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Articles performance fix

I've just fixed a performance R0;bugR1; on articles category list. A user on the Polish support reported that his vanilla PHP-Fusion is killing 4th server (VPS) with 2k unique entries per day. He uses Fusion for articles (4 752 records, 58,6 MB :D) in 45 categories. The problem: counting articles (article.php row 19) takes a lot of time [2.5 s. on my localhost, which is very slow].
Solution: PREFIX_article_cats gets article_cat_count field for the number of articles :)

- in phpMyAdmin execute:
ALTER TABLE `PREFIX_article_cats` ADD `article_cat_count` INT UNSIGNED NOT NULL DEFAULT '0';
UPDATE PREFIX_article_cats SET article_cat_count=(SELECT COUNT(*) FROM PREFIX_articles WHERE article_cat=article_cat_id)

open administration/article.php, row 52:
         $result = dbquery("INSERT INTO ".$db_prefix."articles (article_cat, article_subject, article_snippet, article_article, article_breaks, article_name, article_datestamp, article_reads, article_allow_comments, article_allow_ratings) VALUES ('".$_POST['article_cat']."', '$subject', '$body', '$body2', '$breaks', '".$userdata['user_id']."', '".time()."', '0', '$comments', '$ratings')");

$result = dbquery("UPDATE ".$db_prefix."article_cats SET article_cat_count=article_cat_count+1 WHERE article_cat_id='".$_POST['article_cat']."'");

open article.php row 17- 36:
if (!isset($cat_id)) {
} else {

if (!isset($cat_id)) {
   $result = dbquery("SELECT article_cat_id, article_cat_name, article_cat_description, article_cat_count FROM ".$db_prefix."article_cats WHERE ".groupaccess('article_cat_access')." ORDER BY article_cat_name");
   $rows = 1;
   if ($rows != 0) {
      $counter = 0; $columns = 2;
      echo "<table cellpadding='0' cellspacing='0' width='100%' class='tbl'>\n<tr>\n";
      while ($data = dbarray($result)) {
         if ($counter != 0 && ($counter % $columns == 0)) echo "</tr>\n<tr>\n";
         echo "<td align='center' valign='top' width='50%'><a href='".FUSION_SELF."?cat_id=".$data['article_cat_id']."'>".$data['article_cat_name']."</a> <span class='small2'>(".$data['article_cat_count'].")</span>";
         if ($data['article_cat_description'] != "") echo "<br>\n<span class='small'>".$data['article_cat_description']."</span>";
         echo "</td>\n";
      echo "</tr>\n</table>\n";
   } else {
      echo "<center><br>\n".$locale['401']."<br><br>\n</center>\n";
} else {

result: xdebug says that /articles.php category view executes now in ~0.0260 s :) not 3 s.
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