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[solved] Edit News in "readmore" in 6.01.10

Hi all,

so far what I found via the search function here was not related to recent versions.

Everything below concerns a logged admin.

One of my sites is pretty big (http://www.meeetooo.info) and I need to freshen up some news.

When looking for them via categories, I reach the news in "readmore" mode" where the "edit pencil" www.meeetooo.info/portail/images/edit.gif script is not available.

Is there a way to add the "edit pencil" www.meeetooo.info/portail/images/edit.gif script in "readmore" mode?

Thank you.
Must be a theme issue, I have the edit button also in "news.php?readmore=?" - in both single and double column news layout.

1] What does the

function render_news{
...code for news...

look like in that theme?

2] Have you tried with a different theme already Quartz?
And does the theme.php have the

require_once INCLUDES."theme_functions_include.php";

line in top of it (I guess it does, but I have to ask)
Thank you for considering my question...

1/ :

function render_news($subject, $news, $info) {

global $locale;

   echo "<table class='news-border' border='0' cellspacing='1' width='100%' cellpadding='1'><tr>";
   echo "<td class='table-cellpic'>$subject</td>";
   echo "</tr></table>";
   echo "<table width='100%' cellpadding='0' cellspacing='0' class='border'><tr>";
   echo "<td><table width='100%' cellpadding='0' cellspacing='0'><tr>";
   echo "<td class='main-body'>$news</td></tr></table>";
   echo "<table width='100%' cellpadding='0' cellspacing='0'><tr>";
   echo "<td class='news-footer'>";
   echo "".$locale['040']."<a href='profile.php?lookup=".$info['user_id']."'>".$info['user_name']."</a> ";
   echo "".$locale['041'].showdate("longdate", $info['news_date'])." </td>";
   echo "<td height='24' align='right' class='news-footer'>";
   echo "".($info['news_ext'] == "y" ? "<a href='news.php?readmore=".$info['news_id']."'>".$locale['042']."</a> ·\n" : "")."";
   if ($info['news_allow_comments'])
   echo "<a class='small3' href='news.php?readmore=".$info['news_id']."'>".$info['news_comments'].$locale['043']."</a> · ";
   echo "".$info['news_reads'].$locale['044']." ";
   echo "<a href='print.php?type=N&item_id=".$info['news_id']."'><img alt='' src='".THEME."images/printer.gif' alt='".$locale['045']."' style='border:0px;' style='vertical-align:middle;'></a>";
   echo "</td></tr></table></td></tr></table>\n";

2/ nope... am attaching the file, which I modded from PFT Red (Dale's good old themes :))...

Unfortunately this site of mine uses non-standard themes. I saw on another site of mine that some themes did have what I need... unfortunately not on this site, where I use only extravagant themes...


Thanks again...
OK, I'll look into it and keep you posted.
Thank you very much.
OK, you can try this. I added two lines of code in the top (theme_functions_include.php)
- This should give you the "edit pencil" in two collumn news layout.

I changed the

function render_article{

(see comments in code)

Hopefully this would give you what you need.

I'll try it. Thank you.

Edit: no cigar, unfortunately...
Strange, should work.

No cigar-pencil for articles too?
Try to find:

   echo "<a href='print.php?type=N&item_id=".$info['news_id']."'><img alt='' src='".THEME."images/printer.gif' alt='".$locale['045']."' style='border:0px;' style='vertical-align:middle;'></a>";

Replace with something similar to:

   echo openform("N",$info['news_id']).newsposter($info," ·").newsopts($info,"·").closeform("N",$info['news_id']);

Didn't pay attention to the fact sveinungs corrected the articles. :|
WEC pointed it out correctly.

Thank you both of you. B) :D
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