites (one site works fine). Is there a .php file that should be replaced and updated?

Damn gremlins!

Another dimension to this problem...

I was working on adding an article, cutting and pasting changes while previewing the changes. At one point, when I clicked on preview, fusion bounced me back to the home page as a guest.

I really don't get this. Any ideas, at all?
Hi Jeff.
there seems to be some problem with the "remeber me" and Internet Explorer. People don't experince this using FF as far as I know.

Maybe you get some help with your issue in THIS THREAD, see fetlosers reply.

Thanks, Sveinungs.

I'm on a Mac and use mostly Safari, but use FireFox occasionally. I've never had this problem before and don't have it on my big site (elsci.coe.nau.edu), except for once in a blue moon. But, the other two sites are driving me crazy. Everything else is working fine. I had to wipe out both of the newer sites and start fresh by installing 6.01.10. The first time when I had problems with both sites, I started with 6 something, then upgraded, but ended up with lots of problems.

As mentioned in a previous note, the knocking me off in the middle of editing an article was too weird.


Okay, just tried Firefox once, and it worked.
Well, Firefox doesn't work either. It manifests a bit differently, in that the page appears with the login boxes filled (with the wrong password, if I've moved from one site to another).

I am testing your site using my preferred computer which is of course an Apple...

I am not experiencing any problems so far with the "remember me" feature on the site you listed above......... http://elsci.coe.nau.edu ...

I use Safari and FireFox but prefer Safari.....
I will let you know if I encounter any problems....
Just a wild guess but try to clear you're stored passwords in IE and FireFox.
Joe -- sent you a note, but for others, it's the http://jan.ucc.nau.edu/~jwb2 site that problematic.

chbe -- I mostly use Safari on a Mac, and I have it set not to autofill (remember) passwords. So, it must be something else???



I will keep testing both of your sites until it doesn't remember me any longer.

So far, it remembers me.... :|
So (you-know-what) bizarre. It worked about 10 times last night, then started doing the same things, even after purging caches and cookies. Sooner or later, I'll figure it out (or not).

Well... it's getting curiouser and curiouser.

First, the basics:

My elsci.coe.nau.edu site works perfectly (always remembers me).
My personal remembers me once in a while (1 out of 10 times), but see below for new quirk.
My other site never remembers me.

The new incident:

I had my personal site open (and in the Mac's dock). I brought it back up, then clicked refresh to see if anything new happened. It went to the "logging into Jeff Bloom" window, then bounced me to the guest login page.

Also, all of the other sites I visit remember me (PHP-Fusion, Stat Counter, et al.).

Another clue, but it may not be helpful. ????

I'm still logged in today on both of your sites.
I've been logged in for two days now without any problems.

Seems to be something else besides your site(s)....
Just another wild guess :)
Are you connecting to some of you're sites through a gateway? There have been some discussion before with cookie problems in some configurations through the gateway but I cant find these posts anymore.

If I recall it right users had no problem from the "outside" but from within the local network there were problems.
Let me see if I can address both of the last posts.

I have been having the same problem both at home (a separate service) and at work. So, it happens both within and outside of the local network. However, the one site (of 3) works great.... oh, a thought just arose... The site that works fine, I believe, is on a different server than the two that don't, but I'm not sure of this. The one that works (elsci.coe.nau.edu); the other two are on separate accounts on the same Apache server (jan.ucc.nau.edu). But, both of the problem sites act somewhat differently. One remembers sometimes, the other never does.

I think because these sites are on separate accounts, that one is not embedded as a sub-folder.

Okay, now here is the kicker. All sites are on university servers. They have PHP and MySQL, but they do not support either one. So, I can never ask anyone any questions in the IT department... and they know me now, so even the mention of my name will shut down any discussion. To put up one of the sites, I needed "them" to set up the database with a username and password. They refused! I finally found an inside person, who did it in 60 seconds, but he's refused to help since then. The other site (personal one) I could set up myself. So, this also leads me to believe that the two sites are entirely separate.

And, I'm not a tech person. I did a lot of programming in the old days of Apple IIe's, so I understand many concepts, but I pretty much just fumble around beyond that.


Regardless of errors, i would have to say your "host" seems a bit unfriendly...you know that other hosts that actually work are really, really cheap these days...

Why not move to that one that works? I mean if they "shut down" from just hearing your name, imagine if you need more serious help...? Sounds lika a bad situation to me... move move move!


Yep, you're probably right, but they don't pay me enough to afford moving. Although it may be in the cards. So, in the mean time, I'll struggle on. I need some sort consulting business to justify another site....

Sorry to hear about your hosting problems Jeff. Not too good.

I don't know it you tried this or not already, but here is a copy of "maincore.php" and "setuser.php" where the cookie functions are somewhat altered.

Instead of the default fusion_ prefix, I used januccnau_

The files are for version 6.01.10.

You could try to use those on


You might need to clear your cookies first, but that you already know! :)

You ought to be inducted into sainthood in the religion of fusionism!!

Thanks! It worked!!!

Lol, let's hope it stays OK my friend! See you! :)
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